Aries Tarot Cards: 5 Cards That  Capture the Essence of Aries

Jovana Petrovic
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Have you ever wondered how you can accurately spot the energy of Aries in a tarot reading?

Well, there are specific Aries tarot cards that represent this fiery energy more than other cards.

Keep reading to discover how tarot and the zodiac sign of Aries are entwined, and how you can recognize this unique vibration in your tarot spread!

How are Aries Tarot Cards and Zodiac Symbolism Linked?

When Aries vibration shows up in a reading, I always know I am dealing with something (or someone) who is fast-paced, energetic, and passionate.

Energy is always readable, and Aries, just like any other zodiac sign, represents an energetic archetype that can show up in cards. 

Aries is a cardinal fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac. This is the firecracker, the initiator, the courageous trailblazer, the bold adventurer, and the go-getter.

It is also linked to traits such as impulsiveness, competitiveness, or ambition. If you tune in and connect with cards, you can easily notice these traits. 

Traditionally, since this is a fire sign, we see the strongest Aries influence in fire sign minor arcana, and these are usually represented with wands.

Since it’s a cardinal sign, it is linked with cards that represent cardinal numbers, and these are 2, 3, and 4.

Being the first of the 12 signs, Aries tarot card meaning is also frequently linked with aces and the number 1 in numerology.

However, tarot is a multifaceted, intuitive tool.

While we can find a lot of truth in the element or numbers, we can miss a lot of valuable information if we don’t look at card symbolism. 

While the energy of every sign can be found in any card, my tarot practice has shown that some cards resonate with the frequency of Aries more than others.

So, what major and minor arcana are linked with Aries?

I am here to help you find out. Welcome!

5 Tarot Cards That Resonate With the Frequency of Aries

Aries energy is not only found in fire minor arcana cards but also in cards of other elements and major arcana.

This is why it’s always essential that we take a deep plunge and analyze the meaning of the card first. 

Having that in mind, here come 5 ultimate tarot cards that strongly resonate with the sign of Aries, accompanied by explanations of why are they linked to this passionate sign:

1. The Fool

the fool tarot card

When we look at tarot cards associated with Aries, we have to start with the first major arcana – the Fool.

The Fool is associated with all 12 signs in a way. For me, however, it corresponds with Aries more than any other sign.


Well, much like the Fool, which represents a beginning of a new cycle in tarot, Aries is the trailblazer of the zodiac and the first of the 12 signs.

It thrives when it feels free, spontaneous, and baggage-free, and this matches the symbolism of the Fool perfectly. 

The Fool urges us to trust, take a risk, and start a new chapter in life, even if that means leaving everything behind and moving forward with little or no baggage.

It’s about taking a leap of faith and venturing into the unknown, and it’s about trusting that our skills and our instincts won’t lead us astray. 

Aries is a peculiar mix of childlike innocence and courageousness, both of which can be found in the energy of the Fool.

To start afresh, as the Fool does, we need to be excited to explore the world like a little child, be willing to take risks, and we need to be ready for unexpected outcomes.

As one of the Aries tarot cards, it indicates the opening of a new chapter, and we know that Aries is the initiator of change.

When The Fool shows up in my advice readings, I frequently interpret it as either a push to be more trusting and spontaneous and not be afraid of change, or to be cautious not to act too recklessly or impulsively. 

Aren’t these the light and shadow attributes of Aries?

Find the correlation between Aries and the Fool yourself by analyzing the meaning of the Fool card in different aspects.  

2. The Emperor

the emperor tarot card
THE EMPEROR tarot card

A while ago, a client asked me whether her business will be successful. I was shuffling and not getting the most optimistic cards.

Then, the Emperor showed up. 

It was clear that she would face a lot of obstacles on her journey to success, but she would ultimately be triumphant and become the boss she aspired to be.

In this reading, she was represented by the Emperor, and external factors with negative cards.

She was ambitious and enterprising. She knew what she wanted, and was ready to do what it takes to reach her goals. 

She isn’t an Aries, but she embodied Aries qualities perfectly. 

The Emperor is one of the Aries tarot cards, and much like Aries, it is associated with authority and leadership.

He goes after what he wants and has no trouble setting priorities. He’s got an entrepreneurial mind, is cunning and clever, and he won’t ever hesitate to take the driving wheel and make necessary sacrifices to obtain his goal. 

The Emperor is established and capable of making quick and decisive moves.

Similar to the Emperor, Aries, benign a cardinal fire sign, is associated with stamina and entrepreneurship. Neither are easily swayed by emotions, indecision, or obstacles. 

Both the card and the sign symbolize passion and motivation to succeed, and they are both associated with personal empowerment.

We even see ram heads depicted on the card. Coincidence? 

3. Two of Wands

two of wands

I love the Two of Wands. For me, it is one of the most exciting, most optimistic minor arcana in the whole deck.

I love the visualizing, the planning stages, the strategizing, and the development of a new project I am passionate about. 

Those first stages are always the most enthralling, as there are so many possibilities to explore and an abundance of enthusiasm and hope.

Because its nature corresponds with these themes, Aries in tarot cards can be strongly felt in the Two of Wands.

While the Ace of Wands brings a spark of inspiration, and a push to move and create, Two of Wands encourages action towards a goal – something an Aries is naturally good at.

No one goes full force into a project they are passionate about and its actualization like an Aries does.

After all, this sign is not only a visionary but also a doer. It won’t just daydream and wish for progress to magically occur but will put in the work to make it happen.

The Two of Wands traditionally represents Mars in Aries.

This card asks us to determine a precise course of action and do what we can to make the most of our resources.

In contrast to its opposing sign, Libra, Aries is excellent in decision-making, and that’s exactly what this card emulates.

However, with the Two of Wands, decisions can easily be impacted by boredom and restlessness.

An Aries needs to keep things exciting and fresh and needs to feel challenged.

This can cause unnecessary disruptions, failed plans, or frequent changes of direction, which is the shadow side of both the sign of Aries and the Two of Wands.

4. Knights of Swords

knights of swords

This might come as a surprising one, as swords are associated with the Air element.

But, hear me out. Much like the sign of Aries, this knight has a sharp intellect and is cunning, bold, and direct.

He doesn’t hold back his truth and once fired up, won’t abandon the ship until he gets the point across. 

Although traditionally, this isn’t one of the tarot cards ruled by Aries, Knight of Swords certainly oozes the energy of Aries, even more so than some wand cards.

While Libra, would rather sugarcoat than start a conflict, Aries prefers to tell it like it is just like the Knight of Swords does.

He isn’t afraid to go into battle or start an argument if he deems it necessary.

He is never avoidant, doesn’t run away from conflict, and faces challenges full-force. This knight never wastes time, as the same applies to the cardinal Aries. 

If I see a Knight of Swords in a reading, I immediately think of fast movement, high energy, and determination. The Knight of Swords can act on impulse and is quick to jump the gun. While fiery and passionate, Aries can also be brash and seem intolerant. 

Aries will be the first in a row to fight for a cause they care about. If you look at the classic depiction of a Knight of Swords, you’ll notice he looks like he is in the middle of a warzone, fully alert, and ready to fight and slay every opponent that comes his way. He is determined to win. 

In the end, Aries is known as the sporty, agile zodiac sign which loves competition, and loves winning even more – be it on the football field, in an argument, or in their field of professional expertise. You can learn more about how to interpret court cards here.

5. Ace of Wands

ace of wands

Aries in tarot cards resonates with the Ace of Wands in a few ways.

This sign is fun-loving and thrives when inspired. Aries needs excitement and is a spontaneous, sensual, and warm sign, that follows inklings of passion and seeks out exciting experiences to feel alive. All of that is found in the fiery ace.

When I feel like I’m in a rut, it is extremely comforting to see the Ace of Wands in a reading.

This fiery ace is always a positive omen. It gives you hope that positive new beginnings are ahead and that long-lost passion will be ignited once again. 

The Ace of Wands represents a burning desire and fiery new beginnings that awaken all senses.

It supports creative endeavors, inspires us to play with life, and signals that our creative expression is at its peak.

This card brings excitement and inspiration to learn something new and take on a new passion, which is why it’s one of the most favorable Aries tarot cards. 

When I’m in the Ace of Wands energy, I can’t stand still because I feel so alive, and I just don’t want to miss the opportunity to sing, dance and pursue what makes my heart sing.

The lust for life become too big to ignore. Lively, hungry to experience life, and driven, Aries matches this picture perfectly.

This sign is frequently in the Ace of Wands energy, as it represents quick movement, adventure, and drive.

While they have a short fuse sometimes, Aries folks find it easy to embrace positivity and leave hurdles behind.

They are quick to react, but equally quick to drop the burdens of the Ten of Wands, and start a new, fun cycle.  

Final Thoughts

No reading is the same, so always remember to follow your intuition/ Pay attention to not only the rules and traditional meanings of cards, numbers, and elements but also the symbolism of the card and your own intuitive reasoning.

Thank you for your time, and remember to trust your inner guide, as only then you will find it easy to spot the energy of the Aries with accuracy. 

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