369 Manifestation Method: Steps & Tips to Avoid Blockers 

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369 manifestation method

The 369 manifestation method became popular on TikTok lately, amassing over 165 million views for all related videos combined.

This easy-peasy manifestation technique requires just journaling your affirmations in a certain way to manifest your goals. I guess that attracted the believers, including me. 

I tried it. And it worked for me, but under certain conditions!

But I won’t label it as easy-peasy, at least.  

Just like any other manifestation technique, like 55×5 or pillow manifestation, this technique is full of odd surprises for any newbie. 

This blog would be all about understanding the 369 manifestation process inside out. 

I will also share my experience with the 369 method- pro tips that helped me stay tuned with the process until I achieved my goals. 

But before I break down the step-by-step process, let me start with its numerological significance to help you understand the logic behind its nomenclature.   

The numerical significance of 369 

numerical significance

Meaning of the number 3

The number 3 stands for personal growth. It reminds you to hold on to your self-esteem and live your life confidently.

Meaning of the number 6

The number 6 vibes for balance and harmony- something that you can achieve through a positive mindset and meaningful relationships.

Meaning of the number 9

The number 9 comes at the end of the single-digit series. It is also the predecessor of the two-digit number series. In simple words, the end is the new beginning.

In the spiritual world, it can mean the transition to a purpose-driven life influenced by great wisdom. 

So, what synergy of energies are we talking about here?

Personal growth, balance & harmony, and a new transition. 

Aren’t we all need this synergy in our life?

 Now the whole process will make sense to you. 

The Step-by-step 369 Manifestation Process

As 369 carries unique energies and vibrations of numbers 3, 6, and 9, your manifesting ritual should match those energy and vibration frequencies.

That’s why you must journal your affirmations three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night. 

No, wait! 

Do not fall for the simple process; fall for the intention instead. That’s what I learned very late. 

How can you write the same affirmation over 18 times a day with the same energy and enthusiasm?

Step 1: Set a Clear Goal

If your goal is clear, you won’t get a second thought of repeating the affirmation thousand times a day. 

Make a list of your immediate goals for this experiment and ask these questions to see how many ticks all the boxes. 

  • Are you sure about your goal? 
  • Do you dream about them day and night? 
  • Does your goal deserve you?

Try to be as honest as possible with you. 

Congratulations, you now have a clear goal(s) for manifestation. 

Step 2: Build Power Affirmations 

Affirmations are power statements representing your end goals as if they have already happened to you. 

You will not build simple sentences; you will build power affirmations.

Power affirmations hold keywords that override your low self-esteem and set you on a high vibration. 

That’s because the universe responds to your vibrations, not intentions. 

Step 3: Journal Affirmations of the 3-6-9 Way 

Journal your affirmation in the following process.  

  • Write down your affirmation three times in the morning, 
  • Write down your affirmation six times in the afternoon. 
  • And repeat the process nine times before going to bed. 

Follow the process for 33 days (3 x 3 = 9 or 3+3 = 6). 

Some experts also suggest a 21-day challenge, but I would suggest going for 33 days. The more time you will be on the right frequency, the quicker it will manifest for you. 

Common 369 Manifestation Blockers and How to Avoid Them

Some days, you may struggle to vibe at that high frequency despite lots of hard efforts.

Sometimes it could be your low self-esteem or any external chaos in your personal/professional life. I have listed some common challenges and tips to override those factors for a quick reset.   

Poor Self-image 

Even though you believe in the universe and its power, do you believe in yourself?

You may be manifesting money, but do you believe you deserve to have that kind of money?

What you feel inside is going to act as your core vibration.  

Okay, but how to work on your self-image?

Find at least three limiting beliefs that might subconsciously stop you from believing in the divine realm. 

The next time you see yourself in the mirror, don’t leave until you say five good things about yourself that clearly defy your harmful limited self-belief system. 

Soon you will start cultivating self-love that plays a significant role in the manifestation and laws of attraction.

Negative Emotions

Our emotions are influenced by our circumstances and our way of perceiving them. You see your colleague in a new car, and soon you are engrossed with envy and jealousy.

Maybe, you will start feeling sorry for yourself. When ten such negative emotions pile up inside your head, they are only going to hamper your abilities to manifest.

We spend most of our time thinking of things beyond our control, while we could use that time to take action and reach our goals.

  • Acknowledge your negative emotions the moment they strike you.
  • Change the narrative of those emotions inside your head (for ex, replacing “I am jealous” with “I am inspired”)
  • Sending gratitude to the universe for whatever you have.

Living with a fixed mindset

Manifestation roots from abundance. Abundance roots in a growth mindset.

It is achieved when you start to use your intelligence to learn about new things to break free of a fixed mindset.

To acknowledge the possibility of attracting abundance:

  • Change the way you view failure
  • Live to give 
  • Treat your strengths and weaknesses alike
  • Be comfortable with challenges 
  • Inspire and be inspired by others 

369 Manifestation Vs. Other Techniques 

The biggest advantage of the 369 method is that you get to combine the effect of visualization and affirmations.

Your subconscious mind gets influenced by words and pictures.

This effect speeds up your manifestation by ten folds.

According to popular manifestation coach Juliette Kristine Conner

The 369 method gives your brain the consistency to focus on the end result in a deliberate way.

You can visualize in detail and construct your power affirmations, giving you full control to tune your feelings to attract back what you want. 

End Thoughts 

The 369 manifestation process mysteriously harnesses the power of 3, 6, and 9. Nevertheless, it’s effective yet challenging, like rest manifestation techniques. If you’re a beginner, work on your belief system more than the method to manifest your goals. If you’re a practitioner already, you know how to move through challenges with techniques, some of which I have probably not covered in this article. If you have some extra tips for our audience, do not hesitate to drop our team a message. Cheers!


What is the significance of numbers 3, 6, and 9 in this method?

These numbers were considered special by scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, who said,

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.

In this manifestation method, the numbers are believed to represent a pattern or rhythm that aligns with the vibrations of the universe.

Why did the 369 manifestation code go viral in TikTok?

The 369 manifestation code went viral in TikTok due to its connection to The Secret (a bestseller by Rhonda Byrne).

It is heavily linked to the laws of attraction and is based on the founded principle that we can mold reality, attract our desires and live our dream life using specific manifestation processes and mythologies.

What happens if you miss a day in the 369 manifestation?

It’s okay if you miss a day of practice under challenging circumstances.

Conscious manifestation can still continue in your thought process.

Interestingly, subconscious manifestation works in your brain 24X7.

This comes from experience and daily practice. If you are doing conscious manifestation for a long time and it’s set in your subconscious, it doesn’t matter if you miss out on a session.

How many days is the 369 manifestation?

It’s ideal to follow for 33 days.

Alternatively, 21 days or 3 weeks is enough for 369 manifestations if you already have a positive mindset and have worked around similar manifestation methods in the past.

How many affirmations can I write in 369 manifestations?

It’s better to start with only one affirmation and gradually target more affirmations as you feel any change in the air.

Targeting multiple affirmations at first may challenge your belief system in multiple aspects. If you can’t balance your optimistic views with the inner chatter, you may give up sooner than you think. 

What are the signs that your manifestation is close?

When your manifestation is close, you may: 

  • Start feeling energetic and optimistic as you wake up
  • You no longer have to work on your negative self-belief 
  • Find everything falling into their right places without much effort
  • Meet someone sharing the same energy and vibrations as yours
  • Get that strong feeling that you are going to get what you want

Can I manifest anything using the 369 method?

The 369 method can be used to manifest a variety of things, from material possessions to personal achievements or changes in behavior.

However, the effectiveness of this method can vary greatly from person to person and depends largely on one’s belief, consistency, and alignment of intentions with their actions and thoughts.

How long does it take to see results with the 369 manifestation method?

There is no fixed timeline for when you’ll see results since it largely depends on individual factors.

Factors such as your focus, belief in the process, the specificity of your intentions, and how aligned you are with your desired outcome.

Some people may see results in a few days, while others may take weeks or even months.

Does the 369 manifestation method conflict with any religious beliefs?

The 369 manifestation method is a tool based on the Law of Attraction and doesn’t inherently conflict with any religious beliefs.

It is a personal practice and can usually be integrated into one’s belief system.

Can I use the 369 method for negative intentions?

The Law of Attraction emphasizes attracting positive energy and experiences. Hence, it is generally recommended to focus on positive and constructive desires.

Using the method for negative intentions may not align with the principles of the Law of Attraction and could potentially yield unwanted results.

How can I increase the effectiveness of my 369 manifestation method?

Focus on being as specific as possible with your intentions, maintain a positive mindset, and align your actions to match your desires.

Consistency and belief in the process can also play a big role in its effectiveness. Visualizing your desired outcome as if it’s already achieved can further enhance the process.

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