Bismuth Crystal: Its Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses

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bismuth crystal

When it comes to unusual crystal shapes and colors, Bismuth is the first one that comes to my mind.

With a stair-stepped rectangular structure, Bismuth displays many colors, ranging from silver-pink and purple to yellow, green, and blue.

Along with its absolutely gorgeous appearance, Bismuth healing properties are renowned among professional healers as well as crystal enthusiasts. 

So, if you want to involve this metallic element in your crystal healing practices, here’s everything you need to know to get started.

The article shares the history, origin, symbolic meaning, and healing properties of Bismuth. 

Bismuth Crystal Properties

ColorGray metallic color, rainbow colors when oxidized
OriginOres of Bismuthinite and Bismite
RarityRelatively rare
Chemical FormulaBi
Hardness on Mohs Scale2.25
Zodiac SignsAquarius
ChakrasCrown, Third Eye
Crystal CombinationsAmethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Celestite, Labradorite, Lepidolite

History and Origin of Bismuth

history and origin of bismuth crystal

While Bismuth minerals were known for centuries, they were often confused with Tin and Lead ores up until 1753 when Bismuth was first identified as an element by Claude Geoffrey the Younger.

Currently, Bismuth is typically mined in Australia, China, and Bolivia. 

Throughout history, Bismuth has been used for stimulating energies to help people get back on track when being extremely stressed.

During the last several decades, Bismuth became even more popular as a healing crystal. 

Nowadays, Bismuth, either as a crystal or jewelry, is widely used for healing emotional and physical traumas.

Besides, Bismuth is a powerful crystal that can guide you through your spiritual awakening while activating your energy centers. 

Meaning and Symbolism of Bismuth

Bismuth has a complex shape and colorful structure, emphasizing its power as a healing crystal.

Along with having unique metaphysical properties, Bismuth carries numerous symbolic meanings, including:

  • Transformation
  • New beginnings
  • Grounding
  • Forward movement
  • Creativity
  • Self-discovery
  • Individuality 
  • Self-expression
  • Confidence
  • Emotional strength 
  • Divine connection

While symbolic meanings and associations of Bismuth vary among different cultures, these are some of the main attributes that make Bismuth a truly powerful healing tool. 

Bismuth Healing Properties

bismuth healing properties

Although Bismuth isn’t a traditional healing crystal like Amethyst or Quartz, many healers believe that Bismuth actually possesses exceptional metaphysical and healing properties.

Based on my personal experience, Bismuth is among the best crystals for emotional, physical, spiritual, and energy healing. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Bismuth as a healing crystal. 

Emotional Healing Properties of Bismuth

Bismuth is a crystal that gives you emotional strength while boosting your overall mental well-being. Some of the common emotional healing properties of Bismuth are:

Promoting Self-Discovery and Self-Acceptance

While soothing your emotions and releasing negativity from your mind, using Bismuth crystals for healing helps you discover and accept your inner self.

It teaches you how to truly love who you actually are without judging or criticizing yourself. 

Increasing Inner Peace

Bismuth is a crystal of calmness, emotional strength, and confidence. By incorporating Bismuth into your healing practices, you can easily achieve inner peace.

This is because Bismuth cultivates mindfulness, emotional balance, and happiness, all of which lead to an inner state of serenity. 

Enhancing Emotional Awareness

Bismuth teaches you how to recognize, analyze, and understand your emotions, increasing your awareness of what your mind is actually going through.

In fact, being able to label your feelings is key to achieving mental clarity and overall well-being. 

Physical Healing Properties of Bismuth

While Bismuth should never be regarded as the primary tool for treating or recovering from physical conditions, it has several physical healing benefits that will truly amaze you.

Some of them are listed below.

Alleviating Discomfort and Pain

Bismuth is an excellent crystal for removing mild discomfort and pain.

While it may not always be able to deal with more severe physical symptoms, releasing tension from your body is a huge step forward to improving your overall physical health. 

Boosting Metabolism

Although there’s no scientific evidence, it’s believed that Bismuth can help with digestion, enhancing your metabolism.

This is mainly done by reducing stress, which in turn leads to improved metabolic health. 

Improving Skin Health

While Bismuth Oxychloride is used in various mineral skincare products, Bismuth on its own is regarded as a healing crystal that improves skin health.

Some healers claim that incorporating Bismuth into your daily life can help you achieve that glass-skin look. 

Spiritual Healing Properties of Bismuth

Bismuth is often associated with spiritual wisdom and awakening. Therefore, Bismuth’s metaphysical properties make it an excellent crystal for receiving spiritual healing.

Here’s how. 

Facilitating Divine Connections

Based on my personal experience, Bismuth is a truly powerful healing crystal that promotes divine connections with spirit guides from the other side of the realm.

It also enables you to form a divine connection with your inner self, promoting your spiritual and psychic awakening journey. 

Increasing Spiritual Insights

Healing is an important aspect of receiving spiritual insights and Bismuth is one of the best healing crystals to include in your practices.

Bismuth guides you through the process of connecting to the higher realms to obtain information in the form of spiritual messages.

The Bismuth crystal then gives you the strength to interpret the messages while gaining spiritual clarity in life. 

Providing Spiritual Protection

Spiritual protection is an important aspect of spiritual awakening.

Bismuth is a healing crystal that acts as a shield to protect you from any negative influences throughout your spiritual or psychic development journey. 

Energy Healing Properties of Bismuth

Bismuth is believed to be a crystal that balances and aligns the energy centers of our body.

Keeping your chakras activated leads to improved mental and physical health.

The main energy healing properties of Bismuth are linked with the two chakras within the body, including:

Healing the Crown Chakra

Bismuth is primarily associated with the Crown Chakra, which is responsible for facilitating a solid connection with your supreme self.

When healing your seventh chakra of the body using Bismuth crystals, you not only strengthen your spiritual connections but also increase consciousness, wisdom, and enlightenment. 

Healing the Third Eye Chakra

Bismuth is also sometimes linked with the Third eye Chakra, which is the energy center of intuition and extrasensory abilities.

Using Bismuth crystals for healing will help you balance your Third Eye Chakra, leading to improved psychic abilities and higher visions. 

How to Use the Bismuth Crystal for Healing

how to use the bismuth crystal for healing

Wear Bismuth Jewelry

If you want to display the mesmerizing beauty of the Bismuth crystal while receiving healing throughout the day, consider wearing it as part of your jewelry. 

And if you’re worried about safety, let me tell you that Bismuth has very low toxicity, meaning that it’s totally safe to use the jewelry.

In fact, most jewelry pieces of Bismuth have a glossy coating of lacquer, making them even safer to wear. 

Carry Bismuth in a Pouch

Carrying crystals in your pocket is another way to benefit from their healing powers.

However, as Bismuth crystals are fragile and have a pretty weird shape, you should consider placing them in a pouch instead.

Although you won’t have direct contact with your Bismuth crystals, you’ll still receive the healing you’re in need of. 

Place Bismuth Crystals in Your Space

Due to their unique physical features, Bismuth crystals make excellent decorative pieces for your home and office.

While making your space look cooler, placing Bismuth crystals in your living and working areas will ensure that you receive all the healing benefits throughout the day. 

Use Bismuth Crystals in Meditation

Last but not least, you can meditate with your Bismuth crystals. As a matter of fact, this is one of my favorite ways to receive healing.

By holding your Bismuth crystal or simply placing it nearby, you’ll achieve calmness of body and mind, making your meditation practices more effective. 

Take a look at this video guide on how to use Bismuth crystals in meditation. 

Caring for Your Bismuth Crystal

Unlike other healing crystals, Bismuth shouldn’t be cleaned regularly. You should only clean your Bismuth crystals when they’re actually dirty and there’s no other way around it. 

When cleaning Bismuth crystals, use plain water and a soft brush.

Avoid applying heat or using any harsh chemicals to preserve the gorgeous color of your crystal. If you want to remove the tarnish from Bismuth, you can use strong HCl. 

When caring for my Bismuth crystal, I typically use a soft brush to get rid of any dust or dirt.

I avoid using any water or chemicals to ensure that my crystal is in pristine condition.   

FAQs About Using the Bismuth Crystal for Healing

To better understand the uses and healing properties of Bismuth, let’s answer a few commonly asked questions. 

Q1. How to Tell If Bismuth Is Real?

To tell if Bismuth is real or fake, you should first pay attention to its shape and color.

Real Bismuth grows into stair-stepped rectangular crystals that have a gray metallic color and are pretty brittle. 

And if you’re wondering where the rainbow colors of Bismuth come from, this is actually the result of an oxide layer forming on its surface.

So, the iridescent oxide tarnish makes Bismuth a colorful crystal with silver-pink, yellow, blue, and green hues. 

Q2. Is Bismuth a Metal or a Crystal?

Bismuth is a metal and although it differs from actual healing gemstones, it’s still regarded as a crystal. Here’s why. 

When we melt Bismuth and let it cool down, it organizes the molecules in a specific pattern and shape, creating Bismuth crystals.
To better understand the rationale behind Bismuth crystal formation, check out this video showing how to grow Bismuth crystals. 

Q3. Can I Put Bismuth in Water?

Although Bismuth doesn’t react with cold water, it’s still not recommended to submerge the crystal in water for healing purposes. This is because Bismuth has a Mohs hardness rating of ~ 2.5 and anything rated below 5 isn’t considered water safe. 

Besides, avoid drinking Bismuth crystal elixirs for healing as it could lead to severe health issues due to Bismuth poisoning. 

Q4. Is Bismuth Safe to Wear as Jewelry?

Yes, you can wear Bismuth jewelry safely. In fact, Bismuth is often covered with a clear lacquer to prevent it from chipping, making it safe to use the crystals for making various pieces of jewelry. 

Q5. Can I Use Bismuth with Other Healing Crystals?

For sure! I usually use different crystals together to increase their healing potential. Some of my favorite crystal combinations for Bismuth are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Selenite. Other crystals that work well with Bismuth include Celestite, Labradorite, and Lepidolite. 

Ending Thoughts

Bismuth is a unique metal that forms beautiful crystals with absolutely stunning shapes and rainbow colors. Bismuth healing properties aren’t as widely appreciated as other popular crystals, but it’s still commonly used for healing emotions and certain physical conditions. 

In addition, Bismuth is a powerful crystal that can assist you throughout your spiritual awakening journey while healing your aura and balancing the energy centers within your body. 

Whether you prefer wearing Bismuth jewelry or meditating with crystals is more suitable for you, keeping an open mind and having the right mindset will enable you to receive all its healing benefits.

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