The 5 Best Astral Projection Books

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Astral Projection Books

If you were obsessed with Millie Bobby Brown in ‘Stranger Things,’ you are not alien to the concept of Astral Projection.

Touted as one of the top 10 wellness trends of 2023, it has everyone intrigued and reaching for the best astral projection books to embark on this expedition into the cosmos.

What is Astral Projection?

What is Astral Projection

Not to be confused with intelligible or lucid dreaming, astral projections were first made popular by Dr. Strange in the 1970s.

During an astral projection, an individual’s consciousness leaves the body and is temporarily able to witness events from a different plane.

In literal terms, it is called an out-of-body experience and is reported mostly by individuals who have had near-death encounters.

It has been assessed that about 10% of the people in this entire world have had such experiences, a considerable number when converted to figures.

Astral projection references have also been found in Buddhism and the Mexican Toltec Empire texts.

In 2021, this topic gained speed as millennials furiously began Googling it after finding its mentions in numerous trending television series and movies.

While each astral projection experience is unique, mysteriously, they all share a common ground, which makes it easier to classify them. Interestingly, there are a lot of people who have had such experiences and did not necessarily have to look death in the eye and defy it.

Actor Stephen Graham from the Pirates of the Caribbean described it as “looking down from the gantry, watching myself perform.”

All of 18, he was delivering a monologue on stage when he found himself not in his body anymore, but on the gantry, watching his own performance.

What’s more? That is not the only time it has happened to him.

This leads us to the next question. Can Astral Projection be enforced?

The answer is a resounding yes. Not only can astral projections be carried out voluntarily but can also be life-changing and extremely insightful.

Several astral projection guides can teach you how to slip into the meditative state, venture out of your physical shape, and into the astral plane.

Mastering astral projection is not a cakewalk though, but the results can be thrilling and inspiring.

Most people have claimed that learning astral projection can be accomplished in as little as one month.

Below is a list of the top five best astral projection books you can grab to set off on your electrifying astral projection journey.

Best Astral Projection Books You Should Check Out

1. Astral Projection for Psychic Empowerment: The Out-of-Body Experience

 Astral Projection for Psychic Empowerment: The Out-of-Body Experience

First published in 2012, this book contains a lot of information on how to heal your body from past trauma, along with how you can help others do the same.

Rather than calling them out as rules, the writers suggest ways to cope with stress and progress with healing, all backed with research. Healing from the past is an essential tool to achieve astral projection.

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2. Astral Projection by Tabitha Zalo

 Astral Projection by tabitha zalot

This book provides a comprehensive idea about astral travel and how to achieve it. Tailor-made for beginners, this book will have you hooked from the start.

It does not contain very advanced information and is easy to follow. The author also warns against forced projections and includes various techniques such as the ladder and swing method for learning astral projections with accurate methodology.

An all-inclusive guide to astral travel and projections, it also offers a brief overview of its history.

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3. Mastering Astral Projection by Rober Bruce and Brian Mercer

Mastering Astral Projection

Written by renowned metaphysicists, this book teaches you how to achieve astral projection in the comfort of your own home.

The writer has created a program derived from years of their own experiences, along with those of others, supported with research, that can help anyone travel to the astral plane. Every exercise mentioned in the book is vital to achieving the final objective.

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4. Practical Guide to Astral Projection by Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips

Practical Guide to Astral Projection

Authored by two of the most skilled oculists in the world, The Practical Guide to Astral Projection breaks down the entire process into easy steps to achieve a projection.

With over half a million copies sold, the book will make you an expert at mastering astral projections at your own will.

Along with debunking many myths about astral projection, the authors have also established that it is a natural process and safe to perform.

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5. Journeys Out of the Body by Robert A. Monroe

Journeys Out of the Body

Since 1971, Journeys Out of the Body has sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide. The book follows the journey of Robert Monroe, an American businessman, as he begins to have multiple out-of-body experiences.

The writer also provides a list of techniques, along with the statistics, to show which ones worked the best. This is a great place to start your research on astral projection.

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There is a spiritual world, a different plane of existence than where we currently exist and consider as the real world. Astral projections can take you to that world, of being without being, to exist as different entities at the same moment.

Always refer to a proper astral projection guide, follow the mentioned practices before attempting a projection. 

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