Angel Number 1144 Meaning- Growth through new opportunities

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angel number 1144

The angel number 1144 indicates a new beginning with a hope to stand the test of time in the long run. But in what context in particular?

Well, that depends on your analytical skills. If you can decode its meaning in regards to the right direction and project the secret advice onto your actions, you are in for a big surprise of your life.

In this blog, we will learn how to decode 1144 for different aspects of life, such as relationships, money, careers, twin flames, and more.

Let’s get started. 

What is the meaning of the 1144 angel number?

To understand the 1144 code, it’s important to understand 11 and 44 first.

The meaning of the angel number 11

Let’s go with the basics. The number 1 indicates the probability of any new beginning or opportunity.

Its double iteration (11) symbolizes second chances or new opportunities in the same regard.

When you see 11, you should trust your intuition. Listen to your recent internal voices, identify what your guts are zeroed upon, and follow them, for you will soon be provided with a new opportunity.

But, in reality, it may not be that simple to follow your gut feeling in all cases- especially when it’s about critical finance or relationship matters. 

For example, it might not be worth questioning your partner’s commitment to a relationship just because your gut feeling says so for some recent misunderstandings. 

Similarly, investing in a new business opportunity is impossible by going against your peers just because your gut feeling says it will work in your favor. 

What if managing the new business is too stressful, and you regret taking it in the first place?

In such moments, you wish for divine guidance. 

When you see an angel number, it means the universe is here to serve you as your guiding force. You should start trusting your intuition to identify new opportunities. If you have a positive feeling about a job, take it as a sign of the universe telling you to take it.

The meaning of the angel number 44

The angel number 44 signifies hope and optimism. It is a symbol of reassurance from the universe for pursuing your goals with all your might, as you will surely be successful.

The number 44 is associated with business, financial success, and the power of protection. When we say protection, it means protection from failure.

The number 44 brings you a lot of positive vibrations and optimism that the universe has bestowed upon you.

If you are facing a challenging situation, consider yourself lucky, as your guardian spirit is here to guide you and make your tough life easier.

The meaning of angel number 1144

By keeping the meanings of 11 and 44 in mind, it is easy to conclude that 1144 is a sign of a new beginning, a hopeful future, and a successful life.

It tells you not to be afraid of failure, to trust your intuition, and to take chances on life as the universe is with you.

1144 angel number meaning in love

Angel number 1144 in love

How the angel number 1144 affects your love life depends entirely on different stages. If you are single and waiting for love, seeing this number could signify the universe telling you to open your mind and heart to accept love.

We can use examples to further simplify the explanation in detail:

Hope for new love after a heartbreak

The past might be painful, but the dark shadow clouding your emotions and heart is over now.

The universe has stored ample love for you in the future, and all you have to do is to let go of your fear of commitment and trust in love again.

Positive push for your one-sided love

Are you secretly in love with someone but fear breaking it to them? We all have been in that position before.

If that person is your best friend, the trauma is even higher as you may ruin your existing relationships forever.

That’s a tough decision, and anyone in your position would think twice before moving.

However, if you trust in the universe and you see 1144, then you should definitely trust your intuition. If your heart says go for it, make your move. The universe will take care of the rest.

If you’re still unsure whether 1144 is pointing toward a relationship or any other pressing matter in your life, the best way to seek acknowledgment is by seeking guidance through meditation.

  • Choose a sacred place.
  • Start meditating by keeping your eyes closed. 
  • Imagine yourself with your love interest and pray to the universe to guide you. 

If the universe wants you to be together, you will imagine yourself happier with them in the future.

Get that old spark back in your relationship.

If you are in a committed relationship, but your romantic life is in shambles, the 1144 angel number may have come to reignite your love.

It is a sign from the universe to reignite your passion and intimacy to unlock new possibilities.

Love often tends to fade with time but never fizzles out completely. The spark is still there; you only have to work on it.

It could be planning distant weekend outings in the woods or adding yoga classes to your weekend routine- anything that suits your boat.

1144 angel number meaning in Bible

1144 angel number meaning in bible

1144 has significant importance in the bible and offers three crucial messages:

#1 Daniel 11:44 states the emotional changes in humans, which is considered as a spiritual awakening.

#2 Leviticus 11:44 states the messages about searching for the purpose of God and devoting yourself to him to achieve wisdom.

#3 The message of a new beginning is stated in John 11:44, which signifies the resurrection of Lazarus, indicating a new chapter in life.

Overall, the number 1144 in the bible represents a big transformation, leading to a new beginning.

However, to find your path and life’s purpose, you must trust God and devote your time to him.

Seeking the universe’s guidance through crystals and gemstones

Crystals and gemstones have been used for ages to connect with a higher power. These ritual stones have unique powers and energies that serve specific purposes in the divine realm.


Jade is the most sought-after stone for spiritual awakening. Its aura gives you the insight to tap into your subconscious mind and find your life’s purpose by looking beyond constraints. Using jade helps with contemplation and keeping the negative energy away from your life.


Nebula stone is known to guide spiritual light into your body. It helps improve your psychic abilities and overcome challenges in life.

Rose quartz

It is the stone of love that helps heartbroken lovers to get over bad breakups and toxic relations. If you are in love, it can infuse your life with love and adoration.


It is considered a protective stone by surrounding your aura with a protective barrier and deflecting negative energies.


Rubellite is often paired with nebula stone. Together, they boost your auro with ultra-powerful spiritual energy and guide your spiritual journey.

How to implement angel number 1144 in your life and get the best out of it?

How to implement angel number 1144 in your life

Using angel number 1144 in the best way is all about how you interpret, communicate, and seek guidance from the universe and guiding spirits.

Morning prayer is the best way to seek blessings and guidance

Start your morning by praying to God, the Universe, and your guardian angel. Most importantly, your prayers should include four important elements:


Always start your prayer with praise. Make the higher power know that you acknowledge their power and respect them.

Some examples:

  • I give praise to the universe.
  • I praise mother earth for nurturing every life.
  • I praise my ancestors for playing their role in the universe.
  • I praise nature for being kind.


Now thank the almighty universe and everyone in the divine realm.

Some examples:

  • I thank you for my journey.
  • I thank you for bringing me to the earth.
  • I thank you for giving me a family.
  • I thank you for keeping me happy and content.


Ask for forgiveness for any mistakes you have made knowingly or unknowingly.


  • Forgive me for harming Mother Nature for my survival.
  • Forgive me for the harm I do to myself.
  • Forgive me for the harm I have done in the past.

Guidance and blessing

Now it’s time to pray to the universe and guardian angels for guidance, blessing, and protection.


  • Please show me the path in life.
  • Please help me seek true love in life.
  • Protect me from sickness.
  • I pray for prosperity.
  • I pray for success.


What is the 1144 angel number meaning in Twin Flame?

The 11 in 1144 indicates a new phase in the twin flame union. If you haven’t met your twin flame, get ready for divine intervention.
However, if you two have separated in the past amidst any unfavorable circumstances, the hope attributes of 44 signify that a reunion is nearby.
Just remain optimistic and move forward with a positive outlook.

What does the 1144 angel number mean in a career?

Regarding career and success, angel number 1144 has a positive message. It means an upcoming job opportunity or a significant shift in your career.
If you are unhappy with your boss or your work nature, it may be a great time to seek out new opportunities. Try with all your might, and you shall see success. 

What does the 1144 angel number mean in money?

The universe has your back if you have been planning for wise money management lately.
The angel number 1144 hints at new opportunities for earning and saving money the way you like.
When you see 1144, meditate over your money management thoughts with 1144 in mind, and you will get hints in the form of visualizations right there or in your dreams, as per the wish of the universe. 

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