Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless Review: Is it Worth it?

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Becoming Limitless Review

How to become extraordinary in just 30 days?

Vishen Lakhani’s Mindvalley promises “next-level” which he terms as the “God-level” mastery by leveling up your consciousness through four stages- Modern Man, Culture Hacker, State of Limitless, and The God Mind.

But does this framework really work in favor of students? Or is it another over-hyped self-mastery course that is worth giving a pass?

Let’s find out!

What is Mindvalley?

Founded in 2002, MindValley is known for many of its transformational courses. This online learning platform is specifically dedicated to spirituality, self-improvement, meditation, and holistic health habits and lifestyles.

Mindvalley sees the active engagement of world-famous coaches like Christie Marie Sheldon, Jim Kwik,  Marisa Peers, and Sri Kumar Rao to deliver high-value courses. 

Leading names from the domain of personality and productivity like Robin Sharma and Dr. Michael Breus is involved in some of the premier courses offered by the platform.

Among the various courses (40+ and counting), Becoming Limitless is perhaps their most popular and successful course to date. 

Becoming Limitless: The Course

Most of the Mindvalley reviews speak highly of the Becoming Limitless course. It is the oldest and the most popular course that was offered by none other than Lakhiani himself.

Based on the framework of four levels of human consciousness, Becoming Limitless was launched for the first time in 2020. 

Over the months, the course was offered quite a few times as a Mindvalley masterclass with thousands of students enrolling in the program from all over the world.

Today, Becoming Limitless is still offered by Mindvalley under the name of Be Extraordinary. 

Irrespective of its nomenclature, the course has remained unchanged at the core. Becoming Limitless aims to help people function at their highest conscious level so as to ‘bend reality of and on their own. 

Four levels of consciousness 

Four levels of consciousness 

As mentioned earlier, the course acts upon the four levels of consciousness or human awareness. These four levels are: 

  • Level 1: Modern Man

In this level, human beings are perceived as a victim where things are being done to them.

  • Level 2: Culture Hacker

At this level, human beings are seen in a state where they control their lives through thoughts. 

  • Level 3: State Of Limitless

At this level, human beings find themselves in a state of limitlessness, where they identify their life’s true purpose.

  • Level 4: The God Mind

At this level, the human mind comes to a state of immersion with God, where one feels extraordinary power like God. Lakhani calls this state “Limitless.” 

The aim of the course is to push the modern man to that level of awareness, and this is why the course which was initially called “Become Limitless” now is known as “Becoming Limitless.” 

Eventually, the course was renamed to “Be Extraordinary,” yet again focusing on the same modus operands: helping the modern man reach an extraordinary level of consciousness that can be one with a higher presence. 

The course has always been administered under six main modules. 

Module 1: Becoming Limitless

Module 2: Total Inner Peace

Module 3: Blissipline

Module 4: A Vision For Your Future

Module 5: Expanding Your Intuition

Module 6: Bending Reality

Module 7: Merging

Module 8: How To Build Companies And Mass Influence

You can unlock these modules upon enrolling, where you will also be given a bonus Q&A session and a crash course on Envisioning Your Perfect Day. 

How does Becoming Limitless work?

In order to access these modules and further lessons, one has to enroll in the course with Mindvalley.

The course was initially introduced as a Mindvalley Masterclass but eventually went on to become one of the regular courses offered by the online institution. 

Once you register for the course, you will be provided with training videos to learn all the modules. In every video, Lakhiani will teach you abstract concepts in simple words.

He also uses charts, diagrams, and quotes to substantiate his argument. The lectures take place in a casual setup where Lakhiani is also seen interacting and taking questions from the former students of the course. 

You will also be introduced to other notable courses by different instructors under the “resource” section, which details related topics that Lakhiani refers to during his lectures. 

Review of Mindvalley: Becoming Limitless 

Becoming Limitless 

It is completely normal to be skeptical before enrolling in this course, I was too.

Keeping that in mind, unlike other Mindvalley academic reviews, here is what we learned about ‘Becoming Limitless‘ after a thorough review.  

All Eight Modules in a nutshell 

Module 1: Becoming Limitless

This is an introductory module where Lakhiani puts together the various concepts that form the following fundamentals.

Many of the concepts that he discusses, like, ‘Brules’, models of reality, and the State of Flow, have been recurrent in his previous speeches and lectures.

Lakhiani mainly focuses on modern goal-setting strategies and their inherent flaws, which prohibit the modern man from reaching his goals. 

Module 2: Total Inner Peace

This module revolves around the importance of letting go of negative emotions such as hurt, anger, grudge, regret, etc., that can hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Lakhiani explains how these feelings stem directly from our consciousness. He also teaches how we can use forgiveness exercises to overcome these negative feelings with ease. 

However, this exercise can only take place once we are at a level called the ‘alpha brainwave. It is a state of mind that practitioners or monks achieve after years or decades of meditation.

Interestingly, Lakhiani offers a unique technique that effectively allows one to attain the alpha-brainwave at their will. 

Module 3: Blissipline

This module is solely dedicated to the art of happiness or bliss through discipline. Lakhiani mainly draws from studies that establish happiness as the key to improved health and productivity. 

Here you will be introduced to several techniques to maximize the happiness quotient of your life.

These techniques, coupled with speeches of the world-renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peers, help you counter the dissatisfaction rooted within your mind. 

Module 4: A Vision for your future

This module will give you a holistic overview of the goal-setting techniques of successful people. Lakhiani critiques the conventional goal-setting techniques often preached by motivational speakers and other organizations.

Explaining the fundamentals of these bullsh*t rules or “rules,” he points out how the modern methods of goal-setting overlook the very basic elements of goal-setting. 

This method of goal-setting is not really one of a kind but is rather lesser known.

The strategies that Lakhiani talks of are something that you will witness in a book like The E-Myth Enterprise, a famous book on entrepreneurship. 

Module 5: Expanding your Intuition

Expanding your intuition is one of the most important modules in the course Becoming Limitless.

It not only makes you familiarise yourself with the concept of intuition but also teaches you how to successfully utilize the power of intuition in your life and career. 

He talks about studies where intuition is proven to be a powerful working of the mind which requires regular harnessing and work.

If you follow this module closely, you will also get to know the several intuition-hacking techniques to tap on and harness your intuition so that you can derive the most out of it. 

Be Extraordinary

Module 6: Bending reality

‘Bending reality, as it is quite self-explanatory, talks about that state of your mind where it can bend your reality

Lakhiani walks you through the different states of awareness and goes deeper into the evolution of human awareness at large.

He prescribes a 6-stage meditation technique that you can easily follow to achieve that state of mind.

The highlight of this module is the importance of understanding your own thoughts and how they go on to impact your reality.

The common creative visualization techniques often fail to manifest themselves mainly because most people do it wrong without even realizing it.

Lakhiani gives you alternative methods that can be applied in decision-making and choosing the right path that will change your reality.

The results of the prescribed methods have seen a high and consistent success rate, as most enrollers have testified. 

Module 7:  Merging

Merging’ is a rather bridging module that leads to the ultimate goal of the course, that is, being one with a limitless or extraordinary mind.

Unlike the techniques prescribed in other modules, ‘merging’ is an abstract technique that has to be rather experienced because it can not be really articulated in words or speech.

You can truly make sense of this module if and only if you have paid close attention to the previous modules. 

The main idea behind this module is to create some sort of assurance and faith in what you have envisioned for yourself in life.

You will also get to listen to the talks of other coaches, such as Christie Marie Sheldon and Joe Vitale which will create an instant shift in your mental resistance. 

Module 8: How to build companies and mass influence

This module is especially crucial if you want to improve your entrepreneurial skills or prepare yourself for a start-up.

Lakhiani walks you through the key philosophies to build successful entrepreneurship that will set your company apart from your competitors. 

This module does not just teach mere techniques or theories. Instead, it teaches you the core philosophies, systems, and models that Mindvalley themselves incorporated during their inception.


Q. Is Mindvalley worth it?

MindValley is worth a fair shot if you: 

– Are victimized by the disillusioned beliefs of the society
– Want to be happier
– Want to make a perfect balance between career and life
– Have experienced failure time and again
– Are not satisfied with popular self-improvement techniques
– Are dealing with frustration from failure or inability to become productive
– Want to develop a better understanding of mindfulness
– Are fascinated by the door of opportunities that the human mind can open up.

Q. Why is Mindvalley so expensive?

It is true that Mindvalley courses are slightly on the higher side, but the quality of the courses sure does make up for that.
Since the learner will be provided with exclusive study materials and interaction with world-renowned coaches, the price you pay for the course is worth your money.
However, Mindvalley has a 14 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course or do not find it helpful. 

Q. Is Mindvalley MasterClass free?

Unlike the regular courses offered by Mindvalley, the Mindvalley Masterclass is free and lasts approximately one and a half hours.
One can download the 13-page workbook from the organization for future reference.
Masterclasses are ideal for those who are looking to enroll in a regular course with Mindvalley.
By trying out these free masterclasses, they can tell if Mindvalley classes are right for them. Some of the popular Mindvalley masterclasses are: 

– Silva Ultramind by Vishen Lakhiani
– Superbrain by Jim Kwik
– Money EQ by Ken Honda
– The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler
– Super Reading by Jim Kwik
– Lifebook Online by Jon & Missy Butcher

End Thoughts

MindValley offers you the ultimate framework to become “one” with the universe. Of course, you have to follow the teachings from all modules to achieve this mysterious state, but you’ll find yourself in a new state of unity consciousness once you do.

It’s worth every penny you would invest in getting ‘spiritually enlightened’ in life. 

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