Angel Number 33: Meaning in Love, Twin Flames, Spirituality

Rishika Dange
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angel number 33

Do you keep seeing 33 everywhere these days? If yes, this double-digit numerical sequence holds a powerful message from your guardian angels.

But, that message could differ for everyone, depending on their current situation. Don’t worry; we will explore the meaning of 33 in its relation to faith, spirituality, love, career, and twin flames.

It will help you understand what choices your guardian angels want you to make for a positive transformation.  

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What is the meaning of the 33 angel number?

As you can see, it is a combination of double 3. Number 3 is associated with personal growth, self-expression, and expansion.

Since the number 3 appears twice, its vibrations and energies are amplified simultaneously.

This means you are about to receive a higher degree of growth and expansion in life. 

But, you must focus more on yourself to experience those blessings at their full glory.

This includes your approach toward love, health, financials, and other areas of life.

Nothing in this world values more than your self-worth, and the number 33 indicates that the universe is telling you to have faith, trust your intuitions and take an active role in reinventing yourself. 

Angel Number 33 Meaning in Money

The frequent appearance of 33 also symbolizes abundance and monetary growth.

The secret message reads that manifesting abundance is possible, but you must expand your vision and skills.

For example, you can invest in new financial instruments rather than sticking with the same conventional form of investment.

Nevertheless, you must make a well-informed, calculated move regarding financial investments.

Angel Number 33 meaning in Spirituality

33 angel number meaning in spirituality

The universe sends this angel number as a sign to put your spiritual elements in order, i.e., mind, body, and soul.

The universe advises you to mind your negative energies and vibrations coming through negative emotions, such as a lack of self-confidence and self-loathing.

All you have to do is to get a grip on your life, and everything will fall back into the right places.

You can always turn to the universe for further guidance if you feel overwhelmed and out of options.

Angel number 33 meaning in the Bible

The number 33 in the bible signifies a promise of a new life with the end of an old one.

33 is connected to several promises made by God. For instance, in the 33rd time Noah encountered God, God made a special covenant with him, promising not to destroy the world again, and sealed his pledge with a rainbow.

This signifies that the number 33 is a promise of the God of a new world or opportunity for humanity. 

Another significance of the number 33 is the death of Jesus. Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins around the age of 33.

That’s why most theologists believe the number 33 is a sign of the end of bad or evil and the start of something new and good, symbolizing Jesus’s resurrection.

Angel Number 33 Meaning in Love 

33 angel number meaning in love

The angel number 33 in love and relationship is a sign of moving ahead in a relationship and gathering the courage to embrace a change.

The change doesn’t necessarily indicate something negative, but it helps you fortify your love for your partner.

However, the core symbolism of the angel number carries a different message based on your current relationship status as follows.

If you are already in a relationship

Since 33 strongly associates with self-expression, it is a reminder from the universe to improve communication with your partner and express your feelings honestly.

Maybe you are feeling neglected, your partner is hiding their emotions, and you are just sweeping things under the rug rather than communicating.

If you are single

The number 33 is a sign from the universe to seek balance within yourself. You can only attract a new partner if you feel attractive within.

The universe tells you to be self-assured of what you want in your relationship and be ready when love finally arrives.

Self-love is quite necessary to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

The universe reminds you that love is not about finding the missing pieces of your personality in someone else. It’s about two entities working in unison to enhance each other’s quality of life.

Angel Number 33 Meaning Twin Flame

Seeing the angle number 33 can mean two things in context to twin flame relationships. 

Twin flame arrival

The number 33 indicates the arrival of a twin flame in your life. Ask for further guidance and you may get more hints when you meet your twin flame. 

Twin flame growth

If you have already met your twin flame, it’s time to achieve greater personal and spiritual growth together.

You and your twin flame should be ready to experience that growth and undergo the challenges required throughout the journey.

For example, if you want to start a business with your twin flame, this couldn’t be a better sign to take things forward.

Angle Number 33 Meaning in Numerology

33 angel number meaning in numerology

Numerology helps better understand an angel number’s attributes and characteristics.

Since we have already discussed the core message behind the number 33, we will dive deeper to decode more underlying meanings of this number.

Okay, by reducing 33 to a single digit (3+3), we get 6. 

The number 6 means balancing your thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

Some situations are too overwhelming for us. Any negative thoughts under such circumstances lead to negative emotions. It ultimately reflects in our actions, and we end up in a messy situation. 

If you are going through something similar and seeing 33 every now and then, the divine realm wants you to strike an inner balance.

Train your mind to be optimistic. Harness positive thoughts. Trust in the universe. These will eventually streamline your actions toward your desired goal.  

For example, your most profitable business contract is near completion, and you’re worried about what comes next.

With 333, rest assured that you will soon crack a new contract. It could also mean a new job opportunity or promotion to a higher position if you’re a working employee.  

Let me give you an example from my personal experience. 

A few months back, I had a temporary fallout with one of my clients. I was worried about losing the project I had worked on for months.

So I decided to ask the universe for signs. After a 30-minute meditation, I bumped into 33 for the next two hours in one way or another. I understood I needed to balance my thoughts and actions.

After that realization, it took me less than five minutes to drop a mail to my client for a meeting.

We discussed and I tried to see the entire cause of the misunderstanding through his perspective. I also suggested the same exercise to him, and he could see where the entire thing went south in the first place.

I could finally save the client and the project just because I promptly acted upon the secret message from the universe. 

What should you do after seeing this angel number?

Try to understand the core message whenever you see the angel number 33.

Once you crack that, you can seek further guidance from the universe on addressing the core issue under divine guidance. The universe will send you hints through signs, dreams, and visions.

Try the following.  

Send a Prayer

send a prayer

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Whenever you encounter an angel number, feel grateful for being watched over by your guardian angels and the universe. Next, pray to your God to strengthen communication with your guardian angels. Most religious scholars and spiritual gurus believe in the idea of praying. While praying, always visualize the number 33 and seek guidance from the divine spirits. You will get your answers through weird visualizations. For example, if angel number 33 is here to help with your relationship, you will see your partner or loved ones in your prayer. 

Chant Affirmations

Here are some affirmations that work for angel number 33:

Personal growth

  • I am ready for success
  • I have the power to make a real difference
  • I am strong 


  • I am valuable 
  • I have a bright future ahead 
  • I deserve happiness and joy
  • I love who I am


  • I will turn my problems into my strengths
  • I will not let my past affects my future
  • I am always open to improvements in my life

Practice Visualization

Sit or lie down on the floor. Close your eyes, picture the angel number 33, and imagine yourself floating around it. Alternatively, you can let your imagination run wild and see how the number appears in your imagination. 

While keeping the number 33 in focus, imagine the universe around you with each breath of fresh air. Simultaneously, express your gratitude to the universe for the life it has given you and the opportunities it will present you in the future.

Look for signs while closing your eyes. Keep note of all signs that you see during meditation. Keep meditating for the next three days to be able to summarize all visualizations to arrive at a solid conclusion.


What does it mean to see 3:33 on the alarm clock?

The time 3:33 in the clock is an angel number sent to you by the universe. The clock symbolizes infinity, the cycle of life. It means life goes on; each beginning has an ending and the starting of something new. Combining all these meanings, you are about to embark on a new journey, which will lead to significant growth in your life.

Is there any specific time to see the angel number 33?

Angel numbers can appear in front of you at any time. It doesn’t have any time pattern. The number usually occurs for a short period with a message or warning. Rather than the time, focus on your current emotion when you see 33 to decode the secret message from the universe.  

Does angel number 33 help with manifestation?

Angel number 33 is a magnet for the law of attraction. It helps you manifest materialistic and non-materialistic elements such as wealth, cash, house, abundance, knowledge, and confidence. 

To put manifestation into practice, you can do the following steps:

  • Write down affirmations 33 times on paper and chant them for three days.
  • Carry a picture of what you want to manifest wherever you see it. Look at the picture whenever you have free time (preferably at 3:33 am or pm), close your eyes, and ask the universe to fulfill your desire.
  • Write down the number 33, followed by your goals, on your bathroom mirror and read it aloud. 


We hope you finally know why you’ve seen 33 frequently for the last few days. If not, like we just discussed, meditate over angel number 33 and seek further divine guidance for clarity of thoughts. On the other hand, if you already know the secret message, take the correct measures by keeping your faith in the universe. 

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