Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Our bathroom of Love

A few weeks ago, I invited a co-worker to bring his family to our farm. When he said he needed to use the restroom, I guided him to a small bathroom beside our kitchen. Before he entered, I realized he would probably want an explanation of what was all over our bathroom wall.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oh Ye Like Chickens

Josh and I discovered years ago while playing a board game with friends that we both secretly dreamed of someday owning chickens. Now, years later, our dream has come true, and we are the proud guardians of 11 darling chickens (well, mostly darling).

Sunday, January 15, 2017

How to Know Christ ... Literally

The ice and cold weather we have received the last few weeks has reminded me of when we first moved to Ohio, six years ago. My first day of going to work, there was an ice storm. I got ready for work, and walked out of my apartment. I was mystified by the large ice crystals that had seemed to form on every blade of the shrub in front of my apartment. Overnight, the entire landscape had taken on a heavenly presence, with crystals adorning every branch on the trees, and glittery beauty all around. I was overwhelmed at the beauty until I finally reached my car in the parking lot. When I tried to stick my key in the slot, I noticed that the entire car was covered with a sheet of ice, resembling a frozen boneless skinless chicken breast. I attempted to break the shell but became fearful I would damage the car. I sat there in a stupor for some time before my neighbor cracked open his door, and came out with a steaming pot of water. He poured it on his car, jumped in, and drove away. Finally I realized how it is done in Ohio. Though I had experienced great snow storms, and even white outs in Utah, it wasn’t until I experienced it for myself that I understood the mystical and magnificent ice storm. Similarly, until we have experienced Christ, we will not understand or know him personally.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

I will not leave you comfortless

This last weekend I found myself laying on a cold bathroom floor in my basement, feeling so sick, I literally couldn’t pull myself off the floor. I was experiencing what I can only assume was a migraine, because my head hurt so much I thought it was going to explode, and I was so nauseous that I didn’t even dare move a muscle. For some reason, laying my head on the freezing tile of my bathroom floor allowed me a very slight ease from my discomfort, but not much. In short, I felt dreadful. As I lay there wishing for death to take me, I suddenly got a whiff of something very familiar - I smelled my mother. Now, before you go thinking that my mother smells like bathroom floors, let me explain. Just the week previous, my parents had traveled clear across the country to spend the holidays with us. We gave them the spare bedroom in the basement with the adjoining bathroom (the very one that I was currently plastered to). I don’t know if it was the fragrance of her usual brand of hairspray, the smell from her laundry detergent, or perhaps a lotion of some sort, but as I lay there groaning in pain, I smelled my mother and it instantly gave me a feeling of love and peace. Don’t get me wrong, I was still in pain and couldn’t move a muscle, but for some reason, the smell of my mother that had lingered in that downstairs bathroom gave me great comfort in my time of misery.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Godly Tapestry

As I was growing up, my family had the unique opportunity to live in the beautiful country of Guatemala. Lush jungles, massive volcanoes, beaches, and a rich history are all things that make Guatemala a wonderful place to live or visit. However, one of my very favorite things about living in Guatemala is the bright, beautiful fabrics made and worn by indigenous peoples that live there.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Paying the Price for His Power

Some friends of our family recently invited us to a birthday party at the beach. Even though the sand at our closest beach resembled kitty litter more than real sand, we were excited to get out and cool off from the hot summer day. We set up camp alongside our friends, and our kids joined the other families that were there in playing in the shallow water.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

And behold I say unto thee:
Ditch thine kindle

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I love to read. I come from a family of avid readers. My parents love to read, my siblings love to read. In fact, I think if you asked most of us what our ideal vacation would be, it would be sitting somewhere beautiful with some yummy food and a good book.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Book of Mormon -
Does it Even Matter?

I have read The Book of Mormon over two dozen times during my life, and while I am always inspired by its message, I am also flabbergasted that there are Jews and Christians out there that do not accept it. You may think me crazy, but I am of the opinion that every Christian church and Jewish synagogue should have the writings in The Book of Mormon as part of their canonized scripture, even if they don’t agree with the doctrine or authority of the LDS church.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

But the greatest of these is Charity

If you were asked to choose one word to describe the Savior, what would it be? When I think about my Lord and Savior, the first word that immediately comes to mind is Love. During his life on earth, each lesson taught, each service rendered, and even each rebuke administered, stemmed from his deep and unfailing love for the Father and also for us, his brothers and sisters. Although I have never sat at the Savior’s feet or touched the prints of the nails, I have felt his constant and abiding love for me. I have felt it during the lowest points of my life as well as in the moments of greatest joy. It is a love that is unchanging, patient and encouraging, and not even dependent on our reciprocation. In all, the love of the Savior is as the as the Lord describes it in the scriptures as “most joyous to the soul”, “the greatest of all gifts of God”, “perfect”, and “everlasting”.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Safety Pin

The gift of the Holy Ghost is truly wonderful. His promptings have come to me thousands of times over my life, and on some occasions, have led to quiet miracles. Over the course of my life, these fibers of truth have spun together, and been woven into the fabric of my mortal experience. Now I feel as if I am wrapped in a blanket consisting of thousands of experiences with God. I could never deny God’s existence because of this. For this blog post, I want to illuminate just one of these experiences that show how God cares about even the small things in our lives, and will provide for us in our very hour of need.