The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

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Spiritual Laws of Success

The 7 spiritual laws of success are nothing but a chain of actions towards easily targeting money, success, joy, and peace in your life, all at a time.

The laws that we are about to explain are the summary of one of the best spiritual or manifestation books “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” written by Deepak Chopra, the famous Indian-American spiritual author.

I would try to keep it short and concise and will advise you to definitely read the original book for knowledge supplement in full. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a dive into the spiritual realm of the universe to understand these 7 laws of success.

7 Spiritual Laws of Success

1st Law-The Law of Pure Potentiality

The Law

When we start to live in a moment of self-realization, we experience our true potential.


We constantly live in an ego-driven object-referred world. In an object-referred environment, our actions are constantly driven by the objects we are associated with, such as the fear of social security, family status, job, and materialistic possessions.

Here, we identify our existence with a physical body and a limited brain function.

On the contrary, when our actions are driven by our soul, we live in the moment of self-realization.

In this state, we lose our human existence and feel an ocean of unmatched potential within.

You no longer feel like a separate entity from the rest of the universe. Thus, you attain a higher level of creativity and prompt the universe to support your actions. 

How to practice it?

To tap your unmatched potential, simply practice 10-15 minutes(the more the better) of silent meditation every day in the lap of nature.

Under such moments of profound silence, your mind experiences a peacefulness and connectedness with the universe. It calms your mind, body, and soul.

A calm body dissolves the ego, and with your ego no longer in charge, you enter into the zone of self-realization.

You can also achieve true potentiality by practicing the law of non-judgment.

When we judge others, we squeeze our internal dialogues and block the source of unlimited power present within us.

It is those silent moments between our thoughts where we experience the unbounded energy of the universe.

So, try to practice non-judgment for at least 8 hours a day and keep increasing the limit further.

2nd Law: The Law of Giving

The Law

Keep circulating the most precious gifts of life to retain the balance of affluence in the universe.


The Latin meaning of the word “Currency” is to circulate which means, to create a flow in the society.

However, the art of giving and receiving doesn’t apply to money only. In fact, it is applicable to love, friendship, care, and every other social currency that we expect from others for our survival in society.

Holding your money in the bank account is a sign to the universe that you no longer want to receive more.

Instead, invest them or help someone in need and the universe will circulate back more money to your bank account.

In fact, the most powerful social currencies are non-materialistic such as love, wish, gratitude, care, etc.

How to practice it?

There are two ways to practice this law. First, when you meet someone, give something with your full heart- it can be a wish for his goodwill, a prayer for his quick recovery, or motivation for his ongoing struggle.

Second, when you visit someone’s house, take a gift with you, no matter how small. Even a single flower or a small card with your lovely handwritten note on it will do.

Lastly, make a commitment to stick to these principles for the rest of your life.

3rd Law: The Law of “Karma” or Cause and Effect

The Law

Make your Karma revolutionary for reaping the fruits of constant happiness and success.


It is undoubtedly true that we are the result of our actions from the past. Our actions are driven by our emotions, and most of them are indeed triggered by our brains unconsciously.

When we make unconscious decisions, we invite unwanted troubles into our life.

Instead, we can simply maximize the number of favorable outcomes by making conscious decisions. That means analyzing our thoughts before converting them to actions.

For instance, we end up shopping for more junk foods than required because our survival instinct tells us to pile up cheap foods in advance

Instead, the right approach should be to decide the budget and then go for food items that are healthy and offer the best value in terms of the price paid.

How to practice it?

Before making any decision, bring your thoughts into your consciousness and ask your heart about its possible consequence.

If you get a firm body sensation in response, then it is the right decision to make. Else, you will feel a level of discomfort. If you feel so, be a silent watcher and let your heart show you the possible consequences through your inner vision.

4th Law: The Law of Least Effort

The Law

We can inherit the law of nature to drive its functions with the least effort and achieve our goals without any hassle.


All functions of nature happen at a slow pace without any effort. A tree grows from small to big without any effort.

It happens spontaneously in harmony with nature. Just like nature, we have unlimited energy to make our actions of the least effort to produce fruitful results.

But when we spend our energies to fulfill the desires set by our ego, we block that spontaneous flow of energy inside us.

The “Do less and gain more” philosophy is achievable provided you work with love.

When you perform your duties out of love, no energy is spent on your ego, and you get the full advantage of the law of least effort present inside you by default.

How to practice it?

There are three ways to practice the law of least effort.

First, accept the present situation as it is instead of being frustrated over its expected scenario. This will create a psychological foundation to deal with the current situation.

Second, take responsibility and do what is needed in the present scenario.

Third, play defenselessness and stop defending your point of view in front of others. Thereby, you will save energy to be used on building resistance and experience life flowing at effortless ease. 

5th Law: The Law of Intention and Desire

The Law

You can make the universe work for your intentions by channeling your infinite organizing power through constant attention.


The quantum field of the universe is filled with information and energy everywhere.

All it takes is a strong intention on the foundation of firm attention to use them for achieving our goals and for the benefit of others.

There are two elements to achieve our goals- attention and intention.

Attention energizes, and intention transforms.

Attention channels our energy in the right direction, and intention helps us stand still against all odds. On top of that, we need strong organizing power to give it a smooth flow without any obstructions.

The human body has an infinite level of organizing power. That can only be accessed through conscious intent.

Intentions desired under a conscious environment are called conscious intent.

Unlike other animals, humans are blessed with conscious intent that has intense flexibility.

So, just by making conscious intent and channeling our energies with focused attention, we can achieve any big goal without any hassle.

How to practice it?

Perform the following steps to tap your strong intentions.

First, go into the level of being by becoming conscious.

Second, state your intentions.

Third, remain in the state of consciousness to harness your true potential.

Fourth, gently release your desires.

Lastly, let the universe tailor the actions for your intentions to manifest. By staying committed to the above steps, you will find it easy to manifest your desires with ease.

 6th Law: The Law of Detachment

The Law

To achieve anything in this world, you just need to detach yourself from the results without relinquishing your desires in the first place.


Our desires motivate our actions. But when we set expectations for our actions, we feel insecure about the unfavorable outcomes.

That fear, anxiety, and insecurity inside of us send a mixed bag of emotions to the universe, and we unknowingly delay our manifestations.

The ideal way of approach should involve desires of manifestation without any expectations.

When we build detachment with the results, we enter into a zone of uncertainties. It is a fertile ground of pure creativity and helps us stay prepared to be at peace with any possible outcome.

Living in a world of uncertainties is very exciting. You enjoy every moment of your life without knowing what may surface the next day, the next year.

This sense of alertness in the moment of the present empowers you to easily think of a range of possibilities and seize every opportunity that comes your way around.

How to practice it?

First, make a commitment to work in an environment of detachment with results.

Second, accept uncertainty as an essential element of success and think of it as a path to freedom.

Third, enter into the field of possibilities and stay open to all types of outcomes and excitements that are going to come with it for sure.

7th Law: The Law of Dharma

The Law

When your unique talents meet the unique needs of the world, it creates affluence.


According to the law of Dharma, each one of us has a true self.

Thus, you need to ask yourself what you are really good at doing that can meet the needs of others at the same time. That’s because when you do what you’re good at doing, you do it with passion.

You, undoubtedly, create good results and offer the best solutions to those in need of your service. Working in such a deeply-involved environment caters to more money and success, thereby creating an abundance of joy and fulfillment. 

When you explore your unique talents, you lose track of time.

Try the above advice to find your real talent through experiments.

In case you’re already aware of your unique ability, ask yourself how to use that for the benefit of mankind.

When you devote your talent to solving other’s problem, you attract unlimited joy, money, and success.

How to practice it?

Every day meditate for at least thirty minutes in silence to get in touch with your higher self.

At that moment, list the unique abilities that you can perform to create abundance for yourself and others.

See the possible ways to make the world a better place to live in with those unique abilities as your primary source of living.


All these 7 spiritual laws of success can be mastered in succession.

Start with the first law, and you will find yourself switching to the next ones automatically in a stepped manner.

If you find this article helpful, share it with others, and let them learn the easy ways to success, joy, and abundance.

To know more about the law in detail read the book “7 Spiritual Laws of success” by Deepak Chopra.

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