Human Design System: What it is, Types, Charts, and more

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Human Design System

If you’re on a journey of self-awareness, spiritual growth, and getting in sync with your true self, let me tell you, understanding human design is key.

It’s like diving into another dimension of self-discovery, just like astrology or Myers-Briggs.

In this blog, we will touch upon basic parts of Human Design that hold the potential to help you live the most abundant, fulfilled, and seamless authentic path.

What is Human Design?

It is a design for self-awareness and self-growth.

The system synthesizes modern and ancient sciences from astrology, I-ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra system, and quantum physics.

It consists of different parts that together create your genetic, energetic blueprint and describe your unique essence amongst others.

It gives you tons of information to help you navigate your career, business, and relationships with so much ease and flow.

For the first time in 1987, Ra Uru Hu (aka Alan Robert Krakower) consciously received the concept of human design during a mystical experience in Ibiza, Spain.

He was a former advertising executive and magazine publisher before becoming a holistic practitioner. 

The summary of his knowledge is as follows. 

After the big bang event 15 million years ago, all that we see today were initially compressed into the size of the human fist. 

When that material was ignited, it exploded and burst, expanding into two groups of energies.

One group was further subdivided into sub-atomic energies; neutrons and protons. The other group was transformed into leptons.

Leptons again bifurcated into electrons and neutrinos

When the universe gradually started cooling off, electrons, protons, and neutrons came together to form atoms and materialize what we see today. Neutrinos, on the other hand, are the bearer of universal information. 

To understand the human design, you have to understand the concept of neutrinos. 

Neutrinos are tiny sub-atomic massless particles that travel nearly at the speed of light.

They are emitted from the sun and other stars in our planet’s system. Interestingly, they pass through everything present in the universe. Approximately 100 trillion neutrinos pass through your body every second. 

Ra Huru also received information from the mystical voice about the crystal of consciousness.

During the big bang process, one big crystal of consciousness was shattered into many small pieces and was absorbed into everything that materialized in the process.

That said, every humans, trees, birds, and bee hold their own crystal of consciousness.

When neutrinos pass through our crystals, we go through a stream of information. All this information can be transported into the Human Design Mandala on Genetic Matrix, as shown below. 

human design mandala on genetic matrix
Human Design chart

This color wheel surrounds the BodyGraph chart, and together they help us transform from within to make our lives a hassle-free affair. 

Significance of the Human Design System

We all get advice to live a truly authentic life path. 

But, it’s not easy to BE JUST YOURSELF. There is more to it. 

Human design helps you identify your Bodygraph or core sources of conditioning – something not what you think you are through your conscious mind. 

Your BodyGraph offers you that map of genetic code, following which you can be in sync with who you are. 

It helps you tap into your true aura and to make wise decisions in life that are hard to achieve under external influences. 

As a result, you feel a lot less resistant, less exhausted, and less stressed while navigating through complex aspects of your life- be it your health, career, business, or relationships. 

Understanding the BodyGraph Chart

The human design is also called the BodyGraph. Your BodyGraph informs you about your inner superpower to initiate informed actions.

Each person can draw his own BodyGraph using the following details

  • date of birth
  • time of birth
  • Place of birth 

Your birth details can help calculate the position of planets in your birth chart. Now, this data can be transported onto the BodyGraph as well. 

The position of the planet is calculated for one of the wheels in a specific hexagram.

Your BodyGraph contains hexagram.

Each hexagram represents a specific energy gate that can be activated following a certain process.

Once all calculations are made and transported to the graph, the integration of design and personality unfolds. That is your basic Human Design. 

The basic BodyGraph has nine centers (Chakras) that are connected to each other through 32 channels via 64 gates.

Nine centers with their field of energy: 

  1. Head center: Inspiration, initiation, 
  2. Ajna center: knowing, intuition, and understanding 
  3. Throat center: action, metamorphosis, and unfolding 
  4. Heart center: ego, zeal, and passion
  5. Splenic center: balance, judgment, and cleansing 
  6. Sacral center: maturation, reproduction, and sexuality 
  7. Solar plexus: aspiration, sensitivity, and emotion 
  8. Centre at the base of the spine: assertion, energy, and evolution
  9. G center: spirituality, gravity, attraction, and love 

Your chakras receive information from the crystals and transport the information to the glands. This process enables the neutrino stream to be translated into the chemical language of your body. 

Your BodyGraph contains information about your “Type,” “Strategy,” and “Authority” to help you align with your natural energies to move through life with less resistance.

We’ll break them into two sections for better understanding. 

Human Design Types and Strategies 

human design types

There are four Types and Strategies of human design auras. 


Generators have a defined sacral center and no connection between a motor and the throat.

Generators project tremendous spontaneous energy from their sacral center, and they are the only type designed to work.

They find life through work. But they must engage in something they love to do to turn on their sacral motors.

Otherwise, they will feel frustrated. 

Strengths of Generators

  • Energetic
  • Master of their work
  • Sustainable energy 
  • Self-aware

Weakness of Generators

  • Often frustrated
  • Quits too often 
  • Can’t adjust 
  • Can feel stuck 

Strategy: Generators fear that if they wait for opportunity, nothing will happen. But according to the geometry, the ideal generator Strategy type is to “wait to respond” and know themselves. 

Manifesting Generators

If you have a defined sacral center and a connection between a motor and the throat, you’re a manifesting generator (MG).

Nearly 35% of the population are MGs. They are the initiators and appear “all over the place.” 

Strengths of Manifesting Generators

  • Energetic 
  • Doers of multiple things
  • Know shortcuts 
  • Self-aware
  • Sustainable energy 

Weakness of Manifesting Generators

  • Anger and frustration 
  • Lack patience
  • Don’t stick to the end of the process 

Strategy: MGs are multitaskers and fast to respond, but they skip important steps in the process. Thus, they must visualize the outcomes of their creative ideas first before taking action. This should be their true strategy. 


Projectors have an open sacral center and no defined line from the motors to the throat. They make up roughly 20% of the population.

Projectors are the best guides for Generators, and Manifest Generators, as their aura says, “I have the solution, and I can guide you.

Strengths of Projectors: 

  • Insightful 
  • Helpful
  • Directors 
  • Attractive 
  • Helps focus energy to accomplish great things

Weakness of Projectors:

  • Seems lazy
  • Prone to burnout 
  • Highly sensitive
  • Lack self-awareness
  • Sometimes bitter 

Strategy: Projectors think of themselves as a generator, but due to an open sacral line, they run out of energy to accomplish things like Generators.

If you’re a Projector, you should wait to be invited to inspire others. Your role is to realize others their true potential and to “make things happen.” 


If all nine centers in your chart are white, you’re a reflector, and you are amongst less than 1% of the population.

That said, you’re the rarest of the Human Design types. 

Strengths of Reflectors:

  • Passionate
  • Talkative 
  • Unique 
  • Value peace and prosperity 

Weakness Of Reflectors:

  • Clingy 
  • Highly sensitive 
  • Need consistency 
  • Struggle to stay grounded 

Strategy: Reflectors are lunar beings. Thus, reflectors can expect consistent changes every 28 days (lunar cycle).

The ideal strategy to make a decision is that they need to wait for 28 days to avoid disappointments. 

Apart from understanding strategy, you need to understand your authority type as well.

Let’s see how it works. 

Human Design “Authority Types”

The term “Authority” in the chart defines your intelligence in regard to your decision-making process. 

We all have been taught to think and make decisions from our minds. However, we should believe our gut (intuition) to make decisions free from anxiety, stress, disconnect, and worry.

The Human Design system teaches you to listen to your inner authority, your intuition per se.

We just now understood that except for Reflectors, the rest design types have authority in their charts. Reflectors lack authority because of their undefined spleen. 

1. Sacral Authority 

If your sacral center is defined and is under no additional energy influence, you’ve Sacral authority.

Many Manifestors and Generators fall into this authority type. Such people thrive when they trust their gut feeling over their logic and wait for the opportunity to respond to them instead of working the opposite way. 

2. Splenic 

The spleen is the basic energy center for survival, time, health, and intuition. If your chart shows splenic authority, you must act on your gut.

This nature comes easy for Manifestors and Projectors.

For Generators, it could be confusing as they wonder if it’s the spleen overriding sacral response. For them, the spleen and the sacral work together. 

3. Emotional 

If you have a defined Emotional Solar Plexus, most of your decisions are emotion-driven.

However, once the mood shifts, you may no longer stick to that project or relationship.

If you have an emotional authority, you should not leap into things under pressure (or emotions). Rather, sleep on emotions for a few days until it feels right before taking any action. 

4. Ego 

There are two subtypes: Ego Manifested & Ego Projected. If you are a Manifestor and your Will and Throat centers are connected, you have an Ego Manifested authority.

You need no one’s approval to take on the world with your actions. If you’re a Projector with heart and G centers aligned, you’ve got an Ego Projected authority.

However, irrespective of the subtype, to keep the willpower of your ego intact, you have to prioritize rest and work equally.

Unless you’re well-rested, you will find it hard to live up to your own commitments. 

5. Self-projected (G Center)

Self-projected people are more external in the decision-making process, for which they need wisdom for decision-making from outside.

This tendency comes from a channel connecting Identity and Throat centers with no overriding energies, such as Solar Plexus or Spleen.

Therefore, they thrive when their decisions are reflected or projected from a circle of reliable people around them. 

6. Environment/Mental-projected 

These people have a defined connection between the Throat and Ajna Chakras with no overriding energies.

When it comes to making decisions, they are just like self-projected authority people.

Plus, the environment they are in makes a big difference. In short, they gain clarity of thought when their decisions are reflected by close friends in a conducive environment. 

7. Lunar Cycle 

They are Reflectors who honor their special connection with the moon and experience diverse moods in every 28-day moon cycle.

If your chart shows Lunar Cycle authority, you should reflect on your emotions for the next 29 days before making any big decision. 


How is a Human Design Chart created?

A Human Design Chart is created using your birth information, including the date, time, and place of your birth. This information is used to calculate the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, which determines the state of the gates in your bodygraph.

What are the energy centers in Human Design?

There are nine energy centers in Human Design: the Head, Mind (Ajna), Throat, Self (G Center), Heart (Ego), Sacral, Spleen, Emotional Solar Plexus, and Root.

These centers can be defined (colored in and consistent in their functioning), undefined (white and taking in energy from the environment), or open (white with no fixed way of functioning).

What is the strategy in Human Design?

Your strategy in Human Design refers to the way that you’re designed to interact with the world in the most authentic way.

It varies depending on your type. For instance, Generators are designed to “wait to respond,” Projectors to “wait for the invitation,” Manifestors to “inform before initiating,” and Reflectors to “wait a lunar cycle before making decisions.”

Can Human Design change over time?

The fundamental aspects of your Human Design – your type, strategy, and authority – are fixed and don’t change over time.

However, as you become more aware of your design and experiment with living according to your strategy and authority, your experience of your design may evolve.

How can I use Human Design in my daily life?

You can use Human Design to guide your decision-making process, your interactions with others, and your understanding of yourself.

By following your strategy and authority, you can live in alignment with your unique energy and purpose.

Human Design incorporates elements of Eastern and Western Astrology, but it also includes aspects from other systems such as the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Chakra system.

While Astrology focuses on celestial bodies’ influence on human life, Human Design focuses on understanding a person’s energy configuration and decision-making strategy.

Is the Human Design System a kind of religion?

No, the Human Design System is not a religion. It is a tool or system that combines elements from various disciplines like astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra model, and quantum physics.

What is the I Ching’s role in Human Design?

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese divination text and is one of the oldest books in the world. Its 64 hexagrams correspond to the 64 gates in the Human Design chart, and each gate has a specific meaning and theme.

How does the Human Design System correlate with Quantum Physics?

The Human Design System borrows the concept of neutrinos from quantum physics.

Neutrinos are subatomic particles that carry mass and information, and in Human Design, they’re considered to impact us at the moment of our birth, imprinting us with certain information that forms our unique design.

What does it mean to “live your design” in the Human Design System?

Living your design means making decisions and living your life according to your strategy and authority.

It’s about understanding and accepting your nature, not trying to fix or change yourself, and aligning your actions with your authentic self.

Can the Human Design System help with relationships?

Yes, the Human Design System can provide insight into how you interact with others and how energy dynamics play out in relationships.

This can help you understand and navigate relationships more effectively, whether they’re romantic, familial, or professional.

What are some criticisms of the Human Design system?

As with any new-age practice, the Human Design system is not without criticism. Skeptics question its validity due to its eclectic mix of ancient traditions and modern science, and the lack of empirical evidence to support its claims.

However, many find it a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal growth.


We discussed how understanding your human design type, strategy, and inner authority gives you a clear road map to navigate life without any hassle. But we have barely scratched the surface.

There is a whole lot of information to understand regarding Human Design out there. Keep exploring our blog for related new posts.

We will keep adding new learning curves about this wonderful transformative concept to help you understand your BodyGraph better. Cheers!

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