5 Best Aries Flowers and Plants for Aries People

Rishika Dange
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I remember my aunt and her obsession with honeysuckles. She was an Aries and loved her garden of honeysuckles.

She was obsessed with these flowers to the extent that she used them even as bookmarks when reading novels.

I wondered why she was so much into honeysuckles until I finally got to know the reason behind it.

My stylish aunt knew that her birth flower as an Aries was honeysucker. And so, she made sure that every aspect of her life has this flower in it.

Women ruled by the sign of Aries have an extraordinary sense of fashion and style.

They love graceful and decent atmospheres and therefore have birth flowers that beautifully resonate with their personalities.

But before we dig any deeper into what these flowers are, let’s first understand the personality traits of an Aries woman. 

Understanding Aries Women’s Personality Traits

Elegant And Childlike Conduct

elegant and childlike conduct

They are elegant, poised, and get attracted to passion and action. Despite their gracious conduct, they have a side to themselves that is completely childlike. 

If you are an Aries woman, you will love meeting people and planning outings. 

Independent And Confident Nature

independent and confident nature

Aries women are strongly driven by freedom and independence and are also extremely trustworthy. They are very confident in themselves and handle complex situations with utmost clarity and ease. 

Creative And Passionate Personality

creative and passionate personality

As an Aries woman, you will find yourself overflowing with creativity and holding onto a strong fire of passion. 

This is one of the most powerful qualities of Aries women. They are always willing to manifest the infectious energy in them with their creativity. 

Emotional And Impulsive Behavior

emotional impulsive behavior

Aries women are deeply emotional and sometimes end up taking the most important decisions of their life with their emotional intelligence. This lack of practicality in them leads to impulsive behavior and angry outbursts. 

Importance Of Flowers In Astrology

importance of flowers in astrology

Life experiences itself in a full circle. Life in its very basic nature is fundamental and is not just limited to humans as we already know. The complete circle of life involves animals, trees, plants, and even flowers. 

Flowers play a key role in astrology. How does it happen? Let’s understand. Your zodiac sign makes your life connect to certain floral arrangements. Each zodiac has a birth sign. 

And every sign is linked to your birth flowers in a very profound and spiritual way. Have you felt a certain liking towards a particular flower? It might be so because it is your birth flower. 

When it comes to Aries women, their birth flowers are the ones that strongly complement their personalities and help in shaping their destinies.

Flowers For Aries Women

flowers for aries woman

Aries sign has two flowers associated with it as its birth flowers and two other flowers that are not linked to Aries astrologically, but leave their strong influence on Aries women. Let’s explore these flowers.

1. Honeysuckle

honeysuckle flower

A symbol of happiness, honeysuckle is one of the two official flowers of Aries. This flower is representative of new beginnings, rebirth, and evolution. Because of its hardy vine, it is also a symbol of endurance and eternal bonds. 

A honeysuckle is a perfect gift for someone who is ruled by Aries. In traditional Chinese livelihood, honeysuckle was used as a healing cure for many ailments. This shows that this flower has a lot of healing potential. 

2. Thistle

thistle flower

The other official flower of Aries is the thistle. This delicate yet beautiful flower is used as foliage to complement other flowers in a bouquet. It has a sharp and thorny appearance and yeah texture too!

But what is beautiful about this flower is that it is a symbol of protection, healing, purity, and strength. This high vibrational flower never shows up on the front line but plays a very significant role in the bottom line. 

3. Daffodil


If you fall under the category of March Aries, then your birth flower is a daffodil. Being the very first flowers to bloom at the onset of spring, daffodils are a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. 

This flower also represents vanity in many ways. So keep a check on your pride ladies! In China, daffodils symbolize good luck and prosperity, while in Whales it symbolizes faithfulness as it keeps growing year by year.  

4. Daisy

daisy flower

If you fall under the April Aries sign, then your birth flower is Daisy. A representative of innocence and purity. In Norse mythology, the sacred flower used by Freya, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility was Daisy.

In the Celtic legend, God sprinkled daisies on the land every time an infant died to help the parents grieve and come over the loss of losing their dear child. Therefore, this flower is also known for its passionate healing energy.  

Plants and Trees for Aries Women

Aries women have a magnetic charm to their personalities and thus the plants that become the best fit for Aries women are those that are bitter, spicy, and sometimes red in color. 

1. Eastern Dogwood (Cornus Florida)

eastern dogwood tree

As an Aries woman you will never back out from any challenge that comes your way. This trait in you makes you a perfect match with a dogwood tree

This tree is known for its endurance and resilience even in the most challenging times. 

2. Succulent

succulent tree

Sometimes we just need the right plant in our house to remind us of how diverse yet wholesome life can be. And the houseplant that is the most ideal for an Aries woman is Succulent.

Besides occasional watering and sufficient lighting, a succulent doesn’t require any special care and attention and this is exactly what Aries is all about. They are straightforward and are always to the point. 

Final Thoughts On Aries Flowers 

I hope you now have a very clear idea of what Aries flowers are and how you can use them to shape your present as well as your future. Just know that like we humans, flowers too have a voice to themselves. This voice can’t be heard but felt.

Know that your zodiac flowers are speaking to you. Be open to your intuitions and let nature do the talking.

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