8 Ways To Find Your Spirit Animal For Real!

Sophie Lee
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find your spirit animal

Over the years, connecting with a spirit animal has become a very popular practice — and for good reason.

Not only can it help serve as guidance in difficult times but many people find that connecting to their spirit animal strengthens their spiritual connection overall.

If you’re looking to connect with your spirit animal and embrace the energy they bring into your life, then look no further.

In this blog post, I’m going to share 8 ways to find your spirit animal. You can take advantage of all its positive powers. Keep reading if you want to learn more about exploring this energetic bond.

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8 Ways To Discover Your Spirit Animal

Connecting with our purest selves is a powerful form of self-discovery. And unlocking the symbolism associated with spirit animals can help us open doors to worlds we never knew existed.

Here are 8 ways to find your spirit animal for real.

1. Start Reflecting On Any Dreams With Animals

All of us have 4-6 dreams every night. That means, there is a big chance our spirit animal makes an appearance in our dreams.

If you’re seeking to connect with your spirit animal, the best time is when your mind and body are in a restful state.

Paying close attention to dreams can help unlock powerful insights about yourself. Observe any animals that make an appearance, as these may be messages from beyond!

reflecting on any dreams with animals

Please Note

Though spirit animals may not appear in an overt or obvious way, do not discount any reference to them.

They may come in the form of a dream about an animal on the wall, or even more subtly via conversation as someone mentions a certain creature. All references should be taken into account and given due consideration.

Pro Tip – Keep A Dream Diary To Write Your Dreams

Document your dreams in a specific journal or dream diary and observe any patterns that arise over time. What messages are the animals conveying?

Remain open-minded while attempting to decipher them – you might be surprised by what they have to tell you!

2. Be Attentive To Any Recurring Animal Appearances In Your Life

Have you ever noticed a certain symbol seemingly popping up everywhere in your life? Maybe it was the stunning mural of a wolf on the side of a building that made such an impression you had to stop and admire it.

Later, as if by divine providence, you spied someone with a beautiful wolf tattoo emblazoned on their ankle at the coffee shop. It’s like this symbol was deliberately placed before your eyes!

When you return home that night, switch on the television and glance carefully – there’s a small possibility that your spirit animal might be appearing in front of you. You may spot animals with recurring symbols, indicating their attempt to reach out to you!

3. Consult An Expert/Shaman

Uncovering your spirit animal can be a complex process, and many spiritual mediums may offer methods or advice to help you along.

Finding a shaman in your local area is not as straightforward as merely doing an online search – it may take some effort on your part such as asking around for recommendations or conducting independent research.

4. Start Connecting With Nature

By embracing nature and all its creatures, we open ourselves up to communing with spirit animals that have much wisdom to impart to us.

start connecting with nature

Not just that, it can help us improve our well-being. In fact, a 2019 study says that just spending 120 minutes out in nature can help us better regulate our mental and physical well-being.

Pro Tips

  • Don’t go on a mission to find your spirit animal; it doesn’t operate like that. For the moment, keep an open mind and learn more about creatures from other species.
  • Get creative and find ways to spend more quality time in nature. Maybe you don’t live close to the wilderness, but no worries—you can still visit a nearby state park, national park, or even an urban city park!
  • Taking time to be outdoors without any distractions, such as headphones or cell phones, will allow you to become more aware of your environment and the wonderful things that inhabit it.
  • When you don’t have the luxury of time to explore nature outdoors, why not bring it inside? Shut off your air conditioner and instead bask in all that Mother Nature has to offer. Open windows and blinds invite warm breezes while allowing the soothing sounds of chirping crickets or rustling leaves in.

5. Look For Any Unusual Animal Behavior

Don’t disregard the potential of a spiritual connection if an animal lingers nearby, stares intensely into your eyes, leads you somewhere in particular, or resides near your home. These animals may be trying to impart something meaningful and should not go unnoticed.

look for any unusual animal behaviors

Many have reported that their spirit animal has appeared before them in physical form. However, it’s up to us as individuals to take heed and acknowledge its presence with respect.

Pro Tip – Document Your Interactions With Animals

Documenting your experiences with animals can be a powerful way to increase self-discovery and gain insight into the meaning of your animal spirit.

Take note of any behaviors or physical characteristics that stand out and make you feel as though there’s a deeper meaning behind the encounter.

How did you feel upon first seeing the animal?

How have your interactions with it changed over time?

What messages are the animals conveying?

Remain open-minded while attempting to decipher them – you might be surprised by what they have to tell you!

6. Start Meditating & Praying Regularly

To find your spirit animal, take steps to spiritually and supernaturally open yourself up to their presence.

You can do this by meditating or praying in a natural place like the beach or meadow, or somewhere man-made such as a park.

Tune into your intuition and trust what it tells you; if you feel something strongly then there’s likely meaning behind that message!

start meditating and praying regularly

If you’re ready to be receptive and embrace a different type of knowledge and intelligence, find your spirit animal.

But remember that this relationship is two-way – it must come from both sides, so don’t try to force the connection by summoning it yourself.

Instead, keep an open mind in order to gain the most out of such a spiritual experience.


If you find that your meditations and prayers are not yielding the desired result, don’t be disheartened. Take a break from it, or shift to another time of year when your mental state is different.

Meanwhile, focus on connecting more with nature and developing your spiritual awareness by spending even greater amounts of time outdoors in the natural world.

7. Reflect & Identify The Wisdom Of Animals

Invest more time in nature, specifically around animals, and you might find yourself perceiving them differently.

Pay attention to their animal mannerisms, how they converse with one another, as well as the parts of their behavior that take you by surprise.

the wisdom of animals

Good To Know

Animals possess an intelligence of their own that is distinct from, yet equal to our own. If you struggle to recognize this, it can be challenging for you to uncover your spirit animal.

8. Study Spirit Animals & Their Symbolic Meanings

Educate yourself in the practice of animal symbolism, and you’ll discover that many animals have specific spiritual significance.

Look up various interpretations of your spirit animal online or purchase a book about totem symbols for further exploration into the power behind your spirit companion.

Final Note

Finding your spirit animal is a journey, not a destination. Stay patient and remain open to the insights it may offer; with time, you’ll be able to recognize its connection to your spiritual path.

Most importantly, cherish and honor the relationship you form with your spirit animal. Respect it as a powerful teacher that has come to help guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

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