Nine Energy Centers in Human Design – Understand Your Energetic Blueprint

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energy centers in human design

Have you ever analyzed your Body Graph and wondered about those colored and uncolored energy centers?

Together they define your energy blueprint.

Once you understand how their impact runs beneath all relationships and associations, you can engage and communicate better.

In this blog, I will give you an overview of all nine energy centers, where we’ll discuss their significance, specific functions, and your ideal strategy to use them to your advantage when defined or undefined.

But before we dive in, let’s have a quick understanding of our energy system.  

A Basic Understanding of Human Energy Centers 

It’s a basic quantum physics that everything in the world represents a token of energy with a signature vibration of its own.

And we are no exception. We’ve nine brilliant jewels within us, known as energy centers (Chakras), and represented by the square, triangle, or diamond shapes in a Human Design Chart.

They interfere between the Universe’s energy and the energy within all of us, defining our individual functions and expressions. 

These Chakras operate as opening and closing valves for energy flow inside our body. They are connected through 36 narrow channels through which energy flow takes place. Each end of those channels is numbered, known as 64 gates. 

Each center has its own way of receiving, assimilating, modifying, and expressing energy. Not all centers are open (defined) inside your body.

You may have one or more undefined (closed) energy centers. A center is defined in color in the chart based on whether a connecting channel is active or non-active. 

The combined effect of all nine energy centers as per their state (defined center / undefined center) governs your function, awareness, instinct, or behavior. 

Don’t confuse it with body energy; we are talking about the life energy present inside the body since birth.

It circulates inside your body every second, connecting you to everyone around you.

It may appear that our mouths and eyes are doing all the communications, but it’s the powerful undercurrent of nine Chakras that are pulling the strings on a deep bio-energetic level. 

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The Nine Energy Centers in Human Design System

1. Head Center (Crown Chakra)

head center human design

Located at the apex of your head, the Crown chakra denotes the center of inspiration. It serves as a conduit for receiving cosmic inspiration from the universe and downloading it into your unconscious mind.

That’s why it’s represented as a triangle, resembling an antenna. The Crown is unique as it is solely connected to the Mind center, representing your quest for life’s true purpose.

That pressure you feel while desperately seeking answers is your Crown chakra in action.

Anatomically, it is regarded as the pineal gland, a small gland the size of a pea nestled within the brain’s core.

It indicates whether we’re in a state of profound inspiration or lacking that vital spark in our life. 

If Your Crown Center is Defined 

When your Crown chakra is defined, you’ll be bombarded with ideas, truths, doubts, and possibilities.

It’s like a flow of inspiration passing through your brain from an unknown source. Your mind will always be after exciting insights and fresh realizations.

With such an active mind, it will be natural for you to inspire others. Though it can be mentally exhausting, you will feel highly rewarded when inspiration leads to satisfaction. 

If your Crown Center is Undefined 

With an undefined head chakra, you’re open to the conditioning of other designs. You yearned to be inspired by people.

But, it leaves your head spinning with a kaleidoscope of thoughts. The risk is that you may act on people’s thoughts and live your whole life in their shadows.

It would be in your best interest to save your Crown from external conditioning by addressing various streams of influence with clarity. 

2. Mind Center (Ajna Chakra)

mind center human design

The Ajna chakra distills and processes information from the Crown chakra to reach an understanding.

It constantly works as our mental wheel, never ceasing from festering worries and agitation in our deep thinking.

Anatomically, it relates to the pituitary gland, which is present in the frontal brain.

In Eastern culture, it is also known as “the Third Eye” or “the mystical eye of knowledge.”  

If your Ajna Center is defined

With a defined Ajna center, your mind loves to compare, review, and research facts for one reason or another and dumps them over your Crown chakra.

Once you put your mind to something, you don’t rest until it’s done before taking the next issue.

But, sometimes, you fancy your mind with problems that don’t exist. Your racing thoughts constantly put you in a state of worry until you learn how to control them through different means.   

If your Ajna Center is not defined 

An undefined Ajna chakra makes you open-minded and absent-minded at the same time.

You’re prone to forget things and get distracted by random thoughts.

For example, if you accidentally leave your house open before heading out or forget to turn the iron off, you have an undefined Ajna chakra.

But don’t worry, even the great scientist Albert Einstein had this center undefined. Yet, it allowed him to have detached objectivity to find clarity in the hassle of life.  

3. Throat Center (Vishuddha Chakra)

throat center human design

Your throat chakra creates and makes things happen for you. Through this voice box, all your deeds and dreams seek reality through unique ways of expression such as voice, actions, and writing.

It also represents your power of manifestation. All energy centers seek release through this center.

For instance, you can speak your mind (via Ajna chakra) and express what your heart feels (heart chakra) via your Throat center.

Anatomically, it relates to the thyroid gland and parathyroid gland. 

If your Thorat Center is Defined 

With a defined Throat center, you can communicate with a voice that sparks cadence and confidence.

This helps you better express yourself, leading to the successful manifestation of your dreams. You become a powerful speaker and catalyze speech in other people. 

If your Thorat Center is undefined

You lack the right words to express yourself when your Throat is undefined. But it can also turn you into a real chatterbox.

You try to dominate conversations with all that stored pressure behind your communicative walls.

In an ideal conducive environment, you hardly pause to draw breath or ever ask about other person’s life and well-being.

If you have an undefined throat center, the ideal strategy is to open up only when the time is right. 

4. G Center (Third Eye Chakra)

g center human design

This diamond-shaped chakra, just beneath the sternum, is called the G center (Identity center).

It represents purpose, direction in life, and self-love. This is where you find a consistent connection to your soul.

Your love for spirituality, physical forms, humanity, or journey of life all reside here.

Anatomically, it is compared to the liver, which cleanses the blood, like this chakra filters life experiences. 

If your G center is defined 

A defined G center gives you an assured self-identity. You know who you are and where you’re heading in life.

With this certainty about your character, you seek to be your best version by tapping into the in-built compass that guides your ‘home.’

If your G center is undefined 

With an undefined Self chakra, you struggle to find a strong sense of identity.

But, you can derive a sense of self from people around you and reflect back to them the truth of who they are.

You tend to lack purpose in life with no built-in compass for guidance.

On the plus side, this flexibility allows you to flow and live in the environment by turning yourself into a social chameleon.

You can beat this by seeking guidance from someone whose Self chakra is defined- that’s your strategy. 

5. Heart Center (Anahata Chakra)

heart center human design

Next to the Self, towards the right, is the Heart chakra. It fuses you with willpower and ego to be a ‘top dog’ in the material world.

With the power of Heart chakra, you conjure the willpower toward freedom.

Whether your willpower is invested in pursuits of the greater good or to meet selfish reasons is greatly balanced by your Heart chakra (also known as ego center). 

If your Heart Center is defined 

It’s rare to have a defined heart. If you’re, you are one of those iron-willed persons who can move mountains.

If you throw your heart into something, you draw the courage to see it accomplished without any questions asked.

But, you must be careful about aligning with what truly deserves your time and energy. 

If your Heart Center is undefined

An undefined heart doesn’t mean that you don’t have willpower. It simply means you can’t rely on your willpower to fiercely compete in matters of ego.

If you compare yourself with others and over-compete, you may run out of fuel (willpower) to win the battle.  

6. Sacral Center (Svadhisthana Chakra)

sacral center human design

It’s another motor center, like the Heart center, powered by life force energy.

Your Sacral Chakra is the energy powerhouse (gut response) for unleashing you out of your shell toward the sky.

This chakra is also referred to as the ‘sex center’ as the majority of its gates have a sexual undertone.

If you know how to use your sacral energy correctly, you tap into an unstoppable energy that brings about personal fulfillment. 

If your Sacral Center is defined 

With a defined sacral center, you respond to whatever life throws at you.

You sustain any endeavor with massive commitment until the experience is complete.

Your gut response becomes the moral compass that pulls you to or from someone or something.

Often, people with defined sacral chakra spend their lives as unappreciated workhorses fulfilling others’ projects. But they take it as a calling.

Even you may find them feel obliged to take on the tasks of others as their own. Such people also have the potential for a sustained and satisfying sex life.  

If your Sacral Center is undefined 

You will soon realize that your best inputs tend to come in spurts or when you’re in a team.

If you try to keep up the powerhouse to pursue your goals, you’ll born out. Your human design wouldn’t cope.

It would be in your best interest to let a team manage and see how the collective energy gets best utilized.

You need to learn how to outsource and delegate instead of handling it all by yourself. 

7. Emotional Center (Solar Plexus)

emotional center human design

The Emotional chakra is present just to the right of your Sacral and is considered one of the most intense of all nine centers.

It is responsible for all your mood swings between happiness and sadness.

As one of the three ‘awareness centers’ and one of the four ‘motor centers,’ it creates a balance between awareness and your drive to act and accomplish. 

If your Emotional Center is defined

You are highly emotional yet have little to no understanding of the true scope of your emotions. It’s natural for you to experience a full spectrum of feelings- rising, falling, peaking, and dipping.

You fly high to sample the cloud nines one minute and down your nose in the mud the next.

Decisions made at the moment of emotional peaks are your enemy.

Instead, when you feel so, disengage from them and let them pass through until you feel natural again.

That’s because your emotions can be contagious and mirrored by people around you. 

If your Emotional Center is undefined

If you have an undefined solar plexus center, you quickly get caught in other people’s emotional waves.

You laugh their laughs and cry their tears. That’s the reason you must always remain watchful of emotions you’re getting subjected to, whether toxic or healthy. Otherwise, you are calm, cool, and collected as a lone wolf. 

8. Awareness Center (Spleen Chakra)

awareness center human design

Spleen is another major awareness center that provides the ability to survive and a feel-good factor about life.

It’s your inner radar to help you scan the moments and to help you respond spontaneously to situations as per your instinct, intuition, and taste.

Also, the spleen center blinks red lights on sensing hazardous people or situations.

All your deep-seated fears and triggers can be found here.

Anatomically, it represents our immune system as in the body’s emotional defense system. 

If your Spleen is defined

You are highly intuitive and respond to life on the spur of the moment.

A spontaneous sensibility always keeps scanning your surroundings for any sense of threat or discord.

The moment your senses warn you to disengage that doesn’t fit your nature, you turn on your heel and get out of the place, be it someone’s home, a party, a restaurant, or a shopping mall. 

If your Spleen is not defined

You easily get triggered by others and mirror their fears.

With an undefined splenic center, you focus on that fear without any root cause, which can be debilitating.

Once you start to see your borrowed fears objectively and consciously, it can be turned into wisdom. 

9. Root Center (Muladhara Chakra)

root center human design

That square center sitting at the bottom of your life chart is your adrenaline and drive to act, known as the Root center.

You feel joy, rooted, and grounded in life because of this energy center.

As a center of raw energy, it provides the push to get things done in response to the pressure by the Crown chakra to rationalize life.

Anatomically, it represents the adrenal gland, which drives madness and stress in our lives. 

If your Root Center is defined

You compose an intense drive within and draw people into your aura to perform actions without losing balance. This volcano of energy, however, should be controlled with calmness. Otherwise, you may become an adrenal junkie with stress that even the Root can’t handle. That said, you must always aim to strike a balance between your goals and worthwhile ambitions. 

If your Root Center is not defined

You’re designed to live your life at your own pace. When you get conditionally influenced by people with a defined root, you feel stressed.

As you don’t have consistent access to the adrenaline to carry you through, you need time for the pressure to build within.

It may make you appear as a serial procrastinator.

Stay centered and true to yourself when you commit to people’s needs and pressure. Be watchful, find tranquility, and practice meditation. 

End Thoughts

These nine energy centers lay the foundation of your design. However, they are not the sole components.

There are other different ingredients of your human design that fuse to complete the whole of you.

For that, you have to analyze your Body Graph in detail. Once you understand the interplay here, you’ll align with your true nature and unleash your true potential. This profound self-awareness will help you navigate relationships, make decisions, and embrace life with a sense of control and fulfillment. 

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