50 Best Affirmations for Success and Confidence

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Affirmations for Success

Positive Affirmations are short statements to incite encouragement and support within yourself.

It is like implanting a belief to give a shape to your thoughts.

Although they comprise ‘short statements,’ when done with faith and motivation, they can significantly impact your thought process.

How do affirmations work?

How do affirmations work

All humans have an innate capability to create, but you can only do them when you believe in this idea.

Creation here does not mean to make something out of thin air; it means to realign our thoughts in a way that pushes our subconscious mind to turn ideas into reality.

For example, if you recite “I am smart and confidence” or “I can do it” several times, then there is a high chance of overcoming your fear and gaining back your confidence to do your intended task successfully.

Quantum physics has some strong points that alter how we perceive physical reality. Recent studies state that everything in this world is made of energy. This energy can act differently as per the observer’s beliefs and expectations.

Researchers say electrons don’t have a specific state; instead, it takes shape according to our assumptions and beliefs.

By applying quantum physics theory, you can create a new environment or moment by designing your beliefs and expectations.

Repetition is the primary key to training our brain. The more we repeat something in our life, the more our conscious mind will push it into our subconscious.

That’s how musicians can play their instruments by closing their eyes, or some people can type on a keyboard while staring at the screen.

So, if you convince your mind to be confident, successful, self-content, or wealthy, they can really see them transform into reality.

Note: The key here is to push the message into your subconscious mind.

You can only do that by the power of convincing, which comes through repetition.

50 Best Affirmations for success and confidence that works

Affirmations for success and confidence that works

Following are the lists of daily affirmations for success and confidence. Remember to repeat them as much as possible.

Repeat the process every day; once you start seeing results, you can slow down and discontinue them.

  1. I am successful
  2. My life is going great
  3. I am a happy and confident person
  4. Today is going to be awesome
  5. I can feel success in my bones
  6. I am optimistic and unapologetic
  7. I love myself
  8. I deserve happiness and success
  9. I feel blessed as to how things always work out for me
  10. I know who I am; your opinion doesn’t matter
  11. I am a motivated and efficient person
  12. I am a catalyst to love, optimism, and success
  13. I am grateful for my wonderful life
  14. I go BIG
  15. I am fearless
  16. Success comes easy to me
  17. The universe loves me
  18. I have a great personality and confidence
  19. I can easily charm anyone with my confidence
  20. I am passionate about my goals and success
  21. I can see wealth and success within my reach
  22. Money is attracted to me
  23. I am grateful for being happy, prosperous, and healthy
  24. I am born to win – failure can never touch me
  25. My affirmation for success and confidence always work
  26. I always make the right decision
  27. The universe is always there to help me
  28. I am right where I always want to be
  29. My life is getting better every day
  30. My success attracts people around me
  31. I am determined, motivated, and persistent
  32. I am moving closer to my goals and dreams
  33. I am a visionary
  34. I can create a world around me with my vision
  35. My life is fun and rewarding
  36. I trust myself
  37. I am a powerful creator
  38. I am in control of my mind
  39. I have no place for ‘problems’ in my life; only opportunities
  40. I can succeed in any challenges
  41. I am unique, innovative, and creative
  42. I appreciate everything I have
  43. I am an inspiration
  44. I motivate others
  45. I am worthy of pursuing my goals and dreams
  46. I am prepared for abundance, love, joy, and success
  47. I am a hard worker
  48. I let go of the pessimistic beliefs that had been holding me back from success
  49. I am open-minded to explore new paths for success
  50. I am surrounded by positive people who believe me

How to use affirmations for success and confidence?

There are several ways to use positive affirmations for success and confidence:

  • Write them in a journal and recite them as your daily affirmations for success
  • Put them on jewelry such as a bracelet
  • Recite the lines while looking at yourself in the mirror
  • Record yourself saying the affirmation and listen or watch them when required
  • Print and put them on your walls, refrigerator, mirror, and anywhere accessible
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Why do some people fail at success and confidence affirmations?

Why do some people fail at success and confidence affirmations

You may have heard people saying affirmations don’t work. Well, there is a straightforward explanation behind it.

The goal here is not to tell them, instead feel them deep inside your heart. Remember, there is no room for doubt or confusion.

The other reason is due to a lack of imagination. Imagination is a powerful force in your mind. When you are reciting affirmations, you must imagine it in your mind.

When you say, “I am Successful,” imagine yourself as a successful person. If that doesn’t work, imagine what will happen next once you succeed in your current endeavor.

Let’s assume you are about to meet a big client for a sales pitch. Imagine you have done that, and you successfully land a big client.

Now, you have got a hefty commission out of it. Imagine how it feels to have achieved all of these things. This trick will work while reciting positive affirmations for success and confidence.

In Few Words

Don’t expect positive affirmations to change your life overnight magically. However, it will significantly help you re-program your thought process and engrain positivity and confidence in your subconscious mind.

Just give them a try for at least a week with the abovementioned tips, and you will surely notice some form of difference in the way you think, feel, and act.

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