Jovana Petrovic

Jovana Petrovic is a writer, holistic tarot reader, and traditional Western astrologer. She possesses clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities, which she uses to help others tap into their purpose, release old patterns, and realize their fullest potential. Her practice blends intuitive guidance with psychic tools, knowledge, and experience. As a graduate Pedagogist and spirituality enthusiast, Jovana uses her expertise to help people navigate through their spiritual awakening and heal their inner child. Besides tarot and astrology, she practices incorporating shadow work, self-love techniques, and chakra healing.
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Green Aura Meaning: What Does It Mean To Have Green Aura?

Green with envy may not necessarily always be true in the cosmic

Jovana Petrovic Jovana Petrovic

Purple Aura: What Does it Mean to Have a Purple Aura?

Ever entered a room full of unfamiliar faces and immediately felt comfortable

Jovana Petrovic Jovana Petrovic

Chakra Affirmations: The Perfect Guide to Balance Your 7 Chakras

Is the music of life beginning to play like a bad rendition

Jovana Petrovic Jovana Petrovic

What is Spiritual Light?

Theologically, spiritual light is an aspect of divine presence. Rather than physical

Jovana Petrovic Jovana Petrovic