12 Aura Colors: Learn What They Mean & How to Read Auras

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Have you ever heard of the phrase ”show your true colors”?

In a spiritual sense, your aura is your ”true color”. Auras can reveal someone’s true essence and show us who someone is at a soul level, behind the mask of social conditioning and words. 

Everything in nature has its unique vibration. Much like trees or animals, we too have an energetic imprint and a distinct frequency that helps others recognize us intuitively. This vibration, or frequency, shows in the aura when you are trained to see it.

If you’d like to know more about what auras are, what they mean, and how you can learn to read them, stay on this page.

This is all you need to know about aura colors. 

What is an Aura?

what is an aura

Everything is energy, and so are we. When we are looking at an aura, we are quite literally,  looking at someone’s energy using intuition.

Aura is energy made visible. It is a delicate orb or energy field that forms around all living and inanimate things on Earth. It shows as a gentle glowing orb or hue around the physical body or a thin film of light and can have multiple layers. 

The aura ‘’glows’’ in various colors, where every color is a visual manifestation of a specific vibration or spiritual state of someone or something.

The shade is changeable, and shifts as inner states change and as we step into new chapters of life.

Why Do We Observe Auras?

why do we observe auras

Auras can give us valuable information about the person we are interacting with or ourselves, and where we are on our journey to enlightenment.

Reading auras is a way to understand someone’s inherent truth, personality, and what they are going through. 

Understanding aura colors symbolism can help us glean awareness about a person’s emotions, well-being, and spiritual essence, as well as their impact on others.

Reading them gives us the ability to look at people from a higher perspective and on a more soulful level. From there, we can use that information to offer compassion, help, or guidance.

How to Read Aura Color?

how to read aura colors

Although psychics who have already developed their abilities to read aura do so with the highest accuracy, everyone can do it with some practice.

You need to be open-minded and trust your intuition. Here is what you need to do to learn how to read auras:

  • Relax and detach. To read aura, you need to be at ease, connected to your higher self, and vibrating as high as possible. Start by calming the mind, centering yourself, and quieting the inner chatter. You can do this through meditation, breathwork, or prayer. 
  • Find a plain background. Ask your person to stand or sit in front of a plain background, preferably a white wall. Aura color is best read in daylight, but not under direct sun. Make sure no shadows or sunbeams are glancing over the person. 
  • Focus on the person. To read someone’s aura, you need to be attuned to their energy. Look at them as if you are looking through them and keep your focus on one point on their body, preferably on the area around Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra. Alternatively, focus on the center of their face. 
  • Look for the radiant orb. Keep your gaze on the person for 20-30 seconds or longer until the aura appears. You should be able to notice a subtle luminous orb around their body as if they have a slight glow. The color of the orb or the glow is the aura color of that person.

Can you Read Your Aura Color?

can you see your aura color

The answer is yes, you can read your aura. The process is very similar: center yourself, quieten the inner dialogue, and find a plain white surface.

You can do a similar process as mentioned above. Just stand in front of the mirror and try to identify the aura color by gazing at your whole body. 

If you find it hard to find the perfect spot or avoid shadows, simply extend your hand up in the air and gaze at it, with your palm facing the wall. 

Make your gaze gentle and relaxed, and de-focus as if you are looking at the entirety of the hand, instead of looking at details.

Gaze at the hand for 20-30 seconds or more. You will notice a slight radiant orb show in between your fingers as if you are wearing transparent gloves.

These ”transparent gloves” will have a certain color, and this color is your aura color. 

An alternative way to do it is to give aura photography a go. You can hire an aura photographer who is trained to capture orb colors. Auras will show as a hue in the photo. 

What Do Aura Colors Mean?

what do aura colors mean

There are various aura systems readers use across the globe.

The most established one is the 7 color aura system, where each aura corresponds with one of the seven chakras. These are the primary colors of aura:

  • Red – The Root Chakra
  • Orange – The Sacral Chakra
  • Yellow – The Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Green – The Heart Chakra
  • Blue – The Throat Chakra
  • Indigo – The Third Eye Chakra
  • Purple – The Crown Chakra

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the colors of aura aren’t always easily defined. 

There can be many shades or mixed colors in an aura that can’t be described using the 7 colors system only.

The second most used is the 12 colors system, which is more extensive. Let’s dive into it.

1. Red Aura

If an aura is red, it shows that we are centered, stable, and in tune with our physical body and our needs.

We are strong, resilient, and focused on our passions, driven to work towards what sets our souls on fire.

Folks who have a red aura are energetic, yet disciplined and powerful, and willing to put in the work to create abundance.

They are firmly grounded in reality,  motivated, and aim to follow their ambitions and make life as pleasurable as possible. 

2. Orange Aura

Warm, welcoming, and extroverted, orange aura people seek stimulation and are always on the lookout for fun.

When the aura becomes orange, it means that we are fully aligned with our inner child, ready to dance with life, follow our impulses, and express our authenticity.

Orange aura indicates playfulness, openness, and a creative streak.

It means that we are living in the moment, we are spontaneous, adventurous, and curious to explore the world around us. 

3. Yellow Aura

Radiant, intelligent, and confident, folks with a yellow aura are unafraid to take center stage.

Yellow is the aura of vitality and vibrancy. These people are some of the most positive, joyous people to have around.

These are empowered, and self-assured individuals, with a pleasant disposition, who bring optimism and laughter to other people’s lives.

When the aura turns yellow it means that we are hopeful and trust in ourselves enough to know that we have all the tools needed to succeed in life.  

4. Green Aura

Green is the color of healing and rejuvenation.

Green aura shows around compassionate and empathetic individuals, who are prosperous and abundant.

They exude tranquility and can transmute negative energy, creating harmony everywhere they go.

When our orb becomes green, it means that we are especially receptive to others, nurturing, peaceful, and full of unconditional love.

We are deeply in tune with our emotional selves, openhearted, and giving, and connected to nature and its cycles. 

5. Blue Aura

When the aura turns blue, it indicates that we are aligned with our truth, and are unafraid to speak it.

Blue is the aura associated with trustworthiness, patience, introspection, and clarity.

It is all about communication and self-expression and means that we are communicating sincerely and able to enlighten and guide others using the power of words.

Blue aura people are serene, wise, and perceptive individuals.

Their presence is soothing and their laid-back demeanor and transparency allow them to establish deep, meaningful bonds with others. 

6. Indigo Aura

Indigo is the color of higher consciousness. When the aura glows indigo, it indicates that our psychic abilities are at peak, we are insightful and have deep spiritual awareness.

Indigo is the aura of highly introspective and reflective people, who are energetically geared towards accumulating wisdom.

People with indigo aura have a wide open Third Eye, are attuned to their inner guide and the Divine, and are receptive to spiritual communication.

Their intuitive insight is on point, and they can read people and energy with great precision. 

7. Purple Aura

People who have a purple aura have transcended the limitations of the material world.

They have a strong sense of inner knowing, are focused on their spiritual growth, and operate from their higher self.

When our aura is purple, it indicates that we find it easy to understand the metaphysical realm.

Highly spiritual and highly vibrational, we show up in the world as free thinkers and seekers of truth who are unbound from conditioning, false beliefs, and agendas. 

8. Pink Aura

Pink aura individuals are the embodiment of love.

Highly compassionate and caring, they are some of the most empathetic and nurturing folks on Earth.

When our aura glows pink, it means that we are embracing sensitivity and gentleness as strength and have no trouble extending our love to those who need it.

Empathetic, soft, and dreamy, pink aura folks radiate warmth and find it easy to see light in others.

They unite people and are natural mediators, bringing harmony into every situation. 

9. Brown Aura

Brown auras appreciate simple things and prioritize peace and comfort.

When this is the color of our orb, it means that we are down-to-earth individuals, patient, and diligent, always living in the present moment.

Brown auras are loyal and trustworthy friends and companions others can rely on for stability and support.

This color indicates that the person is feeling stable and secure within, and can stand strong in times of adversity.

While centered and practical, brown auras tend to be more attuned to the physical than the spiritual world and may adopt an overly pragmatic approach to life. 

10. White Aura

White is the color of innocence and purity.

Individuals with this aura color have an angelic presence and operate from their higher selves, oozing peace and serenity.

This is a rare aura color and shows around young children or enlightened adults, who have reached the highest levels of spiritual awareness.

When our aura turns white, it means we are becoming more trusting and hopeful, and our intentions are pure.

We are deeply connected with spirit guides and have a powerful healing presence that attracts others, especially those who need help and nourishment. 

11. Black Aura

Black is the absence of light.

A black aura doesn’t necessarily indicate that someone is malicious, dangerous, or toxic, but it can indicate maladaptive behaviors, deep sorrow, and repressed negative emotions.

A black aura shows around people who are working with heavy energy and the shadow self, in one form or the other.

When our aura becomes black, it means that our energy orb is filled with negative thoughts, doubts, and fear.

This aura will often appear when someone is going through the dark night of the soul, and trying to cope with depression or deep-rooted psychic wounds.

12. Rainbow Aura

A rainbow aura indicates absolute harmony and these individuals wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Having this aura color shows ultimate openness, and indicates that we incorporate qualities of all 7 basic aura colors.

Rainbow aura individuals are balanced and genuinely happy within.

These are multi-layered personalities with chameleon-like qualities, who have changeable energy and are interconnected with the world around them, able to easily adapt to any environment.


The shade of aura can give us precious insight into someone’s emotional and spiritual state, allowing us to tap into their energy and better understand where they are coming from.

Seeing them and knowing their meaning can be a powerful tool for uncovering the essence of someone’s personality and spiritual imprint. 

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Jovana Petrovic is a writer, holistic tarot reader, and traditional Western astrologer. She possesses clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities, which she uses to help others tap into their purpose, release old patterns, and realize their fullest potential. Her practice blends intuitive guidance with psychic tools, knowledge, and experience. As a graduate Pedagogist and spirituality enthusiast, Jovana uses her expertise to help people navigate through their spiritual awakening and heal their inner child. Besides tarot and astrology, she practices incorporating shadow work, self-love techniques, and chakra healing.