5 Capricorn Tarot Cards & What They Mean

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Capricorn, the Sea-Goat of the zodiac is the tenth sign in astrology, ruled by Saturn, with the element of Earth and a cardinal quality.

People with this zodiac sign are born between December 22nd and January 19th.

Capricorns are very practical and grounded people, just like their sister Earth signs, Virgo and Taurus. 

These natives are great leaders and very reliable people. They are goal-oriented, hard-working, responsible, and determined.

Capricorns will always have a plan and work towards their goals in a very methodical way.

At times, these natives can seem aloof or pessimistic and highly critical of themselves and others. 

Astrology and tarot are two intuitive practices deeply linked together. Each zodiac sign has specific cards that represent its core energy.

If you are a Capricorn, you want to keep reading to find the 5 Capricorn tarot cards that can help you improve your life. 

5 Tarot Cards for Capricon

The entire tarot deck can bring light into your life through its messages of wisdom.

But there are five tarot cards specific to Capricorn, that will speak directly to your core nature and are also linked to the energy of Saturn.

Learn what these cards have to tell you and how you can incorporate them into your life through your horoscope gifts! 

1. The Devil 

the devil tarot

While this card might have a bad reputation, know that it is one of the most powerful cards in tarot. The Devil is representative of Capricorn through both symbolism and message. 

This card depicts a humanoid creature with a goat head, sitting on a throne symbolizing the devil, and a chained man and woman at the bottom of the throne.

The Devil is a Major Arcana card and symbolizes ambition, determination, and the desire to be successful. 

The Devil also speaks of the dark side of a Capricorn. It tells you to control your pessimism and hedonistic urges.

You need to learn to balance your material needs and spiritual needs as they are both important in this life.

Also, watch your unproductive and even negative habits that stop you from reaching your true potential. 

2. King of Pentacles

king of pentacles

The King of Pentacles speaks more of the positive side of Capricorn natives.

This Minor Arcana card stands for abundance, wise investments, a plenitude of resources, and a lot of determination.

All these aspects speak directly to the practical energy of your sign and support your ambition in everything you do. 

This card is a card of success and its main message is that you have all it takes to reach your life goals.

It is a very optimistic card that shows how much you value stability and comfort. Your material wealth is very important to you and contributes to your perception of happiness. 

The King of Pentacles tells you that you have the patience and diligence you need to reach steady results. You are a great leader and inspire confidence and reliability in those who follow your guidance. 

On a less positive side, this card is a warning for Capricorn natives who can become arrogant and aloof.

Don’t let your ego drive you through life and don’t assign yourself a superior status due to your material achievements. 

3. Ten of Pentacles 

ten of pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is representative of Earth signs, and the Ten of Pentacles in particular can reflect a lot of the personality of Capricorn natives. It speaks of their approach to life and how they chase their objectives. 

The Ten of Pentacles is a comfort zone card. You want to have your loved ones close and your financial stability that allows you to reach a level of inner peace.

If you are not at this level yet, you are working toward it. 

This card also speaks of what you aim to leave behind as a legacy or inheritance that you want to give the world.

It shows the importance that tradition has in your life and that you want to offer your values to future generations as well. Whatever you build in this life, you want it to last and better the lives of other people. 

The Ten of Pentacles stands for your rewards and the achievements you have in this life through your hard work. It is a card that encourages you to apply yourself and follow your path because you will reach the success you aim for. 

4. The Emperor 

the emperor tarot card

The Emperor tarot card is a representation of your authority and structure. It shows that you have the discipline you need to get to where you want to be in this life.

The Emperor is also a symbol of control and you also like to be in charge of your life and the important situations you are involved in. 

You like order and rules that keep your life on the right track. Changes that are out of your control can seem more dramatic than they are. Just like the Emperor, you like to know everything and be the decisional factor. 

The Emperor is not a fighter but rather a controller and a manager. You have a great ability to delegate tasks and manage the development of complex projects even if you are not the one taking on the battles. 

However, be careful to not become too arrogant or controlling. Keep your feet on the ground even if you reach the level of authority you want. 

5. Queen of Pentacles 

queen of pentacles

Another card that deserves its place among the 5 Capricorn tarot cards is the Queen of Pentacles. This card speaks of your elegance and material goals as well as your dignity in everything you do. 

The Queen of Pentacles has a practical and realistic energy that keeps you anchored in reality.

Even if you are focused on your career and material comfort, this card shows that you are also a very nurturing person.

You want to take care of your loved ones at all levels and feel very powerless when you can’t provide for them. 

Capricorns have great tenacity and persistence when they build the life they want. They develop long-term visions and apply themselves to manifest them.

All these aspects are incepted in the energy of the Queen of Pentacles, and if you work with this tarot card you can align even more with your life purpose. 

The Main Tarot Card for Capricorn 

The Devil is the most representative card for Capricorns. Just like the ruling planet Saturn, this card incorporates both your positive and dark sides.

You will notice in the imagery of the card that the woman and the man that are chained to the Devil can also remove those loose chains easily.

This shows that any connection to negative aspects can be controlled and even removed, should you choose to be aware of them. 

This card refers to the material, the 3D world, with all its pleasures. You are very focused on your hedonistic life but also your social status.

You want to be respected and admired by others and believe you deserve that through the effort and hard work you invest. 

The Devil card also shows your ability to transform yourself and your life in a very positive manner.

You can fight your weaknesses and shortcomings in a way that your strength becomes even more potent.

But it also shows you your shadow self or the part of you that you don’t want to face. If you choose to go on a journey of self-awareness, you can let go of the things that no longer serve you and embrace your true potential! 

You shouldn’t be afraid of this card but rather integrate it into your life in a way that you can use its energy to grow. 

How to Use the 5 Capricorn Tarot Cards 

Using your 5 Capricorn tarot cards helps you master the lesson you were meant to learn in this life.

If you choose to integrate the wisdom of these cards into your life and align it with your core energy, chances are that it will come naturally to reach your life goals.

Understanding yourself, both your positive and shadow sides is essential to your growth at all levels in this life. 

Start by getting familiar with the symbolism of your tarot cards. You will notice the theme of pentacles as one of your main themes since it represents wealth and abundance.

You will also notice royal cards such as the Queen of Pentacles, the Emperor, or the King of Pentacles. Understanding the symbolism in all cards will help you relate to them at an energetic level. 

Meditate on the tarot cards for Capricorn and allow them to reveal cosmic messages that help you navigate through challenging situations in your life or reach a better understanding of the self.

You can do that for a few minutes in the morning or the evening and your subconscious energy will be enriched. 

And last but not least, pay attention when these cards appear in a tarot reading spread.

If you see one or more of the tarot cards for Capricorn in your spread, know that they represent your energy and send you important messages about your situation. 

Final Thoughts 

These 5 tarot cards can guide you through your daily life but also help you navigate confusing or difficult situations.

Once you learn how to understand their message, you will feel more secure in your energy and confident in your abilities.

Use these cards in your tarot spread but also meditate on them to step into your power!

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