Clairaudience: 7 Signs You Have It & How To Embrace this Gift

Jovana Petrovic
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Have you ever heard a clear sentence in your mind that sounded like someone giving you directions, as if your angels are helping you find a way out of a situation?


have you asked yourself a question, only to hear a voice in your head answering it?

If you have, don’t worry, you are not out of your mind. You are simply clairaudient. 

Clairaudients can hear messages from spirit guides and get illumination and wisdom via extrasensory auditory perception.

They can have conversations with their angels while still being fully present and grounded in reality and can share their higher knowledge with the world to bring enlightenment and healing. 

If you’d like to learn more about what are the common signs of clairaudience, and how this ability manifests in day-to-day life, read on.

This is all you need to know about the gift of clairaudience. 

What is Clairaudience?

what is clairaudience

Clairaudience is a gift of clear (clair) hearing (audience) and one of the four psychic gifts or clairs.

It’s a unique ability to get intuitive messages via extrasensory hearing sometimes also known as Spiritual hearing.

Clairaudients are blessed with the ability to get precise messages from the spirit that others can’t hear.

Psychics who have this ability are aware that the messages they are getting don’t come from the physical, and can recognize that they have a higher meaning.

These are the messengers from the spiritual realm, who can perceive what is inaudible for others, and use the extrasensory input they get to enlighten and guide others or gain clarity and wisdom.

The gift allows them to pick up messages from spirits, their higher self, or even the dead.

They can then objectively contemplate and use those messages to gain a higher perspective.

7 Signs You Are Clairaudient

7 signs you are clairaudient

Clairaudience is a rare blessing.

It allows the gifted to tune into subtlest auditory and extrasensory frequencies and use this ability to find answers, get illuminated, and guide others.

If you ever wondered if you are one of them, here are 7 most common signs of clairaudience that confirm you have it:

1. You Can Communicate With the Higher Self & Spirit Guides

If you are clairaudient, you frequently have very clear self-to-self conversations in your mind.

People with this gift can communicate with their higher selves to get new perspectives, solve puzzles, find solutions, and raise awareness on a specific matter. 

Their Crown Chakra is open and the flow of energy through is entirely undisturbed, allowing them to get advice from higher beings with incredible clarity.

For them, the connection with the higher self feels like having a counselor, a parent, or a therapist at all times. 

When you are clairaudient, you are fully aware of who you are and know who asks and who answers questions.

You can clearly discern what your conscious thoughts are, and what spiritual guidance you are receiving.

You may even catch yourself saying something to yourself out loud, smiling, or nodding to your thoughts.

2. Finds Deeper Messages in Music

Clairaudience and music are deeply connected. If you’ve ever gotten enlightenment while listening to music, or a shockingly precise answer to something you were thinking about from lyrics, you have the gift of clear hearing. 

Everyone is touched by it, but those with clear hearing can get deeper messages from music, that go beyond the artist’s meaning of the lyrics or the melody.

If you have this psychic ability, you often feel like you are getting ‘’a-ha’’ moments or important answers to life questions through songs, even from instrumentals. 

Even if you’ve heard a melody hundreds of times, and know its meaning, you can find a deeper message from it the 1001st time you hear it.

For instance, you can easily find cues in simple things like a sung word, or a specific chord. 

3. Sensitive to Sounds

Sensitivity to sounds is one of the most obvious signs of clairaudience. Because you pick up the subtlest auditory frequencies, you can easily become overwhelmed by specific sounds.

This can be anything, from car sirens, loud talking, and microwave ding, to more subtle sounds like buzzing, clock ticking, or quiet scratching of a dry surface. 

It is not uncommon for those who have this ability to get extremely overwhelmed in loud places, like stadiums or concert venues.

The gifted often get intuitive hints through auditory experiences, and some sounds can simply be too much to handle, making them disorientated, and frustrated, and even triggering an intense emotional response.

Furthermore, they have a knack for noticing differences in rhythm, timbre, pitch, and intensity of sound. Many are talented musicians or just very drawn to music from an early age. 

4. In Tune With Sounds Around Them

It’s no coincidence that clairaudients are predominantly auditory learners. If this is you, you memorize faster when you listen to a lecturer or a podcast.

You are likely an incredible listener. No matter if it’s a conversation or a sound of nature, you are highly receptive to hearing what has to come through. 

The tone of voice, bird wings clapping, the sounds of the ocean, or the gentle howling of the wind – all of these are valuable inputs that make the difference in how you perceive the world. 

5. Ringing in Ears

Buzzing, tinnitus, and earache are very common experiences for the gifted and some of the most common signs of clairaudience.

The thing is, if you are gifted, you simply perceive sounds differently.

Your gift allows you to pick up frequencies that are much more subtle and nuanced than what others can pick up.

Because of this, your spiritual and physical body is reactive to auditory changes, especially high-pitched noises, such as screaming or clamoring, or repetitive sequences. 

6. You Get Telepathic Auditory Messages

All psychics can pick up some kind of telepathic message.

When you are clairaudient, these messages come in the form of vocalized sentences and words.

For instance, if you have this ability, you can ”hear” what someone talked about, even when you weren’t physically there or a part of the conversation.

You can sense (hear) what the topic was and how the conversation went and get very clear auditory input, such as the exact words someone said.

A clairaudient can also talk to others via telepathy, even if they are miles away from that person.

If you’ve ever felt like you were speaking to someone’s soul and felt as if they are speaking back to you telepathically, you are likely psychic and have the gift of clairaudience. 

7. You Hear Noises Other Don’t Hear

Have you ever freaked out because you heard footsteps when home alone? If so, you could be one of the gifted ones.

Clairaudients can hear sounds when there is no direct source of the sound.

For instance, they can hear whispers, clapping, talking, breathing, or wood squeaking when no one is around, and these are all common clairaudience symptoms.

For instance, you may hear a very clear ding sound when thinking about something while alone at home.

As scary as it seems, this is just your intuition and higher self coming through to guide you.

These sounds are inaudible to others, usually subtle and short, and typically come as a confirmation from spirit guides. 

What Is The Difference Between Claiaudience and Schizophrenia?

difference between clairaudience and schizophrenia

While hearing sounds nobody else hears is one of the clear signs of psychosis, not every experience of that sort is a sign of mental illness.

The distinction between schizophrenia and similar illnesses, and clairaudience lies in consciousness.

Clairaudient messages are not auditory hallucinations. Clairaudience, while scary at times, doesn’t impair the ability to make rational decisions. The gifted have full control of their thoughts and actions. 

What a clairaudient hears is more like hearing their own thoughts in different frequencies and tonalities.

The sounds they pick up are subtle sounds in the back of their mind, that don’t interfere with their functioning.

Psychics are fully aware and conscious that the messages they are getting come from higher realms, and can clearly distinguish what is a product of their gift, what is real, and what isn’t. 

While clairaudients get messages that can make them question reality, draw conclusions, and promote contemplation, they never alter their conscious thought processes.

While disorders like schizophrenia impair cognition and normal day-to-day functioning, that’s not the case for clairaudience.

This psychic gift doesn’t cause torment and isn’t something a psychic can’t escape from or think about objectively. 

How Does it Feel Like to Be Clairaudient?

how does it feel like to be clairaudient

So many people find it hard to connect with their intuition and spirit guides, but clairaudients are not one of them.

However, in the overly intellectualized world that we live in, it can be very difficult to embrace this unique ability for what it is.

Here is what it feels like to have the psychic ability of clear hearing, and how it can manifest in your life depending on how in tune with it you are.

1. If You Are an Empowered Clairaudient

When you are an empowered psychic, you can tell the difference between an illusion and a spiritual download with ease.

You are confident in what you hear via extrasensory hearing and use your gift to spread wisdom and illuminate others.

You know that subtle sounds have a higher meaning, and you follow your inkling, trusting that the sounds will guide you in the right direction.

If you are empowered, you know the weight of your intuitive hints, and you take what you pick up into account every time you make decisions.

You easily ponder into deeper layers of the psyche and listen to your spirit guides, as they speak to you very loud and clear. 

2. If You Are an Unempowered Clairaudient

A disempowered clairaudient doubts their intuition and dismisses the auditory inputs they get.

If you are disconnected from your gift, you may be bothered or easily annoyed by sounds or may seek to quieten the mind by exposing yourself to too many sensory stimuli. 

You may find it hard to believe in what comes through, overintellectualize, start thinking you are just imagining things, or have auditory hallucinations, even though deep down you know you don’t.

Some clairaudients downright resent or block off all spiritual inputs, to the point of being completely disconnected from the higher self. 

How Can You Develop Your Clairaudience?

how can you develop your clairaudience

If you’d like to become more empowered and sure of your gifts, here are some simple daily practices you can incorporate into your routine to help you develop it:

  • Practice mindful listening. Practice connecting to your surroundings by paying attention to sounds, how they make you feel, and what they awaken in you. Listen to the murmur of the crowd when out, and connect to the sounds of nature. Sounds and messages are everywhere.
  • Ask for auditory messages. When in doubt ask your guides for help to understand the signs better. Look for confirmations in songs, randomly shuffle music, ask for a ding to confirm, or any other form of auditory signs. This will strengthen your intuition and ability to reach out to angels or spirits in search of answers.
  • Acknowledge the signs. If an auditory message comes through, don’t fight it or run away from it. Accept it, contemplate it, and try to find meaning to it. 
  • Don’t run away from silence. Your psychic ability is the most powerful when you can sit in peace and away from excess stimuli. Learn to be comfortable in solace, and let your intuition, and not only your rational mind speak to you.
  • Make high vibrational sounds. When distressed or disconnected from your ability, use Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, or whisper prayers and mantras to raise the vibration. The more you do so, the more aligned and balanced you’ll be. 


Clear hearing is a unique blessing that can help illuminate and strengthen faith in spirit if we know how to trust it. Those who have it can hear messages from the Divine that goes beyond the limits of time and space, accessing timeless wisdom everyone can benefit from. 

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Jovana Petrovic is a writer, holistic tarot reader, and traditional Western astrologer. She possesses clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities, which she uses to help others tap into their purpose, release old patterns, and realize their fullest potential. Her practice blends intuitive guidance with psychic tools, knowledge, and experience. As a graduate Pedagogist and spirituality enthusiast, Jovana uses her expertise to help people navigate through their spiritual awakening and heal their inner child. Besides tarot and astrology, she practices incorporating shadow work, self-love techniques, and chakra healing.