Ammonite Crystal: Its Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses

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ammonite crystal

There are very few healing tools that are derived from living sources and Ammonites are among them.

Dating back to the Devonian and Cretaceous periods, Ammonites carry the energy of ancient living creatures, making them extraordinarily unique and powerful. 

When using Ammolite gemstones for healing, you can still feel Ammonites’ energy and strength, which promotes emotional, physical, spiritual, and chakra healing. 

While Ammolite crystals aren’t as widespread as other healing gemstones, they are still widely used during meditation or other healing rituals.

And if you want to invite the ancient vibrational energy into your life, here’s everything you need to know about the history, symbolism, healing properties, and practical uses of Ammonite. 

Ammonite Crystal Properties

ColorBrown, Gray, Beige
OriginAll around the world, especially Antarctica
Chemical FormulaCaCO3, aragonite polymorph
Hardness on Mohs Scale3.5 – 4
Zodiac SignsAquarius, Cancer
ChakrasThird Eye, Root
Crystal CombinationsFossil Coral, Agate, Blue Topaz, Blue Calcite, Beryl, Chalcopyrite, Chrysocolla, Galena, Tiger’s Eye, Morganite

History and Origin of Ammonite

history and origin of ammonite crystal

Ammonites are a group of extinct mollusca, the earliest species of which appeared roughly 420 million years ago during the Devonian period. 

Due to various environmental factors, including climate change and competition from other marine animals, Ammonites disappeared at the end of the Cretaceous period, approximately 66 million years ago. This was about the same time as the dinosaurs became extinct. 

While Ammonite specimens can be found practically all around the earth, Antarctica features exceptionally rich Ammonite fossil sites. 

Nowadays, fossils formed as a result of buried Ammonite remains that later solidified into rocks are used for various purposes, including Ammolite gemstones, jewelry pieces, healing talismans, amulets, and more. 

*While Ammonite refers to fossil shells, in general, the term “Ammolite” is used for describing gem-quality materials and crystals derived from these creatures. 

Meaning and Symbolism of Ammonite

Ammonites and Ammolite gemstones carry numerous symbolic meanings, some of which are:

  • Eternity
  • Time
  • Transformation
  • Evolution
  • Rebirth
  • Rejuvenation 
  • Mysteries of life
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Strength
  • Inner beauty

While Ammonite meanings can be interpreted in a variety of ways, the main messages they carry are usually linked with their power of transformation, rebirth, and the evolution of the soul. 

Ammonite Healing Properties

ammonite healing properties

Although Ammonites as living creatures disappeared around 66 million years ago, their fossils and gemstones still carry deep spiritual meanings.

Therefore, Ammonites are widely appreciated for their exceptional healing properties. Here’s how Ammolite stones can heal emotional, physical, spiritual, and energy-related aspects of your life. 

1. Emotional Healing Properties of Ammonite

Ammonite metaphysical properties make this precious gemstone an ideal tool for healing emotions on multiple levels. The emotional healing benefits of Ammonite are:

Improving Mood

Ammonite is said to release negative emotions, stress, and anxiety. Ammonite brings clarity, light, and happiness into your life, boosting your mood and improving your overall mental health. 

Protecting from Negative Influences

Ammonite is a powerful fossil that protects you from any negative influences. Whenever you’re being exposed to the negative energy fields of other people, the Ammonite stone acts as a shield to ensure your emotional well-being. 

Healing Emotional Wounds

Although emotional wounds are often invisible to the naked eye, they can be much more complex than physical wounds.

Healing from your emotional traumas is quite challenging sometimes and the Ammonite crystal is what makes the process go much smoother.

Ammonite helps you acknowledge your wounds while preparing you to face your painful and traumatic memories with confidence. 

Increasing Self-Esteem

By teaching you how to recognize your strengths and adjust your beliefs, Ammonite helps you improve your self-esteem.

The stone supports you as you step outside your comfort zone, making the process less stressful and more productive. 

2. Physical Healing Properties of Ammonite

Ammonite healing properties are also commonly used for improving physical health and overall well-being. Some of the physical healing benefits of Ammonite include:

Reducing Inflammation

Ammonite metaphysical properties make it an excellent healing crystal for alleviating certain symptoms associated with inflammation.

When using Ammonite in spiritual and meditation practices, you develop a sense of inner peace, which in turn helps your body reduce inflammation.  

Improving Blood Circulation

Ammonite is often considered a healing stone for the cardiovascular system. Having an Ammonite stone close to you can have a positive impact on your blood circulation, enabling you to live a long heart-healthy life.

Reducing Sleep-Related Problems

Ammonite is also said to improve various sleep-related issues, such as insomnia, sleep apnea, parasomnias, and more.

Placing an Ammonite stone in your bedroom or even under your pillow will give you access to its healing vibrations, promoting a restful night’s sleep. 

Charging Your Body with Energy

As Ammonite is associated with rebirth and rejuvenation, it’s widely used for charging your body with new energy or restoring your physical resources after having an overwhelming day. 

3. Spiritual Healing Properties of Ammonite

Ammonite is believed to be a powerful healing stone with unique metaphysical properties that enable it to grant you inner wisdom and guide you through the entire process of spiritual awakening.

The spiritual healing properties of Ammonite crystals are: 

Providing Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual awakening can be regarded as a huge transformation and Ammonites are ideal gemstones for guiding you through the process.

Ammonite healing properties offer you support and protection during your spiritual growth journey. 

Sharpening Spiritual Visions

By promoting inner wisdom, Ammonite crystals help you develop your psychic abilities, intuition, and spiritual visions.

Incorporating Ammonite in your psychic readings or spirit communication sessions will make it easier to gain insights and clarity into different aspects of life. 

Promoting Spiritual Enlightenment

The spiritual awakening process involves a lot of challenges. By incorporating Ammonite in healing rituals, you can easily overcome those challenges and achieve spiritual enlightenment with less effort and more joy. 

4. Energy Healing Properties of Ammonite

Ammonite is responsible for opening and balancing two energy centers in the subtle body, which are the Third Eye Chakra and the Root Chakra. This is how you can receive energy healing benefits of Ammonite gems.

Healing the Third Eye Chakra

By meditating with Ammonite, you can open and balance your Third Eye Chakra. This will help you tap into your intuition and make your psychic development journey much smoother.

In fact, clearing Third Eye Chakra blockages also significantly improves your mental health. 

Healing the Root Chakra

Ammonite is also linked with the Root Chakra, which has powerful grounding properties that help us develop a sense of stability and security.

By healing the Root Chakra using the Ammonite crystal, you’ll strengthen the connection to the physical world while increasing your inner strength and potential. 

How to Use Ammonite for Healing

how to use ammonite for healing

There are a few easy but effective techniques for using Ammonite to receive its healing benefits. Here are some of the best options to start with. 

Keep Ammonite Crystals Close to You

If you’ve decided to invite the powerful healing properties of Ammonite into your daily life, consider wearing it as jewelry.

Ammonites are usually made into pendants and earrings that not only display their exceptional beauty but also provide healing throughout the day. 

For anyone who’s not a fan of wearing crystal jewelry, keeping an Ammonite stone in a pocket or purse is a great option.

In fact, some healers claim that this may even protect your Ammonite from being exposed to other people’s negative energies. 

Meditate with Ammonites

While meditation is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind and heal yourself, incorporating Ammonites in your daily meditation practices can significantly boost the healing benefits. 

To meditate with Ammonites, you can either hold the crystal in your palm or even place it nearby.

As there are no rules about how one should use Ammonite during meditation, it all depends on your preferences. 

Decorate Your Living and Working Spaces with Ammonite Crystals

You can make the most of your Ammonite crystals by not only decorating your home or office but also boosting their healing properties.

To receive pretty much infinite healing from your Ammonites, consider placing at least one fossil or gemstone in each room.

The Ammonite crystals will provide extra protection while healing you no matter where you go. 

Caring for Your Ammonite

Taking care of your Ammonite is key to preserving its healing properties.

When it comes to cleaning, you can use some warm soapy water to get rid of dust and dirt that have accumulated inside the fossil chambers. 

While Ammonites have been fossilized and are pretty strong, the Ammolite gems are rated 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that gem-quality Ammonites are softer than some other healing crystals.

Therefore, you should use gentle methods of cleaning when handling Ammonite stones. 

FAQs About Using Ammonite Crystal for Healing

By learning more about Ammonite crystals, you can increase their healing potential and ensure that you receive the guidance and protection you need.

To help you get started, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about Ammonite as a healing gemstone. 

Q1. How to Tell If an Ammonite Gemstone Is Real?

Using a real Ammonite or Ammolite gem is essential for receiving all its healing benefits.
Unlike other natural crystals, Ammonites are living creatures that have been fossilized, meaning that faking them isn’t quite as easy. However, fake gem-quality Ammonites are often available on the market. 

The easiest way to tell if an Ammonite is real is to check its weight. Real Ammonites are made up of minerals, which make them heavier. So, if an Ammonite is pretty lightweight, it may actually be a fake fossil. 

To spot a fake Ammonite, also pay attention to its ornamentation. A real Ammonite has growth lines, ribbing, knobs, spines, tubercles, keels, and lappets, according to the UK Fossils Network.  

Check out this video to see how real and fake Ammonites look from the inside after they’re cut in half. 

Q2. Does the Ammolite Gemstone Require Cleansing and Recharging?

Yes, Ammonite crystals and Ammolite jewelry should be cleansed and recharged regularly. Otherwise, they will gradually lose their metaphysical properties and healing powers. 

To recharge your Ammonites and allow them to work with more vibrancy, consider placing them under natural sunlight after carefully cleaning them with water. 

Q3. What Precautions to Take When Using Ammonite for Healing?

Since Ammonites were once living creatures and are considered organic gemstones, there are a few aspects to keep in mind when using crystals for healing. 

First of all, it’s not recommended to submerge Ammonite in water to energize it. While certain crystal elixirs hold truly powerful healing properties, drinking Ammonite water can lead to health-related problems. 

Besides, Ammonite has a rating of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale and is a softer gemstone when compared to other crystals. Therefore, you should handle your Ammonites with care to prevent any physical damage. 

Q4. Can Ammonite Attract Other People’s Energies?

Just like any other healing crystal, Ammonite can also absorb other people’s energy vibrations. And this is exactly why you should cleanse and recharge your Ammonite crystals regularly to maintain their healing powers and make them even sharper. 

Q5. Can I Use Ammonite with Other Healing Crystals?

By using specific crystals with your Ammonite, you can actually increase the healing benefits. However, selecting the right crystals that work best with Ammonite is crucial. 

Some of the best crystal combinations for Ammonite include Fossil Coral, Fossil Agate, Blue Topaz, Blue Calcite, Beryl, Chalcopyrite, Chrysocolla, Galena, Tiger’s Eye, and Morganite. 

The Bottom Line

Ammonite is a unique fossilized gemstone and unlike the majority of healing crystals, Ammonite fossils and Ammolite gems carry the energy of living creatures. 

Ammonites symbolize eternity, transformation, rebirth, rejuvenation, and strength. Although Ammonites became extinct 66 million years ago, their fossils still contribute to the spiritual growth and development of people worldwide. 

Due to Ammonite’s metaphysical and healing properties, these crystals are involved in a broad range of healing rituals and practices. By using charged Ammonite stones or even combining them with other healing crystals, you can significantly improve your overall emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

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