9 Aquarius Flowers & Aquarius Plants for the Brilliant Eccentric Zodiac

Rishika Dange
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aquarius flowers

If you’re around Aquarius or if you Are an Aquarian, you know you are a cut above the rest and that’s without undermining the rest though (as that is not you).

You are a human of the world. You know how it works or at least how it should work.

You are the 11th zodiac and you’re a winter-but-spring child of the universe.

And if you’re not an Aquarian, consider yourself lucky to be around one.

Not to say that these are solitary creatures, but Aquarians are round characters (some might say gray but I refrain from color).

Let’s dive right in about what kind of person is an Aquarius and then into Aquarius flowers and plants for Aquarius.

9 Aquarius Zodiac Traits

9 aquarius zodiac traits

Here’s a simple way to check how Aquarian you are.

I’ll add this – even if you are not born Aquarius, you may just be that very rare being on this planet who is an Aquarius by heart, mind and soul.

How to know if you are an Aquarius?

If you are at least 5 of these but not born an Aquarian, you can call yourself one!

  1. Independent
  2. Creative
  3. Passionate About Social Causes
  4. Highly Intelligent
  5. Embrace Uniqueness
  6. Rational Thinkers
  7. Outgoing
  8. Express Yourself Unconventionally
  9. Rebellious

In short, Aquarius are the creative and intelligent ones in the bunch. They are different and in a good way. The zodiac sign of Aquarius is that of the Water Bearer, the one who brings all life’s essential nutrients to Earth.

That’s how they are – they are full of ideas; they are for the new and progressive by nature.

But this also leaves them with few to get along with and most Aquarians may somewhat feel out of the crowd (sometimes they are smart enough to not show their true colors and simply blend in for the sake of it effortlessly courtesy of their intelligence).

But again, consider yourself lucky to have an Aquarius for a friend or luckier still if you are an Aquarian yourself.

Flowers for Aquarius

As highly intellectual and unique beings, Aquarius represents uniqueness as a whole and beautifully so. Here are the Aquarius flowers in full blossom –

1. Orchid


You cannot but not like an Aquarian just as you cannot but not love Orchids.

Orchid is the Aquarius birth flower and perfectly so. Orchids are unique, mysterious, stunning, and all these in a variety of plentitude. Just as the average Aquarian is as unique to another and even more so to other zodiac signs.

I think Orchids and Aquarians are a match made in heaven – they represent luxury, love, opulence, strength, and uniqueness together in the most gorgeous of forms, just like Aquarius are always brimming with exclusivity thanks to their creative and intelligent overtures.

2. Birds of Paradise

birds of paradise

Also known as Heliconias, Birds of Paradise were considered divine flora by the Pharaohs, symbolizing fertility and rebirth. And they are stunning.

Since the Aquarius is the Water Bearer and in essence, a life-bringer, Birds of Paradise are popularly considered flowers for Aquarius and justly so.

Heliconias are rare blooms that look unlike most other flowers but outdo almost all of them, just like the average Aquarius.

3. Irises


A common theme for Aquarian flowers is blue and you already know why. Speaking of blue, we come to Irises, revered for their myriad of blue pigmentations.

Irises bring a streak of blue that’s most easily recognizable and unforgettable, just like Aquarians. Chances are you’ll never forget an Aquarian if he or she is in full flow. You’ll never forget a bunch of Irises in a meadow of green dancing to the wind too.

4. Violets


Violets are another birth flower for Aquarius, especially for Aquarians born in February. They come in shades of blue, white and violet of course and they represent Aquarius well.

A common flora, Violets signify intellect, intuition and spirituality, traits that are readily acquired by Aquarians. Gift a tiny tub of violets to an Aquarian to show you care and respect for who they are.

5. Snowdrops


Another Aquarius birth flower is the Snowdrop, a quaint bell-shaped delicate flower that represents the forgiving and humanitarian side of the Aquarius.

The Aquarian is by nature for Nature and social welfare (since they are smart enough to understand the need for a sustainable future). Snowdrops are a symbol of their sympathy towards the harsh realities of the world and of their innocent hope of ushering in a brighter future.

6. Calla Lily

calla lily

Calla lilies are flowers associated with Aquarius for their unique splendor and elegance. And they are even more stunning in real life.

These flowers come in many colors including white, orange, and even black.

Each of these varieties stands out without doubt in their absolute purity and incomparable elegance— the perfect flower for an Aquarius woman.

Plants for Aquarius: What plants are associated with Aquarius?

1. Calathea


Calatheas are native to the tropical climate. Interestingly, they are famous for their apparent capability to move their branches for better light and temperatures. Quite innovative for plants and it’s this quality that makes Calatheas Aquarius plants.

2. Pothos


Pothos are used as indoor plants for their air purifying capabilities although they are also known as Devil’s Ivy since their leaves are particularly poisonous for animals. So, despite the pros, it does have its cons.

And it’s well advised to not mess around with Aquarius. They are smarter and always a step ahead so enjoy their company but better not get on their target’s list (they do have one). 

3. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Always great to have Aloe Vera around right? It cleans the air, is hugely beneficial for skincare and does not need much attention. Sounds like an Aquarian who can do just about anything and needs nothing in return. That’s why Aloe Vera is an Aquarius plant!

Final Thought

Aquarius is a balancing zodiac sign. They are artists or entrepreneurs or researchers. They are the ones who solve worldly problems for the love of it and with the necessary aptitude to do it in the first place. So, next time out, you should do your part and give them Aquarius flowers or an Aquarian plant to show your respect for them. 

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