5 Human Design Types Explained: Strength, Weakness, Aura & more

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Ever wondered what drives you to work?

Do you know the secret to making good decisions in life?

Well, your Human Design Type holds all the answers. It gives you a deep insight into who you truly are.

Once you understand the blueprint of how your energy is designed, you will discover your greatest gifts and life purpose effortlessly.

Get ready because, in this blog, we’re about to explore all five human design types. We will discuss their strengths, weaknesses, aura type, and their ideal strategy to rock their life.

Excited to discover your energy type?

Let’s dive in!

What is Human Design System?

Human Design System

The concept of Human Design was first published by a man called Alan Krakower (Ra Uru Hu) in the year 1992 after he encountered a “Voice” that lasted for eight days in the late ‘80s.

Ra recorded his experience to understand the genetic nature of human beings in the book Rave I’Ching.

It describes crucial elements of a Human Design Chart (BodyGraph) that contains information to read your flow of energy and ways to harness that energy to have greater fulfillment in your life.

The teachings are based on Western Astrology, Chakras, Quantum Physics, Kabbalah, and I Ching. 

According to the human design system, the entire population can be divided into five energy types.

Each has its unique defined chakra system, authority type, and strategy to respond to life.

The entire blueprint of your energy type can be understood from your body graph chart created using your birth time, birth date, and other details. 

Now, let’s discuss five Human Design Energy types and their unique design blueprint for living a blissful life.   

Understanding Five Types in Human Design Chart


Generators project tremendous spontaneous energy into the sacral center, and they are the only type designed to work.

They find life through work. But they must engage in something they love to do to turn on their sacral motors.

Otherwise, they will feel frustrated. Generators have a defined sacral center and no connection between a motor and the throat. 


  • Energetic
  • Master of their work
  • Sustainable energy 
  • Self-aware


  • Often frustrated
  • Quits too often 
  • Can’t adjust 
  • Can feel stuck 

Purpose: To Response and Build 

Generators have constant access to defined Sacral energy. They can use that consistent energy to gain steady momentum as a doer, builder, or problem solver.

Their ideal strategy is to respond. If they respond to what excites them in life, their energy gets further amplified, and they end up attracting even more opportunities towards them.  

Aura: Open and Enveloping 

Generators have a magnetic aura that brings energy to them. People can’t get enough of their Sacral energy- it’s like a shot of motivation when they need to push boundaries. 

aura open and enveloping

Strategy: To Wait and Respond 

Generators fear that if they wait for opportunity, nothing will happen. But according to the geometry, the ideal generator Strategy is to wait to respond and know themselves. 

If you are a generator, the only way to break out of the conditioning field is to respond.

For instance, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by shifting to a new home, request someone you trust to ask you a series of yes/no questions. 

  • Do you really want to change the home?
  • Is your family happy about your decision?
  • Will it affect your current lifestyle in any negative way?

The session will help you gain clarity on what you want. Sleep on your responses to see which ones stay the same over time. 

Not-self-theme: Frustration 

Generators feel an initial surge of energy before starting a new work. But soon, they reach the plateau when they don’t make any improvements despite hard efforts. As a result, they feel frustrated and may quit if it’s intolerable.

However, it’s a good sign as they respond to new opportunities in life. 

Famous Generators

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Fred Astaire
  • Beethoven 
  • Bill Clinton 
  • Madonna


If you have one or more of the three motor centers (Heart, Emotions, or Root) defined and connected to a defined Throat center, you’re a Manifestor.

Manifestors make things happen. A defined Throat center gives you the energy to initiate things that other Types (like Generators) need an invitation for, such as conversations or even businesses. 


  • Go-getters
  • Influential 
  • Successful 
  • Impulsive
  • Mysterious


  • Angry 
  • Self-absorbed
  • Not a team player 
  • Impatient 
  • Secretive 

Aura: Closed and Repelling 

As you try to do things without waiting for an opportunity, you create a powerful aura of mystery and sometimes nervousness.

If you don’t work on your communication issues with your coworkers, they may feel like unnecessary elements on your way. That’s why you have a closed and repelling aura. 

But, unlike Manifestor Generators, you have an open Sacral center. 

Purpose: Initiate and Make Things Happen

You’re born with the ability to make things happen by putting your tremendous drive and focus into work and the people around you.

Most importantly, you’re a highly motivated person capable of powerful expression and manifestation. You constantly manifest in your mind, produce ideas, and execute them with pure energy. 

Strategy: Inform Others Before Taking Actions 

The impact of your energy can drive people crazy, unwanted, and frustrated. Don’t worry, though!

You can avoid that by sharing your plans with others in advance and managing their expectations to ensure everyone is on the same page. It will improve your relationships and reduce resistance in life. 

Not-self-theme: Anger

When you’re not in harmony with your Type and Strategy, you will feel anger inside.

You may also feel angry if things are not going as per your plans or you’re meeting resistance from others.

Again, following your Strategy (informing others) can help you avoid your not-self-theme by building healthy relationships with others. 

Famous Manifestors:

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Neil Armstrong 
  • Al Gore
  • Paul McCartney
  • Jack Nicholson 

Manifesting Generators 

Manifesting Generators are the hybrids of Manifestors and Generators. They have a defined Sacral center with at least one of their motor centers (Heart, Emotion, Root) connected to a defined Throat center.

That’s why their energy matches both the Manifestor and Generator energy.

You are a powerhouse of sacral energy (gut response) required to be released mindfully for maximum impact. Generators lack this gut energy because of their open Sacral centers. 


  • Energetic
  • Multi-taskers
  • Self-aware 
  • Good at finding shortcuts 
  • Powerhouse of energy 


  • Anger
  • Frustration 
  • Impatient 
  • Not finishers 

Aura: Open and Envolving 

Both Generators and Manifesting Generators have an open and evolving aura. But when they are in action, the aura becomes closed and repelling in nature, just like Manifestors.

As the aura naturally pulls in, Manifesting Generators never need to worry about missing out on life. 

Purpose: To Respond To Life and Make Things Happen

Most Manifesting Generators appear to be “all over the place” as they are designed to do multiple things at once.

They initiate several projects and work hard on them over a long period of time.

But, here is the catch: they can initiate and make things happen only after honoring their built-in guidance system of the gut response. 

strategy visualize and inform

Strategy: Visualize and Inform

Being a blend of Manifestor and Generator, Manifesting Generators are always restless and ready to engage with anything at a moment’s notice.

But, the temptation to break the ice and make things happen at a Manifestor zeal can confuse people, drawing unwanted resistance.

It works well if they visualize the outcomes of their actions and inform others when they choose to respond from their gut power. It will stabilize the energy around them.

Not-self theme: Anger and Frustration

Manifesting Generators move faster than Generators. They may initiate multiple projects but may lack enthusiasm after working for a few days.

Now, if they have to force themselves to stay on the project under peer pressure, they feel frustrated and angry.

Resistance may also surface from others due to misunderstanding for not informing them before taking action.

The best way to minimize rejection and resistance is to follow the Strategy. 

Famous Manifesting Generators

  • David Beckham
  • Simon Cowell
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Paris Hilton
  • Elton John
  • George Lucas


Projectors have undefined Sacral with no active connection between motors and Throat.

They have the greatest gifts to manage, guide, and direct others with their knowledge and wisdom.

But, the essence of Projectors is- they simply wait and need to be invited to make the best use of their energy and creative expression. 

projectors human design


  • Ideal guides
  • Insightful
  • Intuitive 
  • Charismatic 
  • Excellent energy guiders 


  • Appears lazy 
  • Prone to burnouts
  • Highly sensitive 
  • Lacks self-awareness
  • Often feel bitterness or desperation

Aura: Focused and Absorbing 

Projectors are designed to recognize and get recognized. The aura is focused and absorbing, so it can energetically interact with others. It helps Projectors to understand and guide others with ease. 

Purpose: To Guide Others 

Projectors love to use their knowledge and wisdom to guide others, especially, Generators and Manifestors. Projectors know how to help others make the best use of their energy and creative expression. 

Strategy: Wait to Be Invited

Projectors have no Sacral energy and lack motor connections to Throat, which makes it tough for them to get noticed despite their best efforts.

The Strategy is to be an observer and wait for the invitation before they decide to act or contribute to something.

This rule applies to all major events of a Projector, such as love, career, or business.

If they can’t wait and keep responding to life impulsively, success might slip through their fingers. Patience is the key here, and this acknowledgment is essential for self-improvement. 

Not-self theme: Bitterness 

Projectors think of themselves as Manifesting Generators- that they can initiate and do more than they are capable of.

But, unlike Manifesting Generators, they lack Sacral energy.

As the open Sacral energy is not sustainable (non-energy type), they run out of energy soon and end up hurting their bodies and spirits in the process.

This induces a state of bitterness in them. That’s their non-self theme. 

Famous Projectors 

  • Tony Blair
  • Princess Diana of Wales
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Mick Jagger 
  • Nelson Mandela 
  • Barack Obama


Reflectors have all nine centers of their Human Design chart white, representing the top 1% of the population.

As they have no inner authority, they see truth when reflected through others.

They are like a wise owl, sitting serenely in the corner of a room- truly unique and sensitive. You will find them wandering off from a crowded place to find solace on the river bank. 


  • Talkative 
  • Passionate 
  • Unique 
  • Peace sneakers
  • health barometer of their community 


  • Highly sensitive 
  • Often feel bitterness 
  • Need consistency 
  • Struggle for stability 
  • Clingy 


Reflectors draw others toward them in a quiet and non-interfering way. Under their aura, people feel a soothing, calming influence and can’t help themselves but quickly appreciate the innate wisdom of Reflectors. 

Purpose: To Reflect the Health of Their Community 

You can measure the happiness of a community from its reflector because it’s in their nature to be deeply conditioned by their community. As they are ruled by the magnificent moon, they can reflect something new quite easily without much trauma. 

Strategy: Wait Twenty-eight Days 

Being lunar beings, Reflectors experience energetic and decisive days as the moon moves through their chart.

The moon takes 28 days (lunar cycle) to move through all sixty-four gates of the Reflector.

By the time one lunar cycle completes, Reflectors experience a wave of bipolar opposite emotion.

That said, if they have decided to act on a decision, the ideal strategy is to sleep on it for the next 28 days before making their final call.

In this way, they are less likely to regret their choices and attract unhappy consequences.  

reflector strategy

Not-self theme: Disappointment & Frustration 

Reflectors have all nine energy centers open. As a nature of this openness, they perceive a full range of unfulfilled human potential and unexpressed magnificence.

But when they act on them swiftly without waiting for at least 28 days, they experience failure.

If a Reflector doesn’t know how to follow his Strategy to avoid disappointments, he feels frustrated and not himself.  

Famous Reflectors 

  • Sandra Bullock 
  • Richard Burton 
  • Rosalyn Carter 
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Uri Geller 
  • H.G. Wells 

Pros of Working as per Your Human Design Type 

When you work with Human Design as per your ideal strategy and authority, you make self-improvements in the following areas. 


Understanding your Human Design type helps you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses alike. Even with a basic understanding of your design blueprint, you can become an invaluable resource for the universe. 


When you follow your design Type and make decisions as per your ideal Strategy, life becomes easy. With the power of informed decision-making, you align with your energy and bypass potential resistances had it been otherwise. 


We all work with limited resources of energy. Your Type defines how to best use that energy with frequencies of recharge to perform at your best throughout the day. Thus, you recognize the importance of rest and self-care for overall well-being.  

Cons of Working as per Your Human Design Type 

Lacks Validity 

Though Human Design helps individuals make more aligned decisions in life, there is no empirical scientific research to back its validity and effectiveness. But that should not stop you from giving this new-age practice a shot for self-discovery. 


Despite our basic design Type, we all have some unique complexity. So, there is a risk that Human Design analysis may suggest the same Strategy for two people with exactly the same Human Design Chart, overlooking their individuality to lead life differently. 

May lead to Confusion 

Excessive reliance on Human Design, without a balanced approach, can lead to confusion or misinterpretation of data that may harm the user. Rather, it should be used in conjunction with other alternative practices with mindfulness. That would be a wise call. 

End Thoughts 

Whether you want to live in harmony with life or understand your energetic blueprint to pursue your life purpose, Human Design could be the tool you’ve been missing. It’s time to unlock your true potential and lead a more fulfilling life. 


Is Human Design based on science?

The Human Design System lacks scientific evidence. The theories proclaimed by Ra Uru Hu are not backed by any empirical proof or research.

Rather, all knowledge supplements have been borrowed from different spiritual and esoteric traditions. 

What are Authority Types in the Human Design System?

Authority refers to the inner-making process that helps us live in alignment with our lives.

There are eight authority types in Human Design: emotional authority, sacral authority, splenic authority, ego authority, self-projected authority, mental authority, lunar authority, and environmental authority.

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