Cancer Zodiac Flowers: A Blooming Guide to Astrological Botanicals

Rishika Dange
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cancer zodiac flowers

You love these flowers, don’t you?” I asked Maria as I saw her picking her favorite white roses from the nursery in our society. And this is not the first time. I have seen her buy many other flowers every now and then.

These are my zodiac flowers!” she responded happily. Okay, now I know why she always bought those flowers. Maria’s zodiac is Cancer. And those were the Cancer flowers also known as Cancer birth flowers. 

If you too are a Cancerian and have been wondering what are your zodiac flowers, I’ve got you! In this blog, I will discuss the birth flowers for Cancer in-depth and the characteristics they are associated with. So let’s make this colorful!

Alstroemeria: The Official Cancer Zodiac Flower


As a Cancerian, you have a personality that is full of loyalty, imagination, emotions, and romance. And the flower that complements your intense personality the most is Alstroemeria

A representative of love, support, friendship, and devotion, alstroemeria is strongly associated with strength. Having this flower around you will uplift your spirits and give you a boost of positive energy. 

But hey! These dazzling flowers have various colors to them. So which one should you go ahead with? Let’s first understand the meaning of every color associated with alstroemeria. 

Meaning & Symbolism



White is the color of peace. If you are looking for compassion, sanity, purity, and strength, the white alstroemeria is all you need. No wonder why you find them in weddings and religious ceremonies. 



Pink has always been a color of playful romance, flirtatious love, and budding passion. And that is exactly what the pink alstroemerias are for! If you want to show your affection to someone, go for these!



The color of love and romance, Red is an intense color. And if you have been feeling intensely passionate lately, red alstroemerias will complement your emotions the most. Use these to tell someone how much you love them. 



Happiness, positive energy, and freshness are what yellow stands for. And the yellow alstroemerias are the perfect choice for you if you want your home to be filled with cheerful and merry vibes. 

Significance In Relationships

cancer zodiac flower significance in relationships

The powerful energy that alstroemerias bring along can not just change your mood but also make a huge impact on your relationships. These flowers carry a very profound energy. They bring with them trust, bonding, understanding, and depth. 

And as discussed above, if you use the right one, your relationships will bloom just like your Cancer flower. What can be better than this? To surround yourself with beautiful flowers and redefine the course of your life? I love it. 

Other Cancer Zodiac Flowers

Water Lily

water lily

This beautiful aquatic flower is my favorite. I have been seeing this beautiful flower since childhood but never really knew the deep meaning and the powerful energy it holds. 

Water Lilies bring with them the energy of celebration, rebirth, sanity, peace, and harmony. This is the very reason they are present on the premises of many monasteries and temples. 

These flowers are very spiritual and carry strong emotional energies. 

White Rose

white rose

A new beginning, protection, purity, innocence, and also the last farewell is represented by a white rose for Cancer borns. This flower is mostly seen in funerals and the reason is that it carries a strong energy of hope for the future. 

A symbol of respect, love, and remembrance, white roses are a serene, calm, and beautiful way of bringing positive energy and showing care to your loved ones. 


lotus flower

The most attractive of all, a lotus is also a very auspicious flower and a zodiac flower for Cancerians. Holding onto its deep roots of knowledge, rebirth, and self-awareness, a lotus has a very strong impact on one’s life. 

This flower is mostly seen in spiritual places, with healers, and even in religious centers. If you seek wisdom in life, lotus is your go-to flower!

Flowers for Cancer Female: A Touch of Femininity

flowers for cancer female

For Cancerian women, the flower that is most suitable for their physical and mental well-being is a white rose. With its delicacy, it gives the feminine Cancerian a delicate, calm, and soothing energy. 

Decorate your home with white roses as they will bring the right essence of purity and peace into your life. And if you wish to gift flowers to a woman, you know what to pick!

Flowers for Cancer Male: Strength and Sensitivity

flowers for cancer male

If you are a passionate Cancerian man who is strong and powerful on the outside but holds on to tender, and sensitive emotions within, alstroemerias are all you need to surround yourself with. 

As discussed earlier, these flowers bring with them incredible strength, compassion, and support. Planting these in your garden or your flower vase will bring a significant shift of energy to your life. 

Cancer Zodiac Plants in the Garden

cancer zodiac plants in the garden

Your home is an extension of your personality. And if you have a garden that is thriving with life, diversity, and beautiful colors, you are inviting a lot of abundance and positive energy into your life. 

What are the flowers that you should be covering your garden with? I think I need not explain that any further. By now, you surely have an idea of what your Cancer flowers are and how you can benefit the most from them.

Final Thoughts On Cancer Flower

Now you know that as a Cancerian, what your zodiac flower or Cancer flower is. Always know that life in its very basic nature is a constant battle with change. And these flowers themselves breathe life. 

So it shouldn’t come to you as a shock if you see your life changing and your life events shifting just by surrounding yourself with flowers that greatly complement your personality, your well-being, and your complex emotions. And not just that. 

To a great extent, these flowers influence your destiny too!! So the next time you are going to gift someone flowers, decorate your home with flowers, or just work on your garden, just remember that the flowers you chose make a lot of difference.

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