How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations?

Rishika Dange
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Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations

We always blame fate when we go through a bad phase in life and feel helpless. When one catastrophe leads to another we lose hope in our power to endure. But what if we can make situations at least bearable for us?  

We all know that every matter in this universe has energy, and every energy vibrates at a particular frequency.

As matters of a similar nature attract each other, energies of the same frequencies attract each other.

Positivity creates higher frequency vibrations. Whenever you feel positive feelings such as gratitude, love, sympathy, confidence, kinship, etc., you produce high-frequency vibrations. 

These positive vibrations make you feel cheerful and energetic, thus attracting more good luck and favorable outcomes to your life.

But they don’t last too long. We switch to negative emotions more often, and it decreases our spiritual vibration.

The good news is- we can increase and maintain our spiritual vibration by following some easy methods. 

Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

There are countless ways to raise your vibrations by making some small alterations to your beliefs and lifestyle.

In this regard, here are some tried, tested, and recommended ways to raise your spiritual vibrations without putting in too much effort.

1. Practice a Morning Ritual

Practice a Morning Ritual

Always start your day with your favorite ritual. This will help you align your energies and set the tone for the day. Make sure you have an intention attached to that ritual to go for it every day.

This intention will help you get the work done throughout the day with a fulfilling mindset. Some of the best ways to start your morning rituals are- yoga, meditation, and exercise. 

If you start your day with exercise, your body awakens to a new vibration that lasts for the entire day. It doesn’t have to be a gym session.

You can take a long walk in nature or go for a run as well. But don’t stress about the outcomes in advance; getting in the flow is essential here.

For example, don’t expect your daily exercise to offer you a celebrity figure. Instead, take it as a part of your daily commitment to achieve your ultimate purpose in life. 

On the other hand, meditation will help lower stress and anxiety issues that account for 90% of negative vibrations in your body.

You will have a calmer mind and better insight into your feelings and thoughts. To get started, find a quiet space to relax and simply focus on your breaths for a couple of minutes. Be compassionate with yourself if your mind wanders initially.

You will learn how to manage your stress to retain your positive spiritual vibration for a longer period. The same goes true when you do yoga.

A yoga flow helps you reset your system, raise your energy levels, and free up stagnant energy. You will feel instantly better both in body and mind. 

You can also dance, sing, cook, or spend time in your garden. The point is to start the day without exhausting your energy in things that don’t do you good.

2. Practice Self-care

Practice Self-care

Self-assessment is the first radical thing you can do to raise your positive vibrations. Think about things in a strong relationship with your peace of mind.

Sometimes taking out time for yourself is not selfishness but self-nurturing. This is when you can let go of any negative emotions and immerse yourself in practices solely about yourself.

Start your self-care journey by abandoning negative self-talk and unnecessary self-demeaning.

Treat yourself like you would treat somebody you deeply love. Nourish yourself with compassionate, loving, supportive, and kind words. Even if you fake it at first, it will grow on you eventually.

Some common self-care rituals include taking a sound bath, surrounding yourself with candles, using aromatherapy, listening to some soothing music, etc. 

Some people even have a spa session to pamper their bodies.

Even taking just a few minutes a day to put on some skincare or makeup, deciding to put effort into what you wear, and treating yourself with things you think you deserve are some self-care practices that could bring joy.

By making yourself the source of your pleasure, you will raise your positive vibrations by multiple times.

3. Organize Your Thoughts and Take Mindful Actions

Organize Your Thoughts

Don’t let your life pass by just like that. Be conscious of your surroundings. Give care about how certain things can affect you.

Be considerate and thoughtful of the things that are happening around you once in a while. Don’t jump to prejudices or judgmental conclusions.

Be understanding and kind to everyone’s dire situations. Understanding their point of view will let you abolish the unnecessary grudge you are harboring.

So let go of the negative energies to make room for positive and peaceful thoughts. Here are some general but effective ways to boost your positive vibrations.

4. Be kind to yourself

Firstly, stop comparing yourself with others. Stop scrutinizing everything you are, and you do. Living life is already hard enough. Don’t make it more difficult for yourself.

Becoming jealous of others and condemning yourself for things out of your control will ultimately be your downfall. So be kind to yourself. When you start to generate positive thoughts for yourself you attract positive energy faster. 

You may not find yourself unique, but nobody is the same either. Your circumstances and the way you deal with them have already made you a special person.

Don’t shun difficult emotions but face them and move on. Appreciate yourself more.  If you aren’t able to be kind to yourself, then you will eventually lack empathy for others. Please do it for yourself and others.

Doing something good is not just about karmic values but your overall sense of fulfillment. When your consciousness is not burdened you are free to create positive vibrations.

5. Practice Gratitude and Kindness for Others

Practice Gratitude and Kindness for Others

It is very easy to think about our shortcomings. It happens to the best of us. The feeling of worthlessness and finding purpose for our existence has haunted all of us at some point.

But that doesn’t mean we should forget to appreciate the things we have. Don’t always focus on things that you don’t have.

Focus on things that you have because perhaps those very things are just a distant dream for others. Be grateful for the circumstances, people, and materialistic possessions you have.

Be grateful for your health, children, or even the fact that you can fight for yourself another day.

 In the end, you will find there are many things in your life worth living for which may not be as seemingly significant as others but still worth it.

Do this at night before sleeping as this will wrap your day on a positive note. This will always put you in a higher vibration state.

6. Think Positive Thoughts

Think Positive Thoughts

Very often we make a situation worse in our heads than it actually is out there. We overthink and trap ourselves in one self-destructive thought after another.

We make ourselves overly stressed, anxious, and pessimistic. Our ideas can indeed have the power to shape our reality.  

Many theories suggest we can manifest our deepest desires into acute reality if we focus on it. We are not saying always stay positive and smile all day, every day. It is simply impossible.

But don’t carry a perpetual feeling of sadness with you at all times. It will repulse any positive energies that are coming towards you.

 Have second thoughts, prepare yourself for worst-case scenarios but at the same time don’t overindulge in negative- low-vibrational thoughts either.

Positive thoughts may not always guarantee success. But they will always ensure that you don’t break easily when something doesn’t go as per your plans. Such optimism is a powerful source to generate long-term positive vibrations within you.

7. Take a Break

Take a Break

It is very easy to operate on auto-pilot when you have lots of responsibilities. Take a few minutes a day to reset your vibrations and have clarity on how and when you want things done.  

Clarity will help uncover any negative vibration in your subconscious that is holding you back. Incorporate small habits in your daily life that will bring high vibrations instantly.

Start journaling about your life and feelings in detail. Start something new like a DIY project or learn a new skill. It will boost your confidence and take your mind off things dragging you down. Eliminate addictions, whether it’s people or things.

Try to maintain distance from your beloved gadgets for a few hours a week and find other things to do.

 Like reading a book or spending time with pets etc. What we eat also affects our thoughts. Try to eat something light, nutritious, and healthy throughout the day.

Don’t stop yourself from enjoying good food but eat good things for your body and mind more. Such mundane actions are remarkably effective and you can feel your positive vibrations rising within yourself.

8. Connect to A Higher Self

Connect to A Higher Self

Sometimes we pick up on the energy of people in our surroundings. If you are not introspective, you easily confuse their feelings for your own.

Primarily when someone is functioning at a low vibration do not let that affect you. We are capable of controlling our energy. Recognize where the energy is coming from.

If it’s not our own or not productive for us, then you have the power to get rid of it. If you are feeling anxious at some point, and think you won’t be able to do everything by yourself, then connect to a higher power.

This connection can be religious or spiritual. It will make you feel protected and not alone anymore. 

It will act as a positive source to help you stay grounded.  Unless you want to become a self-proclaimed martyr, which is not a bad thing, you shouldn’t lose yourself while helping others.

Keep your integrity intact and value your life, self-respect, and time. When you value yourself more you raise your spiritual vibrations more.

9. Cultivate Healthy Relationships

Cultivate Healthy Relationships

Some people are just not meant to be. They will show signs early that they aren’t right for your mental health and life in general.

Not because they are bad people, but because their negative vibrations won’t align with your positive ones.

Engage with people who always lift your spirits, love, and support you. Remember it’s not about quantity but quality.

You don’t want people who constantly drain your energy and make you question your worth. If possible let them go or award them a minimum of your time.

Whenever you have a choice, then choose yourself over everything. You have the right and a valid reason to do so. You can always feel the difference when you are with good people with high positive vibrations.

They will elevate your positive vibrations as well. When something or someone is always putting you down and draining every good emotion you have, you lose your positive vibrations.

Signs of High Vibration

Signs of High Vibration

There are many signs of both high and low vibrations to let you know about the shift.

Some signs might be subjective, while others will be general. Here are some common signs of high vibration you can experience-

  • You will have a strong desire to find your way instead of following the norm. You will lead away from mainstream ideals, limiting belief systems and carving your individuality.
  • You will discard toxic people and harmful things that deplete your energy. You will no longer tolerate abusive relationships or succumb to addictions.
  • You will treat all your emotions (the good, the bad, and the ugly) equally. You will choose to heal yourself, forgive people, and move on to have a burden-less life. 
  • You would want to change toxic jobs or your lifestyle to add some purpose to every action.
  • You would start to remedy things that are damaging the environment or are not beneficial for your future.
  • You will learn to love yourself more, and your empathy towards others will deepen. You will focus on giving more than receiving.
  • You won’t crave the company of other people to be content with yourself. Instead, you will explore new hobbies and work on your relationship with yourself.
  • You will understand how your thoughts influence your realities and will treat them subconsciously without submitting to them.
  • You will see synchronicities like repeating numbers (111, 222,333, etc.). Your thoughts will manifest faster than before. These are the signs of your angels or spirit guides to let you know that you are on the right path.

Closing Thoughts

You can create a better life for yourself by raising your vibration. This may not be that easy, but you can always start somewhere. Raising vibrations doesn’t mean you have to be devoutly spiritual.

It means imbibing healthy mindful activities throughout your day to make your life less stressful. Start making small temporary changes and recognize the signs of change. You will realize eventually what you were missing all this time.

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