777 Angel Number Meaning- Spiritual Significance & Symbolism

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777 Angel Number

Although you cannot see them, we cannot discredit the presence of our guardian angel surrounding us. They help us make conscious decisions and give us new directions in life.

They cannot appear to us in person, but they often communicate with us in subtle ways. They communicate with us through several mediums in the form of a feather, song, words, and numbers.

If you keep hearing or seeing the same number repeatedly, it means your guardian angel is nearby to help and guide you.

One of such numbers is 777. If you are lucky enough to encounter the number 7 three times in a row, then that means your guardian angel has arrived for you with a powerful message.

Angel Number 777 Meaning

The 777 angel number is associated with inner growth and transformation. When you see it, that means you are going through or about to achieve spiritual awakening. To get in-depth information on this subject, we need to delve deeper.

There are seven days a week, seven wonders, seven worlds, seven seas, etc. According to Prof. Keith Devlin (Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University), the number seven has some cognitive aspects.

If you ask anyone to pick up a number from 1 to 10, they will probably pick up seven. How the number seven is imprinted in our subconscious mind is still a mystery that even scientists cannot comprehend.

The number represents knowledge, personal transformation, and spiritual connection. When you see the number 7 three times, that means you should pay more attention to what it indicates spiritually.

Spiritual meaning of 777

Spiritual meaning of 777

The number 7 is considered lucky and spiritual in many cultures. It indicates that you are on a path of spiritual awakening.

5 possible spiritual reasons you are seeing number 777

1. You are going through an alchemical change

Alchemy is the purest form of self-discovery. The novel The Alchemist describes how alchemists used the number 7 in their work by finding correspondence with metals and planetary positions for turning lead into gold.

Instead of literal gold, alchemy is the symbolism of the hero’s journey. Seeing number 777 represents a push from the universe to approach and accept the next chapter of your life’s journey.

2. Your contemplation and empathy are being validated

If you are a sensitive person, the number 777 could mean your angel wants you to stay connected with your emotions and intense feelings.

However, that could also mean you must protect your empathetic aura from the overwhelming energy of others. As the energy centers of sensitive people are more open, they are susceptible to feeling high-level emotions and intense feelings.

To protect yourself from such overwhelming energy, you need to imagine yourself surrounded by a white or golden light.

Besides, you must spend lonelier time contemplating your thoughts and let them completes to fruition.

It is a sign to take some rest to rejuvenate your spirit and mind. Carrying crystals like garnet, obsidian, shungite, black tourmaline, and kunzite can help push off the intense emotions of others.

3. You are going to become more perceptive

become more perceptive

Angels might be signaling you to become observant and perceptive. Maybe you are about to achieve the master of perception. Number 7 is a symbol of intelligence and spirituality. You can increase your perception through psychology, reading books, teaching emotional intelligence, and practicing claircognizance.

4. Your spiritual mentor is arriving soon

Angel number 777 signifies that your guardian angel has arrived to mentor you spiritually. This doesn’t mean your guardian angel will come in physical form to guide you.

It means that you need a mentor in your life, and your angel will guide and encourage you in the right direction. Your mentor could be anyone, a friend, teacher, family member, or life coach.

Of course, most of us think that we are doing well on our own. However, sometimes we need someone to push us beyond our comfort zone. Everyone has a dream to be something in life. Let’s say you dream of becoming a singer.

Despite knowing that you have singing talent, somehow, you don’t act on it. This may also be happening in your personal life. You may be liking a person but never tell them how you feel, or you may want to change your food habit but always fails to stick with the plan.

This is where a mentor can help you stay on the right plan. Your mind accepts that you need to work on your goals, but your spirit is not embracing these ideas.

Number 777 indicates that now you are going to see some positive change in your life. Your guardian angel will awake your spirituality, empowering you to make make the right decisions in life.

5. You are about to develop psychic skills

The third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept that considers the center of the forehead as a location for a world beyond perception.

When you see the number 777, that means your angels are telling you to start practicing your psychic skills. It could also mean that you are a claircognizant empath or soon going to achieve this power.

What is a claircognizant empath?

claircognizant empath

A Claircognizant empath is a person with claircognizance ability. When your intuition is so strong, you can quickly figure out a person the moment you saw them.

For example, most people can instantly know whether the person next to them has narcissistic tendencies or is worth trusting.

Having a claircognizant empath helps a person in all modes of life. This power allows you to unblock a person’s subconscious. As a result, they see you as someone they can trust.

Three unheard facts about angel number 777 you don’t know

Angel number 777 is your guardian angel telling you to take the next step in spirituality. To achieve this, you need to reveal and embrace the proper form of yourself.

1. Angel number 777 is a gift 

Angel number 777 is a gift that one received without doing any holy work. Consider it as a gift by god. It takes time and extreme dedication to achieve anything in this world. In short, nothing in this world comes free.

However, seeing angel numbers are gifts by the universe that you received without doing any legwork.

2. The negative connotation to Angel number 777 is a lie

As the number 777 appears in a casino when someone hits the jackpot, some people believe it is negative. This is not true and doesn’t have any base.

Contrarily, the number 777 is in the casino because it is considered a lucky number. That’s why they put that number in the casino when someone wins, which signifies that the person is fortunate.

3. Angel 777 is a magical number

Now magic here doesn’t refer to wands and potions. We all have a guardian angel protecting us, and when some notable change happens, they try to communicate with us through signals.

Angel number 777 signals spiritual awakening, which opens up the portal of alchemy, psychic powers, and perception. Once you master these powers, you will feel endless joy, tranquility, and abundance.

Numerology meaning of 777

In numerology, the number seven represents internal wisdom, empathy, internal analysis, and intuition. The number 777 says that you will have a significant breakthrough in intuition and achieve special abilities such as healing, empathic and psychic powers.

When you see the number 777, that means you saw it three times. For example, if you see 7, you are about to experience some great wisdom soon. If you see it three times, the knowledge you are about to receive has increased to three folds.

The vibrational essence of the number 777 in numerology is 3.

7+7+7= 21


The meaning of 777 in numerology redirects toward the number 3, which symbolizes growth, prosperity, happiness, happiness, travel, communication, optimism, and adventure.

The number 777 denotes spiritual evolution, leading to expanding your soul’s consciousness, ultimately signifying ultimate happiness.

What to do when you see the number 777?

What to do when you see number 777

If you are seeing angel number 777, then consider yourself lucky as it means your guardian angels love you and sending you signals for a significant spiritual change in your life.

There is no need for worry or panic as it is mainly associated with wisdom, perception, spiritual awakening, and psychic ability. When you see these signs that means you are ready to take the next leap of your life and close to finding ultimate joy and peace.

Wisdom and spirituality are immeasurable and timeless. Therefore, don’t expect that you will learn something new, and that’s it.

It is a continuous process and requires extreme dedication. Most of all, you have to start by accepting recent changes in your life rather than avoiding them.

Don’t fear failure in life as your guardian angel, and the universal power is by your side.

Love and Angel Number 777

Spiritual awakening is the process of discovering yourself, and through this process, you may end up finding the love of your life as well.

The number 777 signifies the universe is asking you to embrace new changes and welcome new opportunities with open arms.

That also means for you to open yourself to be loved. For people with an existing relationship, the number 777 symbolizes growth and expansion. Maybe you will have a new baby or a house, which is a clear sign that your life will expand.

If you are in a relationship that you think is getting bored by the day but don’t want to break it up as you love that person?

The number 777 is a sign that you can save this relationship. Your guardian angel is here to guide you into a spiritual awakening path that helps you develop perception and wisdom. The new journey will empower you to know all the answers to save your relationship.

Twin flame in 777

Twin flame in 777

The meaning of 777 in twin flame is that you are soon going to meet your partner. This partner could be someone close to you, such as your parents, friends, siblings, teacher, or spiritual coach. Now, don’t confuse soulmates with a twin flame.

Twin flame means one soul in two different bodies. Meanwhile, a soulmate is a person with whom we are destined to spend our whole life. Twin flame, on the other hand, could be our partner or guide or even your soulmate.

To know whether a person is your twin flame is to find the connection. When you meet that person, you can’t help but feel intense energy around you. It will feel like you are one mind with two bodies.

Psychic Abilities in angel number 777

The angel number 777 is sometimes considered the third eye, the most potent characteristic a human can have.

It allows a person to travel through the metaphysical world. Seeing 777 means is a sign that you may go on a journey for an immense transcendental experience.

This means the time not far when you will start recognizing your psychic abilities and impart goodness in the world through your powers.

Maybe you have already inherited this power, or perhaps you will soon gain them through your spiritual awakening journey.

If you have a sharp instinct about a person’s character or can predict someone’s action before it happens, then there is an excellent chance of you inheriting some psychic skills. Even if you don’t, it doesn’t mean you can. Seeing the number 777 mean you are on your way.


Is number 777 a lucky number?

The number 7 is considered lucky for ages, and some cultures even consider it auspicious. It is also the number that you see in the casino slot when you win a jackpot. So number 777 is three times the number 7, making it even more precious and lucky.

Is number 777 holy?

Number 777 represents the holy trinity- god the father, son, and Holy Spirit.


Seeing the 777 angel number repeatedly is a universe signal saying you are rewarded with a positive change in life. It tells your guardian angel is watching over you and guiding you to the right path. The number 777 denotes enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and wisdom. It also means you are going through a vital spiritual transition that will open up many opportunities in your life.

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