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Aries is the first sign in the zodiac belt. And they love to be number one! This passionate fire sign will take on any challenge that comes their way with a fiery determination.

If you are an Aries, you will strive for success each step of the way! And, know it all.

But, are you aware of your Aries spirit animal? This is what today’s blog post is all about.

Now, there is more than one spirit animal for any zodiac sign.

Let’s find out what are the spirit animals for Aries.

Aries (March 21-April 19) – Loves To Be #1

Aries is a bold and ambitious sign. They have a newborn-like instinct that allows them to know what they want and when.

These brave and fearless individuals are unafraid of taking up space in their opinions.

As one of the 6 inner focussed signs, Aries is concerned with themselves – not selfishly but rather confidently standing tall in their beliefs.

With an undying passion paired with undeniable strength, these individuals are direct and headstrong making sure all needs are met without fail.

5 Spirit Animals For Aries Zodiac Sign

Each Aries spirit animal has unique traits and characteristics that Aries can draw upon for strength, guidance, and insight into the Arian character. 

1. Wolf


The wolf is an ideal representation of the Aries spirit animal.

Like the alpha wolf, Aries’ energy conveys a sense of leadership and initiative that matches its status as first in the zodiac circle.

Just as this sign stands at the forefront, ready to sacrifice itself for their pack’s greater good. Just like an alpha wolf provides direction and guidance for his family members.

In addition, Aries and the wolf are both independent creatures with immense capabilities.

Yet they have a need for companionship to experience safety and security; thus their social interaction within packs is critical.

They can seamlessly adapt while interacting with each other in order to build deep connections that support them at all times.

Wolves and Aries share an impressive fierceness; they won’t hesitate to engage in battle when challenged.

Both animals have a strong sense of defense, never cowering away from potential threats. Wolves and Aries are true warriors!

2. Hawk


The Aries and the hawk have similar characteristics; they’re both intelligent, fierce, and ready to take on any challenge.

Hawks are natural-born leaders with a drive to direct their flock in the right direction.

A hawk stands out amongst other birds due to its remarkable capacity for planning and strategy. Aries too is a leader who knows how to take charge of any situation.

The Aries spirit animal is a great match for those born under the Ram sign.

Just like Aries, hawks are fearless, ready to soar above all obstacles that may come their way and they won’t surrender easily once they have set their mind on something.

A hawk has an undying determination to reach its goal, often going beyond the limits of what’s expected. Aries have a similar trait; their ambition knows no bounds!

3. Tiger


Every fire sign in the zodiac carries feline-like energy. Aries particularly embody independence and self-absorption, just like cats do!

While Leo is synonymous with fierce Lions, it is Aries that earns the title of Tiger’s closest kin.

Tigers embody strength, ferocity, and courage – characteristics that the sign of Aries deeply relates to.

These majestic creatures exude a sense of authority and leadership in their environment, mirroring how an Aries approaches life with great determination.

Aries and tigers possess remarkable creativity. They use their instinctive impulses to proactively pursue what they desire in life with great ambition.

With their majestic and grandiose dispositions, tigers and Aries alike have the tenacity to take charge of their own destinies.

Their vigorous spirit gives them an air of dignity that is remarkable.

4. The Ram


Here comes Aries’s very own symbol: the Ram.

Rams and Aries have an innate penchant for standing their ground, even when they are met with opposition.

Their passion to fight against any obstacle is one of their most defining traits.

Aries and the ram share a common trait of being unmovable when it comes to their viewpoints.

If they are going to consider alternate perspectives, they must be passionate about it and wholly invested in the process.

Similarly to Aries, the ram is highly devoted and protective of his family. Both are willing to go above and beyond in order to protect their loved ones.

5. Cheetah


Finally, we have the cheetah. Aries and cheetahs share a strong sense of ambition, agility, and speed.

Aries are constantly looking for new opportunities to stimulate their adventurous side.

A cheetah’s ability to zoom around and focus with the utmost precision perfectly reflects Aries’s need for exploration and freedom.

Aries are known for their swiftness and confidence when it comes to taking on any task, no matter how daunting.

A cheetah’s ability to quickly pounce and seize its prey is an image Aries can relate to as they pursue their dreams and goals with ferocious determination.

Aries and the cheetah share a unique bond that cannot be denied. Aries and cheetahs have similar traits that make them nature’s powerhouses!

What Do You Think Aries?

Now, you have 5 spirit animals that perfectly resonate with your zodiac sign, Aries.

So, which one do you think is the closes to you? You need to feel the resonance and coordination with each spirit animal listed here.

The intensity of your resonance with any spirit animal and your innate drive will tell you which spirit animal is yours. Good Luck!

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