Black Kyanite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties, & Uses

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Kyanite is a silicate mineral that is formed as a result of the regional metamorphism of sediments that are rich in clay.

Black Kyanite is one of the four types of Kyanite crystals, including Blue, Green, and Orange Kyanites. It is renowned for exceptional grounding, energizing, and aura-cleansing abilities which make it a truly powerful healing crystal. 

As I’ve been using the Black Kyanite pendant for years now, I can assure you that its healing properties are absolutely magical. As long as you keep an open mind and let the crystal bring blessings, you can definitely benefit from its metaphysical characteristics. 

If you’re considering using Black Kyanite for healing, I’ve compiled some of the key aspects of its history, symbolic meanings, healing properties, and practical uses. 

Black Kyanite Crystal Properties

CrystalBlack Kyanite
ColorBlack,  Dark Gray
SourceThe Americas, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland
Chemical FormulaAl2SiO5
Hardness on Mohs Scale4.5 – 7
Zodiac SignsLibra, Taurus, Aries
ElementCombination of Wind and Water (Storm)
PlanetJupiter, Saturn
ChakrasRoot Chakra
Crystal CombinationsAmethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli

History and Origin of Black Kyanite

History and Origin of Black Kyanite

Kyanite, also known as cyanite, is a silicate mineral with blue being its most common color. Its name is derived from the name of the color “cyan.”

This is because, initially, Kyanite was most commonly characterized by its gorgeous blue color. However, different varieties of Kyanite were also found later, Black Kyanite being one of them. 

From ancient times, Black Kyanite has been used for various metaphysical and spiritual purposes. Due to its healing and protective energies, ancient people often crafted jewelry or adornments to invite healing into their daily lives or particular activities, such as hunting, fishing, fighting, and more. 

Meaning and Symbolism of Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is associated with various metaphysical properties, explaining the rationale behind its strength as a healing crystal. Some of the symbolic meanings of Black Kyanite are:

  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Cleansing
  • Self-reflection
  • Intuition
  • Clarity
  • Wisdom
  • Focus
  • Faith
  • Peace

While Black Kyanite is linked with many different aspects of healing, grounding, protection, and spirituality, these are some of the most important symbolic meanings to keep in mind. 

Black Kyanite Healing Properties

When it comes to healing crystals, some are more powerful than others. Although the healing benefits of gemstones vary for different people, Black Kyanite is widely regarded as one of the absolute best crystals to use for healing.

To learn more about what makes the Black  Kyanite crystal so powerful check out this video:

Black Kyanite is in my top 5 crystals for grounding, healing, and protection. To better understand what makes Black Kyanite so exceptional, read more about its emotional, physical, spiritual, and energy healing benefits below. 

Emotional Healing Properties of Black Kyanite

Emotional Healing Properties of Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite’s metaphysical properties make it an ideal crystal for soothing emotions, relieving stress, and boosting overall mental health. Some of the emotional healing benefits of using Black Kyanite are:

Restoring Emotional Stability

Black Kyanite is widely known for its ability to promote emotional balance and restore stability. This crystal teaches you how to control your emotions and remain calm even during stressful situations. 

Improving Self-Expression

If you have trouble expressing yourself,  Black Kyanite can become your true best friend as a healing crystal. It enables you to delve into your own mind and master the art of manifesting all that you are. 

Increasing Empathy

Utilizing Black Kyanite in healing practices also teaches you how to be more compassionate toward others. By increasing your empathy, Black Kyanite grants you the ability to feel what other people are going through in life, boosting your overall mental health.

Physical Healing Properties of Black Kyanite

Although Black Kyanite is not as commonly used for physical healing as other crystals, it still offers a few benefits, including:

Boosting Immune System

Black Kyanite is said to have exceptional healing benefits for your immune system. Using Black Kyanite during meditation or as a pendant will make you feel healthier and promote harmony within your physical body. 

Relieving Pain

Black Kyanite is also commonly regarded as a powerful pain reliever. It’s an ideal healing crystal for alleviating pain, especially in the lower back and neck. 

Spiritual Healing Properties of Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is an excellent crystal for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Some of the ways Black Kyanite supports you during your spiritual awakening journey are:

Providing Spiritual Grounding

Black Kyanite is one of my top healing crystals for spiritual grounding. This crystal has helped me become more present in the now without worrying about my future or being stuck in my past. So, if you also want to feel more grounded, consider using Black Kyanite as your healing companion. 

Offering Spiritual Protection

Being protected from negative influences throughout your spiritual awakening journey is absolutely crucial.

One of the best ways to increase spiritual protection is by using Black Kyanite for healing purposes. This crystal acts as a shield that keeps you safe by absorbing negative energies surrounding you. 

Improving Intuitive Clarity

When trying to develop intuition or different psychic abilities, receiving healing can help you reach the goal. By using Black Kyanite for healing, you can increase your intuitive clarity while making your extrasensory perception and clair senses even sharper. 

Energy Healing Properties of Black Kyanite

Energy Healing Properties of Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is one of the very few crystals that are used for balancing all chakras. However, it’s especially useful for activating the Root Chakra. Here are the benefits of using Black Kyanite for chakra healing and aura cleansing. 

Healing the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is the first chakra of the body which is responsible for providing the base for your life as a whole and acts as a foundation for the entire chakra system.

By opening, balancing, and healing the Root Chakra using Black Kyanite crystals, you’ll significantly increase your sense of stability and security.

Cleansing Aura

Among a few other aura-cleansing gemstones, Black Kyanite is one of the most powerful and effective crystals to clean your energy field.

By incorporating Black Kyanite in healing or aura cleansing rituals, you can easily drain your negative energies and charge yourself with positive energy vibrations instead. 

How to Use the Black Kyanite Crystal for Healing

Using Black Kyanite for healing is pretty straightforward and you don’t even have to perform any fancy healing rituals. Here are some of the effective ways to use the Black Kyanite and receive all its healing benefits. 

Wear a Black Kyanite Pendant

The easiest yet one of my favorite ways to benefit from Black Kyanite healing properties is by using pendants or other pieces of jewelry.

By having physical contact with your Black Kyanite crystal, you can actually boost its healing powers. 

Simply Carry the Black Kyanite Crystal with You

Another way to receive crystal healing is to carry Black Kyanite gemstones in your pocket or purse. According to some healers, Black Kyanite crystals that are not being displayed are protected from the negative energies of other people. 

Use Black Kyanite Crystals in Feng Shui to Decorate Your Environment

By placing Black Kyanite crystals around your home or office while considering the principles of Feng Shui, you’ll not only decorate your space but also create improved home energy. 

Here’s a guide on how to use crystals in Feng Shui and select the correct placements to maximize their healing powers. 

Meditate with Your Black Kyanite

Last but not least, consider incorporating Black Kyanite into meditation practices to achieve calmness of mind and fully unlock your crystal’s metaphysical characteristics.

You should just keep your Black Kyanite crystal in your palm or place it nearby during meditation to receive its healing benefits. 

Caring for Your Black Kyanite Crystal

When caring for your Black Kyanite crystals, consider using warm soapy water. Due to its flaky structure, you should also use a soft brush to get rid of dirt particles stuck between the creases or ridges. 

Although Kyanite crystals are typically heat resistant, you should still avoid using hot water to protect your gemstone. If you carefully clean your Black Kyanite regularly, you won’t have to use hot water or harsh chemicals whatsoever. 

FAQs About Using the Black Kyanite Crystal for Healing

To better understand the healing potential of Black Kyanite, here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions. 

Q1. How to Tell If a Black Kyanite Crystal Is Real?

While Black Kyanite is an excellent healing stone, receiving its benefits requires using a natural crystal. The easiest way to tell if a Black Kyanite crystal is real or fake is by paying attention to its appearance. 

A real Black Kyanite has blade-like flaky crystals with parallel lines running across its surface. 

Q2. Does the Black Kyanite Crystal Require Cleansing and Recharging?

While some claim that Black Kyanite crystals don’t attract negative energies, they surely do. Therefore, just like any other healing crystal, Black Kyanite also requires cleansing and recharging from time to time. 

To recharge Black Kyanite, clean it thoroughly and place it under the sun. Let the crystal dry naturally for at least a few hours. 

When recharging, you can also place Black Kyanite in a bowl of water. However, avoid submerging the crystal in water for prolonged periods of time. 

Q3. What Metaphysical Properties Make Black Kyanite So Powerful?

Although Black Kyanite has numerous metaphysical and healing properties, its ability in grounding, protection, and aura-cleansing makes the crystal stand out. 

Q4. Is It Safe to Place Black Kyanite in Water?

Black Kyanite has a rating of 4.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale, meaning that the crystal is mostly water-safe. However, placing Black Kyanite in water for longer than a few minutes isn’t recommended. 

Q5. Can I Use Black Kyanite with Other Healing Crystals?

Yes, you can! I’d actually recommend combining Black Kyanite with a few other crystals to maximize the healing you receive and make the most of your gemstone. 

Depending on your personal preferences and goals, you can choose one of the following Black Kyanite crystal combinations: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline

I also enjoy using Citrine and Lapis Lazuli with Black Kyanite, as these crystals boost Black Kyanite’s metaphysical properties. 

Final Thoughts

Black Kyanite is a powerful grounding and healing stone that has been widely used for its unique metaphysical properties from ancient times. While some people created Black Kyanite jewelry, others used natural crystals as protective gemstones. 

If you’re in need of emotional, physical, spiritual, and energy healing, consider incorporating Black Kyanite into your healing practices. While Black Kyanite has a broad list of healing properties, knowing how to use the crystal is key to receiving the benefits. 

The last thing you want to do is ruin your Black Kyanite when trying to take care of it. To protect your crystals from damage, avoid placing them in water for prolonged periods of time and recharge your crystals regularly. 

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