5 Gemini Tarot Cards: Decoding the Twins’ Mystical Symbols

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Gemini is one of the most complex signs of the Zodiac; it’s not just a Mutable sign (meaning changeable), but also its element is Air which gives it an extra speed of thought and changeable nature – “as the wind blows”, and its symbol is that of the Twins – duality.

Its ruler is Mercury – the one and only androgynous planet that overtakes the characteristics of the planet with which it’s conjoined, thus giving Gemini even further layering. 

Taking all of that into consideration, it’s no wonder that Gemini has at least 5 Tarot cards that correspond with it.

The first and foremost gemini tarot card, of course, is the Major Arcana card – The Lovers VI. 

1. The Lovers

the lovers tarot

In the simplest of terms, the Lovers are Gemini’s tarot card because there are two figures depicted on it in newer versions of this Major Arcana, (a woman and a man – Eve and Adam before they were cast out from the Garden of Eden, with the 3rd figure being an angel overlooking them). 

In older versions of this card, there were three figures depicted on the Lovers card – three lovers and that is the true nature of Venus in Gemini. 

the lovers tarot older version

(Jean Noblete Tarot from the 1650s)

The Lovers don’t depict just the romantic aspect of the Gemini Zodiac sign, but also its dual nature – there is always a subtext and an underlayer with the Gemini sign.

These natives are highly intellectual, but also quite sensual. They are romantic, so much so that they rarely settle for one partner, or one relationship for prolonged periods of time. 

This is not to say that they are an unfaithful bunch, but rather that their love capacity is such that they have more room in their heart than other signs (and Tarot cards).

These Mercurial natives are often polyamorous and in love with the idea of love (especially Venus in Gemini placements) which led to Lovers being their assigned card.

Geminis learn about the world around them through their partners and partnerships; thus far the highlight of the Lovers connection was cast on the Venus in Gemini placement, but no one practices and lives that polyamorous life depicted in this Major Arcana than the Mars in Gemini placement. 

When Sun is in Gemini, that is just the surface of the native’s character, the external feature they show to the world with ease, their Ego so to speak, but when more personal planets, such as Venus (the planet of love and romance), and Mars (the planet of libido and action) find themselves in Gemini, then we get to grasp the full depth and extent of the influence of the Lovers card. 

Everyone loves to see the modern version of Lovers come up in a (love) reading, it’s an omen of romance, sunny times, and warm emotions.

However, only true polyamorous natives can really take on the effects and omens that the Lovers card carries with it.

The same goes for fully understanding this Major Arcana – only a true Gemini can get the full extent and meaning of the Lovers card, as these natives have an innate ability to understand not just one viewpoint and point of view, but both of them.

Libras are great mediators and diplomats because they easily grasp the middle POV.

However, the true alchemists of the mixed POVs are Geminis, as they have the ability to view the entire situation (especially in the romance department) from a bird’s point of view.

Because they are capable of understanding and agreeing with all sides comprising a single situation.

2. The Wheel Of Fortune

the wheel of fortune tarot

The next card that can represent Gemini is the Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana; this card is depicted as a wheel of fortune amongst the clouds (the Air element is very prominent in this Major Arcana).

It is also having a sphinx (intelligence), a flowy snake (adaptability), and a red demon-like (lower-vibration entity – trickster nature – Mercury natives) attached to the wheel itself.

In the 4 corners of this card, we have 4 constellations (and Archangel) representatives – an angel, an eagle, a bull, and a lion standing for 4 Fixed constellations – Aquarius, Scorpius, Taurus, and Lion. 

This Major Arcana is quite unpredictable; in divination, when the Wheel of Fortune comes up – you have to pay really close and thorough attention to the rest of the cards that come up in order to be able to interpret this card without major surprises.

Some Tarot readers would like to interpret this card as a positive omen, however, Tarot readers who have felt the effects of this Major Arcana on their own skin, know differently. 

The Wheel of Fortune card is an unpredictable energy that carries a lot of ups and downs within it, as well as that trickster energy that Geminis (as a Mercurial Air sign) are so well known for.

Although there are 4 Fixed sign representatives present on this card, the closest to the Wheel of Fortune are, after all, a snake, a sphinx, and a red demon.

Also, not to mention the ever-changing and rotating nature of the Wheel itself, so this card’s representation freely goes to Gemini.

Especially the Part of Fortune placement in Gemini. 

3. The World 

the world tarot

Another very Gemini-like Major Arcana is the World card.

In this card, once again we see a central figure taking its place midair, a naked woman with her breasts out (very Gemini in Venus-like) coiled in purple cloth (Mercury color representing thinking, high intelligence, and wisdom) levitating in a green wreath, holding two white wands – Air instructing Fire element for creative purposes.

In the 4 corners of the card, once again we see the 4 representatives of the 4 Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel) and Fixed constellations. 

The pure-blue sky behind the feminine figure is the best association for Gemini, for Gemini, as Mercurial sign, stands for clear (and fast) thinking, as well as high intelligence and cognizance of thought. 

The World is the “closing” Major Arcana; it all started with the Fool that carries Jupiterian energy of faith and blind beginnings, but it ends with the World (Mercury being the “opposite” planet of Jupiter).

The Fool has undertaken its journey, learned a thing or two on it, and now it all comes to a close – knowledge is power, and knowledge is always (at least) dual. 

We can also interpret that the White Dog from the starting card has now been transmuted into these two white wands.

The companion spirit that Fool had at the beginning of its journey has now become a precise and creative tool for creating magic – something that only Gemini can accomplish with its versatile intelligent nature. 

4. Two of Swords

two of swords

The entire Suit of Swords stands for the Air element; however, Two of Swords is the first card from this Suit that is a clear-cut representation of Gemini’s brain power.

Two of Swords Minor Arcana in divination represents an omen of a choice before the querent, and whether the choice is emotional, financial, or romantic, the best outcome can be achieved by using intellectual power in this case. 

Gemini natives are people who always have at least two options on their minds, and they’re always (over) analyzing what can be done, from what angle, and how in order for them to get the best results. 

This is why the Two of Swords is a very Gemini card, despite having a blindfold on that symbolically means not seeing the situation clearly or objectively.
Also the water behind the blindfolded figure – struggling with untidy emotions, or being under the light of the Moon means overcoming the inner feeling and misguided intuition.

Last, the two swords remain firm in the hands of the gripping figure, thus pointing towards Gemini’s Mercurial intellect and strongest suit of power – the power of objectivity and versatile thinking. 

Two of Swords also has Gemini symbolism – there are two of the swords that the blindfolded figure is holding, resulting in 4 sharp edges in total that represent not just the duality of Gemini nature, but also the sharp layering of their mind that makes them extraordinary intellectual capable of fast problem-solving and words that cut right to the chase. 

5. Knight Of Swords

knight of swords

The final and perhaps the most “Gemini” Tarot card is the Knight of Swords.

This tarot card along with the 8 of Wands is considered the fastest card of the Minor Arcana, and for a good reason – the Knight is the “Airiest” of all the cards from the Suit of Swords.

And as such is also the most Mutable and versatile when it comes to verbal news. 

Both the steed and the knight riding it aren’t even touching the ground in this card, implying that they are so fast that the wind is too slow for them.

What’s more, the Knight is holding his sword up in the air and actually charging at whatever is ahead of them, this is the symbolism of Mercury in Gemini – its domicile and fastest thinking placement. 

When the Knight of Swords comes up in a reading, you know that whatever you were expecting will come to you in a matter of hours.

The same could be said when you take a problem or a complex question to Mercury in Gemini placement – you will get your answer much faster than you were hoping for. 

At the same time, this card is the representation of mental fortitude not just ruling over impulses and primal nature, but also uniting inner impulses like gut feelings, ideas, and primal driving forces into the crown of Sapiens in Homo – intellectual guidance!

The Knight of Swords is the pinnacle of humanity in humans – it utilizes thought and speech in order to make order out of the chaos that human life otherwise would be. 


These 5 Tarot cards are the epitomes of personal placements in Gemini and combined they paint almost a completely occult and esoteric picture of the symbolism behind the Twins in Zodiac culture. 

The deeper you go exploring these 5 cards, the better and clearer your comprehension of the Gemini sign will be.

So, research, meditate, and write down the effects of these cards, and pay close attention to the clues that these cards as omens leave in front of you when you’re delving into their divinatory dimensions. 

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