5 Crystals for Home Office: Positive Energy & Productivity at Your Computer Desk

Mariam Gudzuadze
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crystals for home office

Working from home has its benefits, including flexibility, less stress, and more focus. However, all the pros may easily turn into cons if you fail to create the right workspace. 

Some light up candles, while others keep crystals at their desks. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Natural stones can boost your productivity and increase your focus when working remotely. 

But how to find the powerful crystals that can help you deal with all the challenges you may face? Just keep on reading to know.

In this article, you’ll find the top 5 crystals that invite uplifting vibrations and calming energy into your home office.

You’ll also learn a few fairly simple ways to use these stones to increase your work efficiency. 

The Role of Crystals in Creating a Harmonious Workspace

crystals in creating a harmonious workplace

If you’ve decided to work from home, creating a workspace that resonates with your essence is pretty much essential. It could be setting up a comfortable area or adding decorations to delight the cognitive or emotional senses. 

Believe it or not, adding mesmerizing crystals to your desk is one of the most effective ways to increase harmony in the office. 

Natural crystals have an inherent power to ignite the flame of productivity, enabling you to make the most of your working hours. 

By placing the stones on or near your office desk, you let them balance your energy centers, which in turn facilitates physical and emotional well-being. 

As crystals are renowned for their ability to protect you from energy zappers (either people or tasks), incorporating them in your home office can help you stay motivated and focused throughout the day.  

Crystals are especially advantageous for artists and writers as they boost creativity. This applies to any other profession that requires using your imagination or expressiveness to get the job done. 

Choosing the Right Crystals for the Work Environment

Selecting the right stones for your home office ensures that the metaphysical properties of these crystals have a profound impact on your inner self as well as your surroundings. 

Every crystal emanates unique vibrational frequencies, making them suitable for particular purposes. 

For example, some stones are beneficial for spiritual growth, whereas others are more helpful for enhancing emotional aspects of life.

That being said, crystals are usually selected based on their vibrational frequencies. 

You should also keep in mind that gemstones should resonate with your intentions and energetic frequencies. So, don’t forget to consider your goals, personality traits, or even the zodiac sign. 

Although crystals have specific astrological associations, you can use any natural stone of your choice, regardless of your zodiac sign. 

Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Think of your preferences in terms of setting up your work environment.
  • Delve into online resources to understand the different healing properties of crystals.
  • Clearly define your intentions and desired outcome. Are you seeking a sense of calm or do you want to increase focus?
  • Check how crystal energies interact with your vibrational frequencies to create a harmonious energetic blend. 
  • Make sure you can build a personal connection with a given crystal to receive all its healing benefits.
  • Consider symbolic meanings, color associations, and shape correspondences. 
  • Trust your gut feelings and inner wisdom. Let your intuition guide you through the selection process. 

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5 Best Crystals for Your Home Office Desk

As you embark on the quest to optimize your remote office using crystals, you’ll have to choose from hundreds if not thousands of naturally occurring minerals. 

Undoubtedly, every single gemstone carries truly phenomenal powers, but some of them are especially helpful when it comes to building a working area. 

5 powerful crystals to keep in your home office are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Selenite, and Black Tourmaline

Here’s what makes them so exceptional.  

#1. Amethyst

  • Color: Purple
  • Origin: All continents
  • Chakra: Third Eye, Crown
  • Element: Air
  • Planet: Uranus, Jupiter
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries, Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo

Any gemstone lover’s collection is incomplete without the absolutely gorgeous amethyst.

Its soothing and nurturing energy makes the stone ideal for any stressful situation you may encounter when working from home. 

By placing amethyst in your home office, you can receive infinite ideas and creativity, optimizing your problem-solving abilities. 

This mesmerizing crystal also acts as a shield against non-ionizing radiation, making it one of the most potent electromagnetic field (EMF) protection crystals

In essence, amethyst’s presence increases mental clarity, enabling you to make the right choices at the right moment.

#2. Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystal
  • Color: Colorless, transparent
  • Origin: Madagascar, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, USA
  • Chakra: All Chakras 
  • Element: All Elements
  • Planet: Moon, Sun
  • Zodiac Sign: All Zodiac Signs

Clear quartz is often regarded as the universal crystal that balances all chakras, is suitable for each zodiac sign, and possesses every elemental power. 

All things considered, it shouldn’t be a surprise that clear quartz can empower your workspace through its exceptionally transformative energies. 

Clear quartz unblocks stagnant energy and provides you with deep concentration to help your mind navigate through a myriad of complex tasks. 

This crystal also facilitates purpose-driven actions by aligning your intentions and desires. 

Working at home can be less stressful, but we should acknowledge that it comes with its fair share of challenges.

Clear quartz is exactly what you need to stay focused and overcome obstacles with confidence. 

#3. Citrine

citrine crystal
  • Color: Orangey yellow to brownish orange
  • Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, Spain, Bolivia
  • Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown
  • Element: Air
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Pisces

This golden yellow crystal can become your true best friend when incorporated in your home office. 

Citrine infuses your environment with a potent dose of inspiration, which expands your imagination. Therefore, it’s especially valued by artists, writers, musicians, or anyone who needs the stimulation of creativity. 

By simply placing a citrine on or near your desk, it can promote out-of-the-box thinking and give you access to groundbreaking ideas that have been hiding in your subconsciousness. 

Citrine is also believed to attract good luck, which helps you unlock the doors of success and manifest unique opportunities. 

For those seeking career growth, citrine can synchronize your ambitions and goals. Connecting deeply with your energy vibrations, it invites prosperity and abundance into your life. 

#4. Selenite

  • Color: White, gray, colorless
  • Origin: Mexico, Poland, Greece, Argentina, USA
  • Chakra: Third Eye, Crown
  • Element: Wind
  • Planet: Venus
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Aries, Libra

Although home workspaces don’t get quite as contaminated with other people’s energies as regular offices, you may still need to get rid of energetic debris after long work sessions.

Selenite purifies the energy inside your home office, clearing the mental fog and increasing productivity. 

With its radiant metaphysical qualities, selenite acts as a source of serenity. Anyone would agree how important it is to remain calm when working off-site. 

Selenite is a powerful crystal for the office desk, especially if your job involves making intuitive decisions. 

It heightens inner awareness and unlocks the channels of higher guidance, giving you the ability to perceive hidden messages when nothing seems to be going right. 

#5. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline
  • Color: Deep Black
  • Origin: All continents
  • Chakra: Root
  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Saturn, Venus
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Pisces, Libra

Working from home creates some distance between colleagues. Still, maintaining healthy relationships is of paramount importance for fostering a productive work environment. 

And when I say that black tourmaline is the crystal of authentic connections among colleagues, I mean it. 

By building a protective energy barrier around you, black tourmaline shields you from negative energies or situations that may arise, even when working remotely. 

This crystal awakens empathy for others, encouraging you to understand what your teammates are going through. 

If you’ve ever felt lonely when working at home, I’d recommend placing black tourmaline in your office. It can help assuage feelings of melancholy and isolation. 

The Summary of the Best Stones for Home Office & Their Properties


Balancing stressful situations
Facilitating creative ideas
Improving problem-solving skills
Promoting mental clarity
Protecting against non-ionizing radiation 

Clear Quartz
Infusing workspace with transformative energy
Unblocking stagnant energy
Aligning beliefs with desires
Boosting concentration
Helping you stay focused

Inspiring you
Expanding your imagination
Opening the doors of success
Matching your ambitions and goals
Unlocking opportunities for career growth

Purifying energy within your home office
Clearing mental fog
Enhancing productivity
Cultivating serenity
Unlocking the portals of higher guidance

Black Tourmaline
Helping you maintain healthy relationships with colleagues
Building a protective energy barrier around you
Helping you set boundaries
Increasing your empathy for colleagues
Alleviating loneliness when working remotely

How to Use Healing Crystals in Your Home Office

healing crystals in your home office

Working from home is bliss for anyone who prefers flexibility and independence over having face-to-face interactions.

Still, creating a productive home office is crucial for receiving all the benefits of remote jobs.

The sacred gifts from Mother Earth, aka crystals, infuse our lives with ancient wisdom and higher guidance.

However, knowing how to use the stones correctly is key to revealing their metaphysical characteristics. 

After years of working remotely and using crystals for healing, here are the tips I’d love to share:

  • Crystal Placement in Feng Shui: Think of your intentions and desires when determining the right placement for your gemstones. If you want to amplify focus, position a crystal of your choice on your desk. To create a serene atmosphere and purify the energy field, simply have the crystal in your room. 
  • Geometric Patterns: You can benefit from the collective energy of your sacred minerals by arranging them in grids. Experiment with different layouts to find what works for you. As long as you choose gemstones that align with your intentions as well as each other, there’s nothing to worry about. 
  • Crystal-Infused Water: You can also create a crystal elixir by submerging the stone in clean water to let it transfer its energy vibrations into the liquid. Some drink crystal elixirs, but I prefer spritzing it around my office to refresh the energy. Consider pouring in essential oils for added benefits. 
  • Direct Contact: If you ever feel emotionally worn out and drained, hold one of the crystals in your hand. This will help you relax, recharge, and replenish your cognitive resources. 
  • Meditating with Crystals: Meditation promotes physical well-being and incorporating crystals helps you go beyond. It refreshes your mind, removes mental fog, stimulates creativity, and fuels the imagination. Read more about how to meditate with crystals in this medically reviewed article

Additional Tips for Setting Up Productive Work Environment at Home

productive work environment at home

Crystals are remarkable healers, but they alone may not always be sufficient to maintain positive energy or amplify productivity. 

Here are a few more tips to reflect upon:

  • Make sure there’s no clutter in your workspace. A clean and organized area increases focus, concentration, productivity, and work efficiency. 
  • Incorporating plants can improve vitality. If you’re not quite good at caring for greenery, try getting low-maintenance succulents that need very little attention to thrive. 
  • Combine crystals with candles or aromatherapy to keep your body relaxed and cultivate unbounded focus. 
  • Don’t forget to cleanse and recharge your crystals. This is fundamental to harnessing their full potential. 

The Bottom Line

Crystals have the power to transform your regular home office into an oasis of unrivaled inspiration and astonishing efficiency. The key here is to find a stone that resonates with your intentions, desires, and goals. 

Keep in mind that amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, selenite, and black tourmaline are just some of the crystals you can add to your home office. Feel free to come up with your own crystal combinations and use the gemstones that you have a personal connection with. 

To put it concisely, these gorgeous crystals carry radiant energies that can walk you through the labyrinth of challenges and help you reach the pinnacle of success right from your home office. 

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