Capricorn Flowers: A Flower for the Hardworking Tenacious but Sensitive Capricorns

Rishika Dange
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capricorn flowers

Can a flower represent you? For who you are and who you want to be and all that in between?


If you are practical, ambitious, hardworking, tenacious, the one to never give up, and a traditionally committed perfectionist (who never really gets the longest straw to draw), you are a Capricorn. And my heartiest hug and salute to you.

We need more Capricorns in the world. We need more progressive but realistic humans with a heart for good.

And you my friend deserve a flower on your day, or rather every day.

Here’s all about Capricorn flowers.

Capricorn Flowers List

1. Pansy


Pansies are the official Capricorn flower and there’s a good reason behind that.

Capricorns are thinkers first and doers later. Not to be confused with just thinkers since Capricorns are a hardworking bunch.

Coming to pansies, the word pansy derives from the French word pensée which translates into thought. The perfect flower for Capricorns!

Pansies are more than that though. They stand for thought, yes, but they also stand for free spirit, mana, soulfulness, moksha, and the like.

That dash of indigo blue also makes them the perfect zodiac flowers for Capricorns. Indigo Blue, and black, are after all the colors for Capricorns.

If you are a Capricorn or care for one, have a small bunch of Pansies on the table.

2. Holly

holly flower

Ask the Celts and they’ll say the Holly is a symbol of eternal life and a zodiac flower for Aries.

But it’s also the birth flower for Capricorns, especially if you are a Capricorn born in December.

Hollies are flowers but not really flowers although I’ll spare the botany of it. But the Hollies bloom in the peak of the winter, a sign of resilience, which is why it’s associated with Capricorns, evergreen, hardworking, and often the ones to persevere through it all.

Also, the Capricorn being a goat-headed zodiac, mountain goats strive off Hollies in winter, a crucial part of their seasonal diet. Well, I had to!

3. Aster


The word aster comes from the Greek word ‘star’ and no wonder since these light purple flowers do resemble stars in the night sky. I’m sure Van Gogh would agree.

Asters are associated as flowers for Capricorns since these flowers represent wisdom. It is said in Greek mythology that Asters bloomed from wherever Astraea, the Greek god of wisdom, shed her tears on Earth.

Capricorns are graceful and wise. They live off the land but are ambitious to reach for the stars.

Asters are my favorite flower for Capricorns.

4. Lily

lily flower

To be more specific, it’s the stargazer Lilies that are considered flowers for Capricorns.

All lilies stand for nobility, industry, pride, and ambition, and without a doubt, these are the fundamental identifiers, or in simpler words, Capricorn traits.

Lilies are beautiful flowers to naturally furnish the décor, subtly fragrant and bountifully beautiful. Stargazer lilies are common too, so grab a bouquet of lilies if you want to show your love for a Capricorn woman.

5. Carnation


Like Hollies, Carnations are resilient and a symbol of perseverance, grace, and strength.

Carnations are the perfect Capricorn flowers for those who are born in January. Typically, these are red and white although they bloom in a bevy of colors pink, yellow, purple, green, and move. 

Carnations bloom in spring through summer and persevere all the way through winter.

Even though they go back into the ground in peak winter, they grow back when the frost and snow start to melt, in full bloom almost at once. Carnations are almost as Capricorn as Pansies.

6. African Violet

african violet

Last but not least, African violets are officially flowers for Capricorns too.

These black and indigo flowers (black and indigo blue are official flowers for Capricorns!) gracefully stand out from the bunch without really catching the eye. They also resemble luxury and sensuality, fit for thoughtfully deep Capricorns.

7. Baby’s Breath

baby’s breath

A flower that resembles innocence and adolescence on one side and inner strength as well as reliability on the other – Baby’s Breath is a delicate little blossom.

But they are strong and sturdy despite their calm and subtle colors of pink and white, colors of love, compassion, and tenderness.

Just like Capricorns, who may appear hard-shelled but are sensitive and loving inside.  

Plants for Capricorns

We need to get back to nature or at the very least include more of nature in our daily lives.

Despite all the industrial and technological revolutions, we are sons and daughters of Mother Nature and to be human is to stay connected to Nature.

That’s partly just why we have zodiac flowers for each zodiac sign, in tune with the nature, traits, and resemblances of each sign.

Just why I’ll be laying out some quintessential plants for Capricorns, flora other than the flowers I have talked about already.

1. Jade Plant

jade plant

A slow grower, Jade plants are the Capricorns of the plant world in some ways.

Capricorns as we know are ruled by Saturn, which gives them virtue, patience, and the rare combination of both. No wonder they like Jade plants- sturdy, patient, and indomitable.

Jade plants are great indoors and you can have them around for a decade without them outgrowing your walls.

2. Snake Plant

snake plant

A popular indoor plant, Snake Plants are great for busy bee Capricorns. They don’t need much care or sun or water anywhere. And they don’t mind getting some undue attention once they do come to mind as well and can happily take in an extra mug of water.

Snake plants are low-maintenance no-fuss indoor plants that closely resemble the spirit of the Capricorn in more ways than one. 

To finish this off I can only add that if you’re thinking about gifting a bouquet or a plant in a tub to a Capricorn, you should stick to these.


If you’re close to a Capricorn, you know who and how they are. Gift them and tell them why the plant or flower you’ve chosen reflects their spirit, their never-say-never attitude, and how they always stay subtly gracious in good times and bad. Remind them how grateful you are to have them around. We do need more Capricorns in this world.

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