Blood Moon: Spiritual Meaning and a lot more

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Blood Moon

The idea of a Blood Moon quite digresses from normality and is often deemed as negative.

The Blood Moon occurs when the moon turns from pale yellow to chromatic in color. But appearances can be at times deceptive. A “blood moon” simply refers to the reddish tint the moon displays on certain days.

Astronomers make use of the color “blood red” to define the moon during lunar eclipses.

Surprisingly, the moon doesn’t always showcase the blood-red color during these events.

Sometimes it can also appear yellow, brown, and even orange to the Earthlings. 

The Reason Behind the Appearance of the Blood Moon

The reason behind the appearance of the blood moon

During a lunar eclipse, both the Earth and the Sun align in a straight line. Most of the Sunlight gets scattered by Earth’s dusty gaseous atmosphere like usual.

But, due to the Rayleigh scattering phenomenon, our atmosphere absorbs only red light (long wave) and reflects blue light (short wave) back to its source.

As a result, Earth creates a reddish-brown halo around its curvature and when that falls on the moon, it appears blood-red in color.

This is exactly the same reason why the sun appears crimson red during sunset.

As the Sun is situated at a long distance from the earth’s horizon during sunset, only red lights (long waves) get through our atmosphere which gets scattered by dust particles to make the atmosphere appear orange, red, or yellow. 

The same principle applies to the sunset’s glorious myriad of crimson colors. As the Sun is further away from the earth only the longer red ones get through.

Depending on the number of particles in the sky such as flecks of pollution and dust, the sky can appear orange, yellow, or red.

Blood Moon and Lunar Tetrads

Blood Moon and Lunar Tetrads

In a series of four consecutive full lunar eclipses, a blood moon generally occurs at an interval of six lunar months each.

Sometime between April 2014 and September 2015, the last blood moon occurred on this Earth.

The next one is expected somewhere in April 2032 next. This is also called a “Lunar Tetrad”.

As many as eight lunar tetrads were witnessed in this century between 2001 and 2100. Lunar tetrads in this century include-

· 2003-2004

· 2014-2015

· 2032-2033

· 2043-2044

· 2050-2051

· 2061-2062

· 2072-2073

· 2090-2091

Religious Context for Blood Moon

Religious Context for Blood Moon

Pastor Hagee in his book explains the significance of lunar tetrads with respect to Christianity and doomsday.

He emphasizes that these phenomena are signs from God regarding the events before the apocalypse.

Most preachers promoted this prophecy that it’s a sign that the end of the human race is near.

They based their teachings on the Bible passages(Acts 2:20-22) and the Book of Revelation(Revelation 6:12 ), which they interpreted to support it.

Although there have been blood moons even before it was even named so, the last occurrence triggered major public interest.

The 2014/2015 blood moon fell on Jewish feasts and Shemitah year (7th sabbatical year).

There was also a total solar eclipse during that time. Both Jews and Christians interpreted these signs as omens as per the script-Joel 2:31.

It was because both the Solar eclipse and the Blood moon occurred in the same time frame. 

Spiritual Meaning of Blood Moon

Spiritual meaning of Blood Moon

The moon is often treated as a planet in astrology with its own set of implications. The moon epitomizes shifting emotions.

The eclipse on the other hand signals endings, beginning, and the need to do some shadow work.

Hence, the blood moon spiritually signals an opportunity for an emotional reset. It gives you a chance to dive deeper into your emotional shadows.

It indicates an emotional and spiritual transformation, abandonment of emotional baggage, and the initiation of a period of catharsis.

The astrological significance, spiritual backing, and religious prophecies are more or less correlated with each other.

When religious prophecy says apocalyptic, it doesn’t necessarily mean death and destruction.

Times of new beginnings and great change are generally interpreted as apocalyptic in a religious context.

Apocalypse doesn’t mean the literal end of the world.

Both in spirituality and as dream symbols, it means the cycle of the beginning of something new while ending something old. 

Super Wolf Blood Moon Spiritual Meaning

Super Wolf Blood Moon

A Super Wolf Blood Moon is the first full moon each year in January

The full moon appears larger than its actual size as it is closest to the Earth. In January every year, the Super Blood Moon occurs in full eclipse.

Like other blood moons, this one also calls for the conclusion of unfinished business.

The blood moons always depict the beginning of a new phase of emotional or spiritual growth emerging from the depths of personal shadows.

Full moon names by the Native Americans

Full moon names by the Native Americans

In ancient times, the Native Americans nicknamed different full moons to mark seasons and months.

The prophetic significance was unknown then. The Hunter’s Moon also called as the blood or sanguine moon appears low in the sky shortly after sunset in October.

This full moon occurring in the scattered autumn red sky marked the start of the hunting season. Other rare moons are “Blue Moon” and “Super Moon”.


How often does a Blood Moon occur?

A blood moon occurs during the lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses aren’t that rare and occur about twice a year and are seen in various parts of the world.
The blood moon and lunar eclipse occurring together are rare. Like always a full moon appears coppery red during a complete Lunar Eclipse.

Do we need any precautions to witness a blood moon?

The Moon reflects far less light than on usual nights during a lunar eclipse.
It’s not like a solar eclipse you might need special gear to protect your eyes. You can see it through your naked eye without any precautions.

How long does the blood moon last?

The blood moon that occurred during 2014-2015 lasted for about an hour.
It doesn’t take long and often isn’t visible at the same all over the world. Some parts of the world may not witness it at all while others can see it in its full glory.


Over the years the blood moon has fascinated people from all walks of life. Whether you take it from a religious, astrological, or spiritual point of view, its significance remains undisputed. While many people see the Blood Moon as an omen, it still remains a spectacular sight.

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