555 Angel Number Meaning- Spiritual Significance & Symbolism

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555 Angel Number

Grace is a form of favor from God, which is considered the bestowal of blessings, kindness, and salvation.

It is a beautiful and unmerited gift that God presents to people. However, God doesn’t offer this blessing directly. Instead, he provides you the guidance on how to achieve them through the help of angels.

Single angels are forbidden to communicate directly with humans; they often manifest their presence through numbers. One such number is ‘5’.

The number 5 symbolizes God’s grace for humankind. Five is considered the number for ‘grace,’ and if you multiply it by 5, it becomes ‘grace upon grace (John 1:16).

When you see the number 555, consider it as a signal by angels. That means they have come to help and guide you to the new changes in your life.

You may be waiting for something or someone for your whole life, and the number 555 is a message that your wish will be fulfilled soon provided you follow the guidance of the angels.

How do I see 555?

This is a prevalent misconception among people. Some think that they have to do something to see the angel numbers.

Actually, there is nothing you can do about it. Angels only signal you with numbers when something significant changes is going to happen in your life. Unless that happens, you cannot go looking for these numbers on your own.

Individuals going through some form of transformation in their lives are more likely to encounter the number 555. You may find number five in a row or at once.

You can come across these numbers anywhere- doors, billboards, bulletin boards, plates, bills, license plates, tables, etc. Some people have also claimed that they have seen the numbers in dreams. 

The Meaning of Angel Number 5 in the bible

The most notable occurrence of angel number five is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He was wounded five times for humanity’s sins, including two nails in his hands, two on his feet, and a wound on his side.

This was the ultimate sign of his grace towards humankind. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to acknowledge the 555 angel number when you see it multiple times. 

Meaning of Angel Number 5 in the bible

The angel number 555 is a signal from angels telling you to:

Be grateful towards yourself 

You may witness the number during an intense pressure or stressful event. It’s your angel asking you to show yourself some grace. You may have heard the term’ divine grace’. The number 555 is your sign of divine grace, which exists not only in the bible but also in several religions. Divine influence is a powerful force that imparts wisdom and strength in humans, empowering them to stay strong during hardship and resist temptation.

It says you to be kinder towards yourself and don’t consider your shortcomings as your ultimate failure. A new and better opportunity is waiting for you.

Someone close to you is suffering

The number 5 in the bible symbolizes the suffering of Jesus during the crucifixion. Seeing 555 may be a signal that someone close to you is dealing with an illness or grief.

Now suffering doesn’t always mean physical suffering; it may be psychological too. Maybe that person is going through stress and needs your company or help. However, don’t take this sign as unfavorable. It means your guardian angel is watching over this person. You can help that person through prayers for healing.

You are unnecessary lamenting in your past

It also means that you are too invested in your past. You may be worried or beating yourselves over the decisions you have taken in your past. It could be an old relationship, career path, or anything. You might be feeling that things would be different if you have chosen something or someone else.

Although you cannot change your past, lamenting about it for the rest of your life can indeed worsen it. The number 555 signals that you must stop thinking of your history and focus on the present. This is a good sign that states, your life is about to change for good. The fog of sadness in your life is about to lift, and your happiness is not far away.

Spiritual meaning of 555

The spiritual meaning of 555 is kindness and salvation. Seeing 5 or 555 means your affirmations or prayers have been heard or answered by the universe. The number 555 also reflects a meaningful change in your life.

This change coming towards your life is going to be significant. It could be substantial career success, a new house, a new relationship, or anything that’s going to stay forever.

Once you see the number 555 in your life, you will soon notice new opportunities ringing your doorbell. All you need to do is give yourself a chance by trusting what’s there on the other side and open that door.

Numerology meaning of 555

The world-famous Greek mathematician Pythagoras suggested assigning a number to each planet. He also believed that each planet carries some meanings and energies with them. In this regard, number 5 is associated with planet Mercury, representing growth, rewards, exploration, travel, and change.

Therefore, 555 is considered a progressive transition in our life in the same way an individual grows from childhood to adulthood or a friendship matures into everlasting love. Of course, the change will be significant and even turbulent, but the positive outcome will always outshine the negative.

The Vibrational Essence of 555

Now, if you are familiar with numerology, you must have heard about ‘vibrational essence.’ It is a single-digit number that is also known as the heart of any number.

To know the heart of number 555, you need to break it down and add them again.



Thus, the vibrational essence of 555 is 6.

Applying the rules of numerology, six is the number for ‘mother.’ meaning number 555 is considered positive growth in life.

Is seeing 555 a good sign?

Is seeing 555 a good sign

Considering all the rules from the bible, spirituality, numerology, and vibrational essence, we can confidently say that seeing 555 is indeed a good sign.

Everybody has a regret, a desire, and a dream that often gets washed away through times. We often think for it, but not in our wildest dreams consider it a successful endeavor. Therefore, it remains hidden away somewhere in the corner of our hearts.

Achieving our dreams is possible, but most of us don’t try, either because we don’t know how or due to the fear of failure.

 The angel number 555 is a signal that your wait is going to be over soon. It means that your guardian angel is here to guide you throughout the journey. 

The number 555 often occurs during a meaningful change in your life or about to experience something extraordinary. They can also appear when you are in your worst state in life. If that happens, don’t panic. Just take a deep breath and bring your mind into focus. Thinking of it as bad will only make you more anxious and miserable. 

Remember, you have the blessing of angels, and they bring you out from your pain and reintroduce you to a calm and harmonious life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your guardian angel. They are only here because you have been gifted with god grace. 

The best thing about 555 is that it can bring multiple changes in your life at a large scale, or it can be limited to a single element.

It depends on how you consider your life. Do you feel love is the only thing missing in your life? Or are you unlucky in the field of health, wealth, and love? Well, number 555 will give you a chance to target every area.

What lessons does angel teach with number 555?

If your angel communicates with you with the 555 number, it means they are trying to tell you something. What they are saying is to:

  • Strengthen your bond with the higher power
  • Approach your future with a fresh perspective
  • Consider the upcoming or ongoing change as an opportunity to grow
  • Have faith in the higher power and be confident about yourself

Not be sacred of adversity, instead prepare yourself to face them with confidence. You can ward it off by having faith in your angel.

What do I do if I see 555?

The first thing to do is take a step back and relax. The feeling of seeing 555 can be pretty overwhelming and scary for some people. However, the angel number says that a substantial change is awaiting in your life. It assures you are ready and have everything to accept this change.

If you think otherwise, number 555 actually infers a solid and positive transition of a person. It says you have come out of your cocoon and are ready to fly. Be it making essential decisions in life or leaving your worries behind, you are grown into a solid and independent individual.

The key to success is to focus on every small or big event that happens in your life after seeing 555 numbers. For instance, if you get a job offer or sometimes try to set up a date for you, consider it as the universe is trying to tell you something.

If you have been unsuccessful in business in the past, and suddenly one of your friends approaches you for a partnership, then think about it.

How to receive guidance from your guardian angel?

guidance from your guardian angel

The number 555 is your guardian angel telling you to move on from your past and embrace the power of the universe. It’s time to shed shame, regret, and pain from life and embrace new ideas and opportunities.

However, you can pray to your guardian angel and the spirit world for further guidance. Reading books about divine prayers can help you to a greater degree. Some books also help you understand an in-depth 555 angel number meaning.

What does 555 mean in love?

The true meaning of the number 555 in love depends upon your current relationship condition.

For instance, if you are already in a relationship, you may expect positive changes anytime soon. This indicates happiness and progress in a relationship.

If you are facing relationship issues like disagreements with your partner or lack of intimacy, then the 555 indicates that you can solve these issues.

However, don’t expect this to get solved in an instant; you have to work for it. It only tells you that you can still make it work by finding a way to respect each other mutually.

Number 555 brings some great news for your new love too. If you have just started dating someone and feels like you have a connection, then it’s time to take a step forward. For that, you need to put some effort and time into your new relationship.

If it’s been months of your breakup and you are still hungover from your ex, then 555 could mean that it’s time to let go of your past. Only then can you see the new and beautiful things that have been waiting for you.

Even if you are single, seeing number 555 repeatedly could be the universal way of saying that to be ready for love coming your way.

What does 555 mean for twin flames?

555 mean for twin flames

A twin flame refers to an intense soul connection. It also goes by the name ‘mirror soul’ or ‘other half.’ Most people confuse twin flames for soulmates. Both are incredibly different yet the same in some form.

While your soulmate can only be one person, your twin flames can be anyone and in any number. Consider twin flames as your own soul, split and floating across the universe, eagerly waiting to be reconnected.

In proper terms, twin flame in 555 is all about spiritual growth and awakening your inner soul. Its purpose is to accelerate your growth, remove past baggage and embrace self-appreciation.

Twin flame relationships and 555

A twin flame could be anyone, your teacher, parents, best friend, and even your lover. When you have a twin flame with someone, you can expect a significant amount of your personality and thoughts to match with the other person.

Since you see yourself through them, you may come across something about yourself that could make you insecure. The number 555 signifies that you are ready to let go of your insecurities and grow to be a more confident person.


Angel number 555 is a gift from the universe and should be received with appreciation and gratitude. Not everyone can encounter this.

So consider yourself lucky if you ever come across it. It is a positive message from angels and universal spirits alerting and guiding you towards a life-altering event. Seeing number 555 is not your free ticket to success; you have to pay attention to your surroundings and work on it.

Sometimes, you may remain clueless about the change and even unsure how this will work out. However, that’s the best part of this angel number. It asks you to stay calm, trust in yourself, and your guardian angel will guide you in your quest.

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