55×5 Manifestation Method: How to Do it the Right Way? 

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55×5 manifestation

If you’re into the Law of Attraction and believe in numerology, you will find the 55×5 manifestation process special among the rest manifestation methods

This manifestation technique combines affirmation, journaling, and numerology to amplify your manifestation efforts and bring your goals into reality. 

But it works under certain ideal conditions and works like a charm when combined with other manifestation techniques. 

In this blog, we will learn all those tips and tricks that make the 55×5 method highly sought-after among believers.   

How does the 55×5 manifestation method work?

It combines two manifestation techniques- the affirmation and the journaling affirmation method, powered by the Law of Attraction. 

I guess you already know about the Law of Attraction (LOA). If not, let me give you a quick overview. 

The LoA works on the “like attracts like” principle. Everything in the universe has its signature vibrational energy.

If you can align your vibration with your goals, the universe draws them closer to you. For instance, feel like a winner and behave like a winner, and you become a winner. 

But it’s not that easy. Our negative inner chatter can overtake the positive vibration and attract energy in return. However, with certain manifestation techniques, you can win over negativity and cement your belief in the universe. One such technique is journaling. 

Journaling about your dreams and intentions can raise your vibrations. The more you journal in detail, the better you acknowledge challenges as opportunities for success.

As you continue to follow the process, the whole transformational blueprint tends to induce relevant positive habits in you subconsciously. 

Affirmations are another popular manifestation technique for believers.

Saying “I love you” to your mirror self is the classic example of vocal affirmation for self-love. The basic mechanism is the same as that we learned about the journaling method. 

But writing down your affirmations includes the power of the journaling technique by default.

Your brain processes visualizations through words. It gives your brain sufficient time to anchor into your dream reality in the present.  

That’s where the 55×5 manifestation method becomes so effective than other manifestation methods. 

Now it’s time to learn the technique. 

Three Simple Steps to Manifest Anything With the 55×5 Method

Step 1: Focus your mind 

Get 100 percent clear on what you want.

On your initial try, you may feel overwhelmed amidst so many choices flooding your brain simultaneously.

But trust me, as you keep working on them, you will get those “aha” moments at one point in time. Your intuition will say that it’s right. 

Why is this exercise important?

Because if you don’t know your taste buds (goals), you can’t blame the chef (the universe) for the surprise meal (manifestation outcomes). Can you? 

Step 2: Build Affirmations

You may not realize it, but you make affirmations throughout the day. Now, it’s time to build your affirmations with a clear goal. 

Follow these three basic rules. 

  1. Build your affirmations in the present tense. 
  2. Use words to trigger the right emotions while you say them. 
  3. Make them personalized. 

The second and the third step are essential. 

Use powerful words to invoke positive emotions and to set you on high vibrations. A few examples of power words are “strong,” “better,” “unstoppable,” “Amazing,” “Remarkable,” etc. 

It’s also important to build affirmations over your personal negative self-believes. Do not simply borrow from what’s available on the internet. 

Here is what I mean to say. 

  • General money affirmation– I am getting richer day by day. 
  • Personalized affirmation with a powerful word– I have already made enough money with a small business, and I feel unstoppable. 

Now it’s your turn. Formulate your personalized affirmation. 

Step 3: Write your affirmation 55 times for five days 

Now comes the magic part. 

Take a piece of paper and write your affirmation 55 times a day for the next five days. 

Make sure to keep yourself on the high vibration while writing the affirmation. If you’re on low energy or not feeling good, raise your vibration first, then write the affirmation. 

You can use any of the following methods for that: 

  • Gratitude 
  • Forgiveness
  • Exercise 
  • Deep Breathing
  • Meditation  

If you’re already practicing journaling manifestation, you don’t have to set aside extra time for this method. You can simply add it to your daily journaling routine. 

Bonus Tip: Try to write your affirmations exactly at 5:55 (am or pm) each day to further harness the power of 5 into your manifestation. 

Why does it have to be 55 times and for five days? 

Why does it have to be 55 times, not 56 times? 

Why should you follow for five days only?

I saw many authors have questioned this pattern. Some of them have clearly rejected the idea, questioning the efficacy of the process in the first place. 

Let me tell you, the number 5 is considered the psychic number– the number of balance and good luck. 

Numerological Significance of 555

As I said, 5 stands for balance in life- a transition from a bad phase to a good one. 

When you double its power (55), it becomes a symbol for a big decision or a huge transformation towards a fulfilling life. It could also mean spiritual enlightenment, career/business opportunities, and good fortune.  

When you further amplify the effect with another 5 (55×5), the number vibes towards perfection. Plus, reducing the combo to a single digit comes to 6. The number six holds the power to make people in your connection work for your wish.  

My Secret Tips For 55×5 Manifestation

When it comes to manifestation, people put a lot of work and effort into fulfilling their wishes when it’s not imperative. 

The Universal Law is always in action, and it does not need our effort to continue. Simply put, the universe responds to our beliefs and vibrations, not our intentions. 

If you are putting too much focus on your wish during the process, it can cause resistance and detachment. As a result, your mind tends to focus more on not having what you want. As fears creep up, you start to doubt the core process that advises you to do less and believe and trust the universe.  

If you fail to notice any positive sign of manifestation, focus on your belief system rather than the method. 

Imagine your wish has already been granted and is under manifestation. Let it come to you naturally, without any effort. 

Additional tips for better results: 

  • Do not work on any other manifestation technique while the 55×5 manifestation method is in progress. 
  • Try to be realistic with the timeline. Do not expect sudden changes, yet be happy and optimistic with subtle changes in the air as you progress. 
  • Handwritten affirmations make you feel more connected with your goals than digital notes. Try to avoid e-notes as far as possible. 
  • Use essential oils while journaling your affirmations to set your mood on a happy vibration.  
secret tips for 55x5 manifestation

That’s it!

End Thoughts

The 55×5 technique is a structured manifestation hack that combines the power of LoA and numerology together. Journaling your affirmations 55 times a day for five days triggers your subconscious mind to vibrate at the same frequency as your goals. Though you have to overcome the same challenges as with other manifestation alternatives, it still appears promising with the psychic power five on your side. Try and let us know how it worked out for you. Cheers!


What is the 55×5 method for love?

The basic 55×5 manifestation technique applies to any goal. Set a clear goal about the person, build your personalized love affirmations, and write them down 55 times daily for five days.

Most importantly, keep your belief system strong, and you will see a shift in the energy from your love. That’s how you know the universe is working on your manifestation. 

What is the 55×5 method for specific people?

You can use the 55×5 method to attract certain people to your life, not necessarily for relationships.

For instance, you can use this manifestation method to attract your twin flame to your life or to get noticed by your boss for your hard work. The basic rule of 55×5 manifestation applies. 

How long does it take for the 55×5 method to work?

It depends on many factors but, most importantly, on your vibration and belief system. It’s like tuning (feeling) for the correct radio station (the joy post manifestation) by working on your belief system.

If you can get that right, the law says the universe can manifest quicker. Nevertheless, be practical about the ideal processing time if you have a big goal to achieve. 

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