7 Steps To Manifest Anything You Want In Life

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Manifest Anything

When you manifest your desires, you bring something tangible into your life by constantly reliving the moment in your imagination.

This starts with a deep belief that you are enough and deserve all the happiness that you ever wanted. 

However, most people just try random manifestation strategies and run out of internal power without any quick success.

First of all, it works and I can personally vouch for that. You’ll find many success stories on Reddit, Quora, YouTube and I have a couple of my own success stories too (I’ll share them sometime).

So, if you think they do not work or if it’s not working for you, it’s time to change your methods.

But before you learn these methods on how to manifest anything, make sure you have a strong belief system to latch upon.

Otherwise, you will constantly doubt the universe, even if it will give you signals that your manifestation is working. 

But what is manifestation anyway?

What Is Manifestation?

What is manifestation

Manifestation is the practice of consciously attracting or achieving something you desire in your life, and there are various methods to support this process.

These methods, including the 55×5 method, the 369 method, scripting, pillow manifestation, etc. can help you focus your intention and energy to manifest your dreams into reality.

This could be wealth, success, fame, relationships, or material possessions. It begins by establishing a ‘feeling‘ or vision of something you want and then fostering a deep belief that you can manifest it into its physical form.

In simpler terms, manifestation is about turning your dreams into reality. It’s setting a goal or desire and taking proactive, focused steps to achieve it.

Just as our universe operates at a specific vibrational frequency, so do we, as human beings.

Through manifestation, it’s possible to align your personal vibrations with those of the universe, effectively ‘asking’ for what you want.

By doing so, you have the potential to transform your deepest desires into physical reality and actively shape your own world. Now, let’s delve into how you can manifest your desires using the powerful steps outlined below.

Seven Steps To Manifest Anything You Want 

Step 1: Keep your goals clear

goals clear

Before you look for how to manifest any desires, be sure about what you want.

Whether you desire a healthy relationship, a better job opportunity, or even money, you are the one in control of your dreams.

Whatever you desire, make sure to keep your intentions as detailed as possible. If you desire to get a high-paying job, instead of focusing on the salary, focus on a job that pays more. 

Before you do that, make sure you have the requisite skills to succeed in that job.

Let’s say you want to be good at playing the guitar as well as earning money- now, instead of focusing on how to manifest money, you should focus only on the skill.

Because money always follows people with clear goals. But, how to set a clear goal?

Here are a few ways to decide on a specific goal-

  • Assess the possibilities: Take your time deciding what you want and ensuring that you stick to it. This step is crucial to seal the deal with the universe. Consider deeply and understand your capabilities to decide what and where you want to expand.
  • Be specific about your goals: Don’t make a random and evasive goal like love, money, or career. Think about what kind of career you want and how you want to work. Visualize the kind of love that will fulfill you. Things that make you feel passionate and evoke excitement or exhilaration are the best options to learn how to manifest anything you want.
  • Concentrate on one goal at a time: At the start, never try hard to achieve multiple goals with less time. You will only face disappointments. Focus on what you are most passionate about and set realistic goals.  This will help you focus better and chase them with excitement.
  • Write down your manifestation: You can write them down in a notebook or type over the phone. It can be just the bullet points and specifics that you need to remember. There is no need to write in full sentences. This will help you channel all your positive energies into the manifestation process. 

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Step 2: Communicate Your Intentions To The Universe

Communicate your intentions to the universe

Now that you have set your desires, your next step is to tell the universe what you want.

There are various ways to manifest anything instantly. However, creating vision boards or practicing visualization techniques are the best methods to get started. 

For example, if your goal is to own a dream house, create a vision board and attach pictures of the type of house you want onto it.

Put it in a place where you will see it very often. 

You can also note down your intentions on a piece of paper. Take a paper and write down your desires at least three times in the morning, followed by six times in the afternoon and nine times at night.

This is called the 3-6-9 method, which has gone viral on TikTok recently. 

These methods will help your subconscious mind to stay clear about your goals which helps the universe understand them better. 

Step 3: Have a Clear Mind

clear mind

We all have a certain set of beliefs that vary from person to person.

For example, some people believe in God, and some just don’t. Such belief systems are often influenced by our upbringing, environment, and the people we grew up with. 

Some limiting beliefs can cause anxiety and fear. These illusions will inhibit your thoughts and actions toward achieving your dreams.

Get rid of limiting beliefs and guilty feelings that are hindering your positive thoughts and actions.

The best course of action to eliminate them is to confront them head-on or make them disappear altogether.

Unfortunately, the least you can do is to accept them. 

Step 4: Start Working On Your Goals

Yes, you can manifest anything you want, but you have to take the necessary actions for that.

Manifestation is a process that involves co-creating something with the universe. It is not a one-way street.

To achieve your goals, you have to meet the universe halfway and ask the universe for what you want. You can’t expect any tangible results without setting a course of action.

Start by finding some time exclusively dedicated to manifestation.

Try to use at least three communication methods (mentioned in step 2) with the universe daily.

For example, you can use prayer, meditation, and visualization on day 1.

Then use a vision board, and note down methods along with meditation on the next day.

Continue this process unless you start noticing signs that your manifestation is working.

Step 5: Trust Blindly in Your Intentions & Intuition

Trust blindly in your intentions

If you would ask any long-time practitioner about his biggest advice on a successful manifestation, he would probably tell you to trust your intentions and intuition without any second thoughts.

Sometimes your brain can give you well-meaning reasoning and logic about the impossibility of your desires.

But ignore them and believe that anything is possible without a speck of doubt. After you have set your goal, have an unflinching belief without any reservations that you are going to manifest what you want.

If you are someone new to manifestation, then this is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Sometimes you can lose hope and become distracted, but you have to be steadfast.

Visualizing, and keeping positive affirmations and thoughts will help in bringing the mind under control.

Keeping company with like-minded and positive people also helps in having a calm and collected mindset. And the best advice I could give is to meditate.

Step 6: Always Think Positively

Always think positively

Think about it this way- there is always a silver lining among the clouds.

Even if you are going through a rough patch, just think of it as a preamble for something better.

Some days are just rough, and you can’t control it. It would be better to just accept it and move on.

The more you think and complain about the bad things happening to you, the more negative feelings you will harvest within yourself.

This will derail your whole manifestation journey. The guaranteed tactic for a successful manifestation is to remain positive.

Mingle with positive-minded people who encourage and inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Try to be genuinely nice to people and give them compliments. Try to find happiness when you see others happy or smiling.

Even complimenting yourself for doing something good is achieving something you have aspired for. 

Such positivity will ensure that you do not divert from your path and always imagine yourself in the best possible scenarios.

Step 7: Let Your Imagination Free and Live in the Moment

Let your imagination free

Visualize yourself already living the dream you are manifesting. Imagine whatever you have wished for and imagine yourself in that scenario.

Picture your desirable future in full detail and let it put you in a happy mood. Repeat the exercise as often as you can, and always remember how happy you were when you imagined yourself in those scenarios. 

Imagine yourself in those moments as an active participant or look at the scene as an audience watching a play.

By practicing such visualizing exercises daily and repeatedly, you will start believing them as true.

The little doubt you would be having in your mind will vanish soon as well. This is one of the easiest ways to manifest your desires.

Step 8: Live in the Moment and Be Thankful

Live in the moment and be thankful

Our mind often either dwells in the past or wanders in the future.

It is very rare for us to live in the present and think about what kind of happiness we have garnered.

Use only a happy state of mind to reach your goal. A successful manifestation can only come to fruition when you imagine yourself achieving the dream in your present.

Being generous and filled with gratitude will raise the vibration level to keep negativity at bay.

When you are grateful for your blessing, no matter how limited they might be according to you, it forms a connection with the universe.

It sends the universe a signal that you are abundantly thankful, and you deserve many more blessings thereafter.

It reveals a happy and content state of mind. When you generously share your abundance, like love, time, or money, with others, you also attract more of it in return. 

What Are the Signs to Know Your Manifestation is Working?

Once your manifestation starts working, you will come across many signs, both small and big, considering how close you are to your goals.

Signs that say your manifestation is working:

Hearing from other sources:

Suppose you hear someone talking about something you want, whether on the phone, nearby, or even on the radio- meaning, it’s working.

For instance, if you need to manifest a house and hear someone talking over the phone about it, consider it a good sign.

Repeating numbers:

If your manifestation is working, then you may start seeing repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, and 555 in your daily life. It may come across these numbers anywhere, such as billboards, books, TV, radio, number plates, etc.

111: This number says that you are on the right path.

222: This number is associated with romance, partnership, and relationships. If you see this number, that means this relationship is essential for you.  

333: This number represents body, mind, and soul. It says you are doing great in life. Also, make sure to stick with your routine.

444: If you come across this number, then make sure to pay more attention to your family and close ones.

555: The number 5 represents change, and opportunities, meaning you are all set to start a new journey.

Apart from visual and audible signs, you may also feel a growing sense of optimism and excitement when your manifestation is close to turning into reality.

Why Is Your Manifestation Not Working?

Why is my manifestation not working

There are three primary reasons that can hinder your manifestation process:

Going Too Quickly

Manifestation is an evidence-based practice, not some magical formula that can give you anything you want in a whiff.

It requires dedication and proper planning of a pre-calculative move. Remember, it takes time. You cannot rush to it.

Most of the time, people don’t believe in it, which is understandable. However, you have to believe it to receive it. 

You can’t manifest 1 million dollars out of the blue when your current monthly salary is just $30,000- you have to vividly plan your way to success.

Start by focusing on the small things.

For example, if your salary is $30,000, try to manifest a $5k pay raise. Once you build a stable foundation, you can manifest a bigger pay scale next time.

Not Taking Appropriate Action

Manifestation is a two-way street. If you put your desires in a universe, make sure to take inspired actions to achieve them.

For instance, if you need to increase your wealth, start acting on it.

You may make some calls to your old friends about your plan, or start a personal blog, or do anything that can mint your money.

Being More Desperate

Sometimes you need to set boundaries for your actions. Trying too hard to get something can result in counter-productivity.

Acting needy and desperate is not the right way to manifest. That means you are demanding the universe; instead of conveying desires to the universe.

Can You Manifest Money?

manifest money

Yes, you can use the law of attraction to manifest money. The fact is, you have to consider money as a tool or resource to fulfill your needs.

It’s not a surprise that most people face mental blocks while manifesting wealth.

However, if you find a way to move past those blocks, you can attract anything you want without investing in it.

Let’s say you need money to buy a new car. Looking at it from a different perspective, the car you need represents your convenience, freedom, and abundance.

Just believe that you are living in that comfort. You no need to learn how to manifest money anymore.

How to manifest money in the best and easiest way possible?

Create a healthy relationship with money. If you need money to buy a car, shift your focus from money to the car.

If you need a house, imagine the house instead of worrying about the payment or monthly mortgage. 

Manifestation and the law of attraction won’t promise immediate fixes.

You have to take inspired actions to let the universe bestow you with abundance.

In the physical sense, make the necessary adjustments that will make the possibility of higher income possible.

Like get the requisite qualification for your dream job or starting the business venture you have always wanted to.

Emotionally, always be calm, collected, and be patient with a heart full of gratefulness and positivity.

Can You Manifest Certain Persons Into Your Life?

Yes, you can. Imagine as if it is already under process and protect your manifestation from any negative thoughts. But you can handle that too. 

Thought manifestation is a powerful tool to convert negative thoughts into positive ones.

The rule is never to let any negative connotation cover your thoughts and conversations. Even if the intention is right, you should always speak of it in a positive manner. 

For example, if you are expecting someone’s call, instead of saying they probably won’t call, say, “They will call but I am not bothered anymore”. 

Visualize you are getting a call or text from the person. Just hold your phone and close your eyes, imagining that person’s name popping up on your screen. 

End Thoughts

Negative messages like arguing, pleading, or apologies will only bring down your vibration energies. Visualize your excitement and thrill when you imagine yourself in your desired situation.

Always try to immerse yourself in happy vibes.  However, don’t be desperate and check on your phone every ten minutes.

There is a difference between expectation and desperation. Nevertheless, expect excitement.

Desperation will only lead to disappointment. Learn to be patient and confident in your ability to manifest. Always stay motivated and show gratitude.

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