Blue Moon Spiritual Meaning

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Blue Moon Spiritual meaning

Blue moon means the second full moon that occurs in one calendar month. Blue Moon doesn’t signify its actual color during that time period.

Just that, it merely appears brighter and fuller in the night sky.

The name also signifies its rare occurrence, where it outshines all other entities in the sky with its shine.

Culturally, spiritually and astrologically, its significance is prominent in every part of the world.

Even in pop culture, the reference of “once in a blue moon” states an occurrence’s infrequency.

Blue moon appears once a while, and its appearance can be traced through calendrical, astrological, and seasonal calculations.

Let’s try to connect the dots from all sources possible.

Shall we?

Okay, so here is the most fundamental one. 

What Does The Blue Moon Mean? 

What does the blue moon mean

There is only one full moon in a month usually. However, there is a chance another full moon can occur before the month ends.

The occurrence depends on the length of the month as well. That is why blue moons are mainly seen in months with 31 days.

A blue moon never occurs in the month of February that has only 29 days maximum. It is not enough days to complete a moon cycle.

This type of blue moon has no significance astrologically as it’s just a calendrical blue moon. 

For a celestial body to have a spiritual or astrological impact, consistency is necessary.

As many parts of the world don’t follow a Gregorian calendar and there are different time zones in play, the blue moon’s occurrence doesn’t happen at the same time around the world. 

A seasonal blue moon means the fourth full moon in a season instead of three in a tropical year.

A tropical year divides into four seasons consisting of three months each. Many farmers and pagans mean blue moons with reference to seasons.

It signifies the end of a harvest or the beginning of a sowing season. 

Sometimes people also take the blue moon as a sign of important happenings. Each year is designated with twelve full moons.

When this extra full moon occurs, it brings with it much religious and spiritual significance.

It occurs every 2- 3 years, and many holy days are affected by its occurrence. 

Blue Moon Meaning In Spirituality

Blue moon meaning in spirituality

During ancient times, the monthly moon phases were relevant in preparing people for various types of crop rotations and weather.

Although the significance varies from culture to location, their occurrence helps identify several natural phenomena in a given month. 

Spiritually, the blue moon is associated with feminine energy.

It is associated with a person’s intuition, mysteries, and divine aspects. It also signifies the different phases of someone’s life, especially a mature and an older stage.

It represents wisdom and growth of knowledge and often associates with goddess energy. 

If you are developing your psychic abilities, boost your spirit communication skills and heighten your spiritual energy, then the occurrence of a blue moon is a major event.

Due to its rarity, it is attached to a clear divine connection. In many pagan and Wiccan religions, an occurrence of a blue moon is treated as a magical time.

Blue moon, in many traditions, is deemed as an upliftment in lunar energy. Hence many rituals and festivities are attached around it.

While manifesting something, you can also generate positive energy from the sight of a blue moon.

It will elevate the spiritual energy and motivation to advance in the direction that you want to follow.  

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Blue Moon Meaning In Astrology

Blue moon meaning in astrology

An astrological blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in the same solar month.

As each month signifies a zodiac sign, a blue moon states there will be two moons in the same sign.

The second moon will not be completely but partially, last in a couple of degrees in the sign.

This last degree is critical as it determines the process of transition from one sign to another.

Hence, the blue moon astrologically is neither in one sign or the next. 

This will lead to very frustrating energy. It is a time of yearning and anticipation, with much business, personal, and otherwise remaining unfinished.

It pushes to have closure and allows setting the right motive with its initiatory energy.

If a blue moon occurs in a particular sign, it will exude both alpha and omega energy. Both new and closure energy waits with the occurrence of a blue moon in a sign. 

End Thoughts 

The blue moon’s significance might differ from culture to place, but it still remains an important phenomenon.

The rare occurrence states that time is about to change, and new opportunities are going to arrive.

So it is better to sever ties with people and things that are becoming a hindrance to your progress. 

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