Bloodstone Crystal Its Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses

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bloodstone crystal

Archaeologists found Bloodstone in a couple of places – India, China, Brazil, Australia, and in the USA.

The excellent thing about Bloodstone is that it’s an amazing purifier. It’s known for clearing out any negative energies from your aura and helps balance out your energies.

It’s also great for grounding you in your body and can seriously enhance your strength, determination, and courage.

Bloodstone crystal’s properties 

ColorDark green splashed with red spots and blotches
OriginIndia, China, Brazil, Australia, and even the USA.
Chemical FormulaSiO2
Hardness on Mohs Scale7
Zodiac SignsAries, Libra and Pisces
ElementEarth and Fire
ChakrasBase aka root
Crystal CombinationsAries, Libra, and Pisces

A Brief History of Crystals and Their Use

Our connection with stones is quite fascinating. It’s not just us who are drawn to these shiny objects; it seems like they respond to us too.

There are countless accounts of people finding calm, peace, and clarity when meditating with stones. The relationship between humans and stones is ancient. 

Do you know the Venus of Willendorf?

That iconic, super-old Goddess statue discovered in an archaeological site? Click on the link of her name if you are interested to find out more about this mysterious voluptuous lady.

The powerful energy of Moldavite and letting go

They found Moldavite amulets there too, and we’re talking about approximately 25,000 years old crystals and stones. This is also known as the tie-breaker stone.

Go forward a few millennia, and you’ve got the Hindu nation believing diamonds could keep them safe from just about anything – evil spirits, fire, poison, even snakes & sickness.


Scientists even claim that it rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn

Let’s not forget the Romans. For them, Emeralds weren’t just pretty; they were symbols of fertility and linked with Venus, their goddess of love.

Interestingly enough, the gorgeous Emerald was also seen by Christians as a symbol of resurrection.

Then you have the ancient folks in Burma who thought that if you put a Ruby into your skin, you’d become invincible.

Not to mention the Christian mystic, Hildegard of Bingen. She was so into stones she wrote an entire book on how they could cure different illnesses.

Remember, the metaphysical benefits of gemstones like bloodstones are based on belief systems and are not substantiated by scientific evidence. As such, they should not replace any advice or treatment from a medical professional.

What is Bloodstone Crystal?

Description of the Bloodstone Crystal

bloodstone crystal

It’s a gorgeous dark green stone with bright red speckles. They are much like the humans on our planet in that each one looks different.

Historical and Cultural Significance of Bloodstone Crystals

In the olden days, people used to call bloodstone ‘heliotrope’. It’s an alternative name for the Greek term that kind of means ‘sun-turning.’ People thought that way probably because of the way the stone could reflect light, just like the sun does.

Some even had this idea that if you dropped this gemstone in water, the sun would turn a vibrant red. Bloodstone is an ancient gemstone and was historically regarded for its metaphysical aspects.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Bloodstone Crystals

Symbolic meanings associated with Bloodstone Crystals

  1. If you have a Bloodstone, you should get to know it. It’s more than just a pretty gem; it’s like a treasured friend. Picture it – all calming vibes, washing over you like a soothing wave, making your soul feel brand new.
  2. It’s got this particular way – it can sweep away all the negativity that might be hanging around you, sort of like a spiritual dust buster. It leaves you feeling whole, balanced, and in sync with the whole world around you.
  3. It can do the following as well. It’s like an anchor, helping you to feel grounded, totally connected to your body and the here and now. Like your feet are firmly planted on Mother Earth while your spirit soars to the sky.

There are some amazing tales when it comes to the Bloodstone crystal. One that particularly stands out comes from way back in the Middle Ages.

Do you know how Bloodstone has these distinctive red spots? Well, people back then believed those were none other than drops of Christ’s blood.

Because of this belief, they attributed all sorts of magical powers to these stones.

Bloodstone wasn’t just another pretty gem, it was steeped in mystic lore and legends, creating a colorful tapestry of stories that have been passed down through the ages.

Healing Properties of Bloodstone Crystals 

healing properties of bloodstone crystal

Bloodstone is a real champion for those going through a bad time with their health. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, a cure might not be in the cards, and that’s tough knowledge to swallow.

But that’s where a Bloodstone can help one immensely. It’s got this amazing power to help you face the truth head-on, no matter how tough it is.

It’s like this steadfast caring friend that stays by your side, helping you face reality bravely.

Physical Healing Properties

physical healing properties

Something great about a Bloodstone – it has a talent for energizing your root chakra. It also got this knack for helping to cleanse your body. It’s supporting blood purification and works out toxins very quickly.

It’s also a great stone for those who don’t like to visit the doctor. It also assists in being realistic toward our bodies.

Emotional healing properties

Bloodstone is part of the heart chakra, where our emotions stem from. When you are upset,   mostly I would hold my Bloodstone in my hand and feel its calming polished body and peace would spread through you, whether you’re sad, crying, angry, or not just feeling it. It calms the heart and emotions quickly. 

But it’s okay to feel sad, angry, or hurt, you are allowed all those feelings because feelings whether negative or positive, are valid.

And we must always validate each other’s feelings whether we understand or not agree with them, respect must always be paid to others especially when you want to earn respect from them.

Spiritual Healing Properties

spiritual healing properties

Bloodstone is believed to ward off evil spirits.

Think of it as carrying around your shield, blocking out all negativity and harmful vibes.

You can keep it in your pot plants and your plants will thrive, it protects you and your family from any evil trying to get into your home. 

If you want to learn more about the healing powers of the Bloodstone, you can find very good reading material on the following website

Practical Uses of Bloodstone Crystals

1. How to use Bloodstone Crystals for healing

Bloodstone is like a shot of lightning to your energy levels, especially if you sleep with your Bloodstone by your side, just put it under your pillow. You can awake with so much more energy and feel you’re psyched and positive for the day. Maybe you’ll feel like dancing and singing.

2. Using Bloodstone Crystals during Meditation


The aim of meditation is focused on awareness – a state of being more present. One way to think about meditation is as a form of clear internal communication. 

Sit with your Bloodstone, get to know it like you would a treasured friend, and feel its coolness in your hand, and how it soothes.

This video by Crystal Wisdom with Shannon Marie will guide you precisely on how to meditate with a Bloodstone.

3. Using Bloodstone Crystals in your daily life

bloodstone crystals in your daily life
  1.  You can use your Bloodstone, by surrounding yourself with them.
  2. You can sleep with your stones next to your bed which includes your Bloodstone Crystal.
  3. You can also use the stone in your plants as décor and a blessing towards the plant’s thriving.
  4. You can put it in your pot plants.
  5. You wear it on your person in a pocket for protection.

4. Using Bloodstone Crystals in Jewellery and Home Décor

Bloodstone crystal jewelry such as pendants, rings, or earrings, infuses you with continuous energy throughout your day. Also, try carrying a Bloodstone crystal you are working with, within a small silk pouch in your handbag.

As previously mentioned, it supplies protection on all levels and is so beautiful and mesmerizing. You may also find joy in decorating your home or even a shrine with your favorite crystals, of which the Bloodstone should definitely be a part.

Caring for Your Bloodstone Crystal

1. Cleaning and recharging your Bloodstone Crystal

cleaning and recharging your bloodstone crystals

Look very carefully after this stone.

The Bloodstone like other crystals should be cleansed regularly.

  • Cleaning it when you first bring it home, makes it exclusively yours.
  • Cleansing it after every use rids it of negative energy and makes it ready to use again. 
  • It can be cleansed underwater, hold it under a running tap, as the water flows over your crystal, and hold the intention that all negative energy is being washed away and your crystal is being re-energized.
  •  It can also be smudged by waving it through a sage smudge stick
  • This abovementioned method is especially useful for large crystals or for cleansing several crystals at once.

Things to avoid when handling a Bloodstone Crystal

Are My Crystals Safe in Water or Salt? | Moon Soul Magic

  • Don’t clean it with salt, if you are not sure, get a knowledgeable dealer’s opinion.
  • Some crystals can be damaged by salt by turning cloudy and dull.
  • Don’t let it lie around being a danger for choking especially for our little people. Children are our future.
  • Don’t throw it in a fire.

In Conclusion

Summing up, the Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a type of chalcedony that is a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz. It is characterized by its dark green color with specks of red due to iron oxides, giving it the name ‘bloodstone’.

In the realm of emotional healing, Bloodstone is believed to aid in enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s also thought to be beneficial for helping with decision-making, reducing confusion, and calming down anxiety.

While not scientifically proven, some alternative healing practitioners suggest that bloodstones can aid in the circulation of all energy in the body, including the flow of blood.

Remember, the metaphysical benefits of gemstones like bloodstones are based on belief systems and are not substantiated by scientific evidence. As such, they should not replace any advice or treatment from a medical professional.

Summary of key points discussed

  • Bloodstone is a beautiful healing gem.
  • Folks thought the red spots in Bloodstone were drops of Christ’s blood, so they thought it had some pretty magical powers.
  • They found Bloodstone in a bunch of places – India, China, Brazil, Australia, and even the USA but not yet in Israel though.
  • It clears out any bad vibes from your aura and helps balance out your energies.
  • There are countless accounts of people finding calm, peace, and clarity when meditating with stones.
  • These stones are 25000 years old according to experts.
  • There are countless accounts of people finding peace and calm, and clarity when meditating with stones
  • Hindu people believe diamonds will keep them safe from just about anything – evil spirits, fire, poison, even snakes, and sickness.
  • It leaves you feeling whole, balanced, and in sync with the whole world around you.
  • It’s helping you to feel grounded, totally connected to your body and the here and now
  • How do you recognize a Bloodstone?  It’s a gorgeous Dark green stone with bright red speckles.
  • It leaves you feeling whole, balanced, and in sync with the whole world around you.
  • They also call Bloodstone a ‘heliotrope’.
  • Bloodstones help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  •  It can be used in Meditation.
  •  It can be worn as beautiful jewelry.
  •  Bloodstone has protective benefits, I sleep with mine next to me on my bedside stand, and it calms and revitalizes me.
  • You can take care of your bloodstone by cleaning it with water, smudging it with a bunch of sage, charging it under the Full Moon or even the New Moon, and in the sun, I pop mine on my windowsill.

Encouragement for readers to explore the world of crystals further

Crystals and especially the bloodstone can bring so much joy and peace in the palm of your hand.

It’s like a cool and calm presence in your life, it feels like there’s love in your hand. Seeing that some people think of it as Christ’s blood on green Jasper and even if you don’t believe, the stone can still contribute to a peaceful life.

FAQs About Using the Bloodstone Crystal for Healing

Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about Bloodstone to ensure that you make the most of its healing properties while keeping the crystal as well as yourself safe. 

Q1. How to Tell If a Bloodstone Crystal Is Real?

It’s a gorgeous dark green stone with bright red speckles, though they are individual stones, they are much like the humans on our planet each one looks different.

Q2. Does the Bloodstone Crystal Require Cleansing and Recharging?

Yes, you can clean it with water or smudge it through sage. It is chargeable through the sun and moon, you just put it on your windowsill. 

Q3. What Precautions to Take When Using Bloodstone Crystal for Healing?

Don’t let it lie around to become a choking hazard for kids, it’s also poisonous to breathe its filings and obviously don’t drink it.

Q4. Can Bloodstone Attract Other People’s Energies?

Yes, it can make people feel safe and strong around it. Sometimes the stone will lie in someone’s path and this person will be drawn to it without knowing why.

Q5. Can I Use Bloodstone with Other Healing Crystals?

It can be used with the following stones: Shungite, Black Onyx and, Red Jasper.

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