Fixed Signs in Astrology: What It Is & What Makes It Unique

Jovana Petrovic
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fixed signs in astrology

Do you know someone who always seems sober-minded and unwavering, as if they have everything under control, even if the whole world seems to be falling apart?

If you do, they likely have a strong fixed sign influence in their chart.

Fixed signs are the pillar of stability in astrology. Known for their consistency and dedication, they always stay true to themselves and their principles.

They are dependable and resilient folks we can always count on and build with.

If you’d like to find out more about fixed signs of the zodiac and what makes them so powerful, you are in the right place. This is all you need to know.

What is a Fixed Modality?

what is a fixed modality

Fixed modality is one of the three modalities in astrology.

It includes signs that are in the middle of each of the four seasons: Taurus (spring), Leo (summer), Scorpio (autumn), and Aquarius (winter). Because they mark peak periods in four seasons, they are considered to be the most stable of all 12 signs in the zodiac.

Fixed signs in astrology have a durable quality and strong will. These are the loyal, steadfast, and focused folks, unshakable in times of chaos and change.

Known for their endurance and fortitude, they bring consistency and unwavering strength to the table, always showing up even when others start waving white flags. 

Astrologers believe that people with prominent fixed signs in their charts have strong leadership qualities, tenacity, and impressive perseverance.

There is an aura of authority around them that’s impossible to ignore.

Some of the most notable leaders had fixed Sun signs, including Queen Elisabeth II, Napoleon, Barack Obama, and Lenin.

Characteristics of Fixed Modality

characteristics of fixed modality

Whether they consciously do it or not, fixed signs attract the spotlight like a flame attracts moths.

Dependable, ardent, and sober-minded, they show up as trustworthy and well-established characters others can rely on in the long haul. These are their most positive and negative qualities:

Positive Traits of Fixed Signs

Fixed signs in astrology have admirable stamina. These are the most powerful and determined folks in the zodiac, always working diligently to achieve what they want. They are not the ones to give up easily or surrender.

Their persistence and drive can take them places. They possess the focus and staying power that mutable and cardinal signs tend to lack. 

This same staying power makes them incredibly magnetic and mighty. Committed and dedicated, fixed signs are unwavering leaders, secure in who they are, and known for their strength of character.

They are loyal, grounded, and present in reality. Being strong, bold, and self-assured as they are, these are fierce characters who know what they want and are ready to put in the work to get it.  

Negative Traits of Fixed Signs

Although passionate and magnetic, fixed signs have strong egos and can be very prideful. While self-assured, they tend to put themselves first and seem selfish, vain, and self-centered. 

They need time to process emotions and can hold on to experiences for a long time, struggling to forgive and forget.

The very fixed sign meaning implies that these signs are least susceptible to change, which is why they can have trouble transforming and going with the flow of life.

They love to be in control and need more time to release old patterns, habits, and thoughts or adapt to shifts.

Fixed signs need to feel powerful and like to have things their way, which can cause conflicts and disagreements.

What Are The Four Fixed Signs?

The four fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius all embody the abovementioned traits of their modality.

However, while they share the same modality, they are unique in their own right.

Each belongs to a different element and has a different planetary ruler that, blended with fixed quality, gives a combination of traits that make each sign special.

This is what they are about:

1. Taurus


Taurus is the first fixed sign in the zodiac, ruled by gentle, pleasure-seeking Venus.

Grounded, reliable, and stable, Taureans seek comfort and beauty in everything they do and they will pursue a good life with stubbornness.

They put peace above everything else, and have strong principles they stand behind. 

While hardworking, determined, and ambitious, they prioritize the good life. They believe that only a comfortable life is a life worth building and maintaining.

Taurus is an earth and fixed sign, which makes it the slowest-moving sign in the zodiac.

These folks like to take their sweet time in everything they do and don’t like being rushed.

When faced with life shifts or forced to change their ways, they need to do so gradually and steadily, as pressure isn’t in alignment with their Venusian nature and can even make them rebel. 

2. Leo


Ruled by the Sun, the planet of vitality and life, Leo is a sign that thrives when on center stage.

This is a fixed fire sign, which is a combination that gives confidence and charm, but also adds a dose of theatrical behavior.

Fire signs don’t hold back from taking action. When this is blended with fixed modality and solar energy, we get a sign that want to take action and be seen and applauded for doing so.

Fire and fixed modality combo give a dramatic persona that loves attention.

Self-assured, charismatic, and gregarious, Leos are expressive and know how to value themselves.

They are unapologetic about how they show up in the world, which naturally attracts many admirers.

Leo is a passionate sign, but also a loyal sign, and once these folks commit to something, they will pour all their attention to keep the fire burning. 

3. Scorpio


Ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars, Scorpio embodies the Martian warrior spirit and Plutonic depth.

Being a fixed water sign, this sign is all about intensity, power, and emotional depth.

Being Pluto-ruled and of fixed modality, Scorpios not only have the persistence and the drive to fight and survive but also the courage to explore the shadow self and conquer inner demons. 

Being a water sign, Scorpios are perceptive, and highly in tune with their instincts.

They seem to know when to fight and retreat intuitively, and this allows them to form not only lasting bonds but also achieve long-term success.

Water and fixed quality make them mysterious, sharp, and powerful, highlighting the drive for self-preservation and a desire to protect oneself and others. 

4. Aquarius


Aquarius is the last fixed sign and air sign in astrology.

Ruled by futuristic Uranus and co-ruled by grounded Saturn, Aquarius is all about accumulating knowledge and thinking in future terms.

These are the independent thinkers, the intellectuals, and the visionaries of the zodiac, dedicated to finding ways to revolutionize themselves and the world.

For these folks, knowledge and awareness are power. They are progressive thinkers who use the wisdom they patiently accumulated to implement positive changes.

Being a Uranus-ruled air sign, Aquarians love contemplating and finding new ways to connect, improve, and liberate themselves from the constraints of society.

Thanks to the unique air-fixed modality combination, an Aquarius can not only develop brilliant ideas but also has the staying power needed to put them into practice and diligently develop them over time. 

Are Fixed Signs Compatible?

are fixed signs compatible

Like all signs that belong to the same modality, fixed signs form squares and oppositions, which are difficult aspects to tackle.

Although no signs are completely incompatible as compatibility is calculated via complex synastry charts, compared to the other two modalities, fixed sign combinations are slightly more challenging. 

The fixed nature indicates that these folks need more time to adapt, compromise, and make internal and external shifts.

Giving up on their viewpoint doesn’t come easily, as these signs always stick to their guns.

These signs are powerful, confident, and headstrong, and form strong attachments. When two individuals with these qualities come into a union, this can lead to ego battles and power struggles.

In a relationship, this can manifest as a ”my way or the high way” attitude, stubbornness, and lack of consideration for other people’s viewpoints or sensitivities. 

They love intensely but can resort to retaliation and temper tantrums, lacking a more diplomatic approach.

Because they are fully focused when committed, two fixed signs can also stay in a bad connection longer or need more time to process breakups. 

However, these signs are known for their loyalty, dedication, and focus. If they are into something or someone, they are in it with their whole being and will do what they can to make the relationship work.

Fixed signs desire longevity and are the most persistent of all signs in the zodiac. They are passionate, predictable, can be relied on, and always aim to make connections last, especially when deeply emotionally invested. 


Appreciated for their loyalty, and tenacious commitment, fixed signs in astrology are a force to be reckoned with. Reliable and passionate, they are the pillars of strength when times get rough, always reminding others that with diligence and dedication, everything is possible. 

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