Hypnosis Live Review: Does it Really Work?

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Hypnosis live review

Before we go for a detailed Hypnosis Live review, let’s have some basic knowledge supplements.

According to studies, hypnotherapy is found to be 93 percent effective compared to psychoanalytic and behavioral therapy.

It helps in eradicate stress, anxiety, tension, and addiction, including several behavioral-based conditions.

Studies suggest that a person is three times more receptive to suggestions from someone else than changes driven by self-interest. 

It goes without saying, Hypnotherapy sessions are highly expensive. Even a couple of sessions can easily burn a hole in your pocket.

However, things have luckily become more accessible and cheaper. Nowadays, one can achieve the full benefit of hypnotherapy through self-hypnosis CDs and downloads.

However, the only remains are to find the program that actually works. 

It’s roughly a year since I started doing self-hypnosis. I started by watching YouTube videos.

Although the response was somewhat lukewarm, at least I get to know it works. Since then, I have tried several hypnotherapy programs, and that’s how I stumbled upon ‘Hypnosis Live‘ by Inspire3. 

The hypnosis live programs claim to instill positive and empowering beliefs by altering receptive patterns in your mind.

In short, it can change the way you feel and act in a particular situation. I have been using this program for three months, and I think I have reached the point where I can finally give my honest review of the program.

In this Hypnosis Live review, I have shared details of the program and some of the most asked questions from users, including my personal experience.

How Self-Hypnosis Works?

How self-hypnosis works

Self-hypnosis works by changing the way we perceive things and act on a subconscious level.

Whatever we see, feel, and learn is stored in our minds on a subconscious level.

So, the next time we face such a specific situation, we act according to the information stored in our subconscious mind. 

For example, if a child slipped on a wet floor, then next time, he/she will try to walk cautiously, even when the floor is dry.

As we grow old, we come across many phases of life, and sometimes these phases can be traumatic, leaving a scar on a subconscious level.

Such traumas can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, fear, social awkwardness, substance dependence, addictions, etc. 

Most people start smoking or drinking after their breakup, the demise of a loved one, or other trauma.

These traumas are much ingrained in a subconscious level that even a tiny emotional trigger can make the person crave cigarettes, alcohol, or any other recreational substances.

Therapies like nicotine replacements don’t work on them as we are not addressing the root cause of the trauma.

Hypnosis replaces bad memories with good memories by penetrating deep into an individual’s subconscious mind.

What is the Hypnosis Live Program?

What is the Hypnosis Live Program

Hypnosis Live Program consists of 200+ self-hypnosis mp3 audio tracks created by Julie-Ann Amos, a highly qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

The program is available in 9 categories.

1. Mental Skills

This bundle is ideal for people who want to improve their learning, reading, and speaking skills.

It covers speed reading skills, visualization success, photographic memory power, ultra-fast learning, and many more.

2. Mindset

The Mindset program empowers you to gain motivation, end procrastination, accept criticism, and be more social.

It makes you more productive, patient, assertive, etc.

3. Emotions

Listening to this program will allow you to have more control over your emotions. It is ideal for people with anger issues, guilt, self-loathing, etc.

It also enables you to process unfortunate news without getting deeply affected.

4. Fear, worry, and anxiety

This is the holy trinity of a program that deals with several psychological issues like fear of failure, fear of rejection, anxiety, social anxiety, and more.

5. Self-growth

If you have social anxiety that hinders your personal growth, then the self-growth bundle can cure it.

Listening to it will eliminate social fear and make you more presentable, funny, assertive, and confident.

6. Health

This is great for people who are tormented and shackled with substance abuse and addictions.

The program helps you remove the root cause of your trauma by replacing it with happy memories. 

7. Sexuality

Past trauma can lead to erectile dysfunction, lack of physical sensation, etc. The sexuality hypnosis live program is designed to boost your self-confidence.

It gives you to confidence to attract a person and enjoy sexual activities with complete satisfaction. 

8. Body improvement

Most of us want that perfect body; the body lacks the motivation to follow a diet or hits the gym. Well, the body improvement program got you covered.

Apart from motivating, the program also promotes healthy eating habits, improves body posture, reduces sweet cravings, speeds up metabolism, and many more.

9. Personal development

The personal development program comprises a significant part of dating, success, finances, learning skills, etc.

Some featured hypnosis audio includes wealth attraction, millionaire mindset, mastery in musical instruments, be a better leader, be a creative writer, etc.

How to use the Hypnosis Live Program?

How to use the Hypnosis Live Program

The program comes with an instruction page stating when and how long you need to attend a session.

Most sessions last 40 minutes. Meanwhile, some sessions may last longer or shorter, considering your requirements.

What I like about this program is the creator doesn’t make any false claims to justify the Hypnosis Live pricing.

For example, the last online program claimed to show results in the first session itself, which didn’t work out.

Yes, I agree that many people have benefited from self-hypnosis from the first trial. However, it highly depends upon the strength of an individual’s subconscious mind.

Your mind may receive the new instruction within the first day, or it may take even a couple of weeks. In short, if you are in very bad shape, don’t expect an overnight miracle.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel any noticeable difference. You will see some changes in you, but that won’t last if you stop the program in between.

The program doesn’t make such fake claims at least 21 days in a row to see a permanent result for a specific topic.

Each topic is designed with specific NLP and instructions and is mutually exclusive.

For example, if you listen to self-improvement for 21 days and want to start the health program, you can’t expect results right away.

Hypnosis Live Pricing

Once self-hypnosis session ranges between $14.95 to $17.95. However, each day hypnosis live offers a special session at just $6.

The promotional topic changes every day. On my first purchase, they offered a ‘depression relief’ program for $6, then the next day, they were promoting ‘instant self-confidence.’

Hypnosis Live Bundle offers

Multimillionaire hypnosis

Some bundle services are available, covering a specific section.

For instance, the “Multimillionaire hypnosis” bundle includes three sessions- wealth attraction, money success, and millionaire mindset.

If you purchase them individually, it would cost you $64, but the bundle pack is only available at $32.95.

You can check out all the bundles on the Hypnosis Live homepage.

Try One Hypnosis Live Session Out For Free

Hypnosis Live is offering a free self-hypnosis audio here for subscribing to their newsletter.

Choose the topic of your choice, and enter your name and email address. Don’t worry; they don’t share your information with any third party.

The email is used to send free hypnosis audio files, offers, introducing new therapies, and discount coupons.

Besides, you can always unsubscribe from it with a single click.

Pros and Cons of Hypnosis Live Program

Things I like about this program

  • Easy to use- Download and listen
  • Instruction is available in a clear-cut format
  • Small file size- A 40 min duration session is around 60 MB 
  • The instructor has a very calm and gentle voice 
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Free session available
  • Money-back guarantee

Things I don’t like about this program

Have to use headphones for results- It is precisely about this program but self-hypnosis as a whole.

Most hypnotherapists suggest patients try self-hypnosis at a calm and noiseless ambiance.

Therefore, using headphones is necessary due to their noise-canceling properties.

Hypnosis Live Review: End Thoughts

It’s all about believing in yourself. Hypnosis Live can barely help you if you live in self-doubts and constant negativity.

Take the program with an open mindset that you can change your destiny at any time.

Use Hypnosis Live to reprogram your brain to focus on positive outcomes only and you shall slowly see them manifesting for sure. 


Can You Get Stuck in Self-Hypnosis?

No, not at all. Getting stuck in a trance is a myth that is circulated by the movie industry.
In reality, self-hypnosis is entirely safe as you will be aware of what’s going on around you.
If you want to get up to answer your doorbell, you can do it. In some cases, you may fall asleep during the session, but your brain will still be able to follow the instructions, and you will wake up just fine.

When not to use Hypnosis live sessions?

Do not listen to the program while driving or operating heavy machinery. Besides, if you have epilepsy or psychiatric-related issues, I would suggest you contact your therapist before using the hypnosis live program.

Does hypnosis live really work?

Yes, the hypnosis live program works, and I can firmly vouch for it.

The first session I downloaded was ‘depression relief,’ as I was about at my rock bottom due to the aftermath of the pandemic. I could literally see a significant change in my behavior within two weeks. The lethargy and self-loathing were almost gone. At the end of 3rd week, I felt more comfortable, motivated, and more socialized.

Is hypnosis a scam?

No, hypnosis live is not a scam or a fake program. It is based on self-hypnosis, which is a well-researched and scientific-based therapy. The program is developed by Julie-Ann Amos, a renowned personality in hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), with Inspire3, the maker of successful programs such as Zen12, Raikov Effect, and brainwave shots, etc.

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