Is Manifestation Haram?

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is manifestation haram

Everything outside is a product of human thinking. Any single thing happening to you, good or bad, is the product of how you think.

If you can control your thoughts, you can control the outcomes. Have a clear intention, ask the universe, and let it go. This is the basic working principle of the Law of Attraction (LOA). 

But in Quran (72:18), Mohammad said, “If you ask, then ask of Allaah, and if you seek help, then seek the help of Allaah.

It appears seeking help from anyone other than Allah is a sin. 

Does that mean manifestation is haram in Islam?

No, it’s not. 

LOA is beyond spirituality- It’s All About Controlling Your Thoughts 

Even in Yoga, the mind has been compared to a monkey with unnecessary moves (unnecessary thoughts) who loves to imitate others (externally influenced). It is imperative to calm your mind with meditation.

Unless a man can reflect on himself and project that vibration onto others, he can not find peace and gain abundance. 

The same thing goes true with Salah (prayer) in Islam. If anyone moves or wavers his mind during Salah, it breaks.

There are also instructions for being in a transcendental union with Allah (equivalent to meditation), also known as Muraqabah. 

Muraqabah requires you to reflect on three things: 

  • On the greatest of Allah (focus on supreme energy) 
  • On the severity of your sins (internal reflection)
  • On the blessings that surround you (gratitude)

In short, both Hinduism and Islam stress controlling the inner vibration, which aligns with the modern LOA principle. 

Concept of Manifestation in Islam

concept of manifestation in islam

The concept of manifestation has always been talked about in Islam. 

When you do dua (prayer), don’t just ask from your tongue; feel it in your heart, and hear the people reflect on it.- Al-Riyaadh al-Nadrah, p. 245

Don’t we get to read the same thing in Rhonda Bryne’s revolutionary book The Secret? 

The only difference is that the book talks about the Universe as the supreme instead of any communal figure. 

Now, let me draw similar lines between the modern concept of LOA and the holy teaching of Islam concerning manifestation. 

The Concept of the Universe in the Quran 

The concept of LOA in the Quran can be best acknowledged from the Hadith, collected traditions of the prophet Mohammad. 

One Sura in the holy Quran is Al Ikhlas (the Sincerity), which states Allah and the universe as one.

concept of the universe in the quran

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“He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, nor is there to Him any equivalent.” (Al-Ikhlas: 1-4)

As per the LOA, we ask the universe to grant our wish. As Allah is the universe, there is no sin here. 

In chapter 60, verse 40, Allah proclaimed, “Call upon me, I will respond to you.” 

Is it not equivalent to the law of the universe that states we should just ask the universe, and it shall respond to our thoughts?

Positive Assumptions

The universal law says when we put our faith in the universe for our goals and continue to put in positive efforts, the universe indeed manifests them with time. 

It’s equivalent to Husn Al-Dhann in Arabic, meaning to have good thoughts about God and put your faith (iman) in him for positive outcomes in life. 

As per Islamic tradition, when you trust that Allah will help you put your best into the work, it works. 

“I am as My servant expects of Me, so if he thinks good of Me then he will have it, and if he thinks evil of Me then he will have it.”- Hadith Qudsi 15

Gratitude in Quran 

gratitude in quran

The LOA has emphasized practicing gratitude to vibrate at high frequency and attract abundance. 

Practicing Shukr (gratitude) is also a core element of faith in Allah. We get a concise yet comprehensive view of Shukr from Allah as he advises us:

“If any Do desire a reward in this life, We shall give it To him; and if any Do desire a reward in the Hereafter, We shall Give it to him. And swiftly shall We reward those that (serve us with) gratitude”. – Quran 3:145

According to Ibn al-Qayyim, Shukr can be manifested through:

  • Feeling submissiveness in the heart 
  • Offering blessings and praising the benefactors 
  • Practicing obedience toward the lord 

Again, these principles are imperative for any modern manifestation technique you see. 

Learn more about various manifestation methods/techniques –

Manifestation is Haram Under One Condition

Manifestation is not a sin in Islam unless your goals are against Islamic teachings. If your intentions are evil and cross lines with the peace of others, they will be considered haram. 

End Thoughts 

Believing in the supreme power is the core principle of manifestation in every verse of spirituality.

As Allah is the universe, it’s okay to follow the general LOA principle for manifestation.

It’s not haram until the wish is evil and goes against the teachings of Islam. The modern laws of manifestation are perfect as the process embodies all the principles Allah insists his children follow for self-transformation.

So, manifest in line with Islamic teachings and manifest in abundance. 

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