How to Use Law of Assumption: 13 Powerful Techniques By Neville Goddard

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law of assumption

“How you perceive things is how you receive things”- Bishop T.D. Jakes

When you expect good things, good things come to you.

Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption is based on this exact principle and inspires us to write our destiny with our consciousness.

According to this universal law, the key is to experience your desires and feel as if they have already manifested, which amplifies the energy of your thoughts and prompts the universe to make them happen.

But our brains are not wired to assume things without any logic. This often comes as a challenge while living the desires and assuming them to be true during the process.

That’s why Neville Goddard has shared many techniques most of which can be found in his Book. They are tailored to help your rational mind to practice the law with ease.  

What is the Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption disproves the role of anything other than our own state of consciousness in determining our fate. Instead, it stresses minding our consciousness, concentration, and visualization for bringing dreams to life. 

Let me explain in simple words. 

Law of Assumption is Neville Goddard’s philosophy that encourages you to experience your desires to manifest them successfully. Feel as if you’re living those desires to actually bring them to reality. 

When you feel as if you’ve already achieved your goal, it amplifies the energy of your thoughts.

That energy supports your new thoughts, beliefs, and actions in line with your goal.

Throughout this state of being, you send signals to the energy web of all reality and prompt the universe to make it happen for you. 

How to use the Law of Assumption in 3 Steps 

Define your Desire

Choose a goal with a purpose that ignites your passion and energy, be it work, love, finance, or relationships. Absolutely clarity is imperative. 

Visualize your Success

Immerse yourself in the feeling of achieving your wish. Visualization plays a vital role here.

Visualizing your life post-manifestation conditions your brain to see, hear, and feel the success and you radiate positive vibrations.

visualize your success

Assume and Acknowledge success

In this law of manifestation, assumption, and acknowledgment go hand in hand to attract circumstances and events aligned with your desires, sending signals to your subconscious self.

You have to assume yourself is already successful and acknowledge how it feels like to live your dream life.

Acknowledging involves actively searching for evidence in your present life that supports your thoughts and beliefs about achieving your goal.

How does the Law of Assumption work?

The law of assumption works on concentrating the emotion of desire within your subconscious self to make your future dream a present fact. 

By desiring to be other than what you are, you create an ideal of the person you want to be and persist in your assumption that you are already that person. 

Gradually your subconscious mind gets imprinted with the energy of what you have manifested and starts the transformation process. 

Law of Assumption Examples 

Here are some examples of how to condition your mind to manifest your goals with the Law of Assumption. 

Financial Abundance 

Visualize the impact of money on your life, focusing on your purpose and affirmations like:

  • I am financially free 
  • Money is drawn to me 
  • There are no limits to what I can and will achieve 

Assume and acknowledge your financial abundance with confidence:

  • I deserve to make more money 
  • I am grateful for all the money I have now

Career Opportunities 

Be specific about your career, whether it’s a promotion or a change to align with your dream life. 

Use positive affirmations as follows: 

  • I know I am taking the right step in my life.
  • I deserve a raise, and I have earned it. 
  • Taking on responsibilities will be great for me.

Recovering from illness  

Recovering from illness can be taxing, but trust and believe that each day brings you closer to that perfect health. Affirm: 

  • The physical changes in my body are already visible. 
  • My life is getting better every day, and I am living a healthy life.
  • I am strong and powerful.
  • I am enough; I am power.

Remember that it’s ok not to feel positive every time, but you have the capacity to bring out the change.

Romantic Relationships 

Visualize your perfect relationship and affirm:

  • I am worthy of love. 
  • I believe everything is working out for the best.
  • I am blessed to receive true love in my life.

Remember that, sometimes, affirmations may lead to temporary setbacks, but see them as an opportunity to strengthen your bond and grow in love.  

So far, we have established that we can work on our imagination and change it into facts.

But how to silence our inner demons (negative mind)? Well, we need some powerful techniques.

Powerful Law of Assumption Techniques 

There are several ways to practice the Law of Assumption and enhance manifesting power. Let’s discuss some popular techniques in detail. 


Incorporating the breathing technique into the positive thinking process can be a powerful tool to dispel negative energy and enhance your focus on the manifestation. 

Begin by envisioning the scene from your dream future. And, remember, your vision must follow the golden rule-treat others as you love to be treated. 

breathe law of assumption

Now, sync your breathing with this visualization. Take deep breaths in and out, finding a rhythm that feels natural to you.

As you do this, connect with the Universe and feel its reassurance that what you want is within your grasp.

Take a sudden deep inhalation, allowing your every pore to brim with energy, and visualize an energy explosion.

Imagine yourself releasing that power. After you are done, let go of your manifestation, allow them to take shape, and come to fruition.

Catch the Mood 

This technique aims at setting your mood to a high vibration before you start with your manifestation ritual.  

Let me explain how it works. 

Imagine your mood of having a million dollars in your bank account. Now hold on to the mood and use it to manifest what you wish. 

The mood will create an objective state, setting the tone for your senses and affirmatory processes. All you have to do is maintain that state and use it to create positive vibrations during the manifestation. 

For instance, visualize going to your dream job in your dream car. Imagine that proud moment filled with joy and tap into that state of mind. Now, return to the present but with those happy feelings inside. 

What you did is fused the two states and paved the way to realize what you had imagined. Your manifestation will now be built on a high vibration that the universe favors.  

Climbing the Ladder 

Neville Goddard’s ladder technique aims to prove the power of the subconscious mind to manifest any desire. 

How does it work? 

Picture a ladder before you. Vividly imagine climbing up a ladder step by step with pain and struggle. Once you have reached the top, climb down, and repeat the process until the process feels real. 

Write on paper- “I will not climb the ladder,” and keep it somewhere you can see every now and then. Repeat the exercise for three nights, preferably before going to bed. 

That’s it! 

This exercise is similar to the Pink Elephant experiment

According to Neville, you can comfortably climb the ladder within a week, even if you’ve never tried it before.

You can replace the ladder with anything you want to achieve with manifestation. And, it shall manifest.  


Start with choosing the topic of manifestation, be it about your personal life or money. 

Let’s say you just now achieved your dream goal.  Who would be the first person to know about and congratulate you on your achievements?

Now visualize them running up to you and saying – “Congratulations! You did it!” 

congratulations law of assumption

Loop the scene and feel the joy and contentment you get from them. Now take your imagination a step ahead and imagine your phone blowing up with congratulatory calls and messages. 

You are bumping into people who are genuinely feeling happy about your achievement. 

Now slowly come out of the meditation while latching on to the contentment and have faith that no one can stop your wishes from coming true. 

Construct an Event 

This slightly out-of-box manifestation method requires you to participate actively in the act instead of watching the events unfold from a distance. 

Choose a current challenge in your life. For instance, recovering from a debilitating illness that has been bothering you for a long time.

Now restrict the event to a single act. Instead of visualizing getting out of bed, walking around the house, and venturing outdoors, focus on walking around the house part only. Keep imagining it till you feel it in your bones. 

Here, you are doing two things to change your future. First, you are scripting your actions to match your desire instead of passively waiting for the future. Second, you’re constructing a self-predominant event to catalyze the fulfillment of your desires.

Control Inner Speech Conversations 

Our internal conversation is the root cause of most circumstances in our life. 

When someone talks bad about you or your appearance, it’s natural to feel negative conversations inside.

Now, instead of letting them control your mind, work on your manifestation. Imagine those critiques congratulating you, praising your achievements, and treating you with respect and kindness. 

Simply by shifting your inner conversation to positivity, you can reverse their perception of you and retain your positive vibration for manifestation.

This is especially useful if you’re battling with too many toxic people around you, be it at work or home. 

Indulge in the Feeling of Satisfaction

Imagine your dreams as complete but dormant eggs. To bring them to life, you need to fertilize and nurture them, like breaking a shell. 

For instance, imagine you are at your dream holiday destination. Feel the satisfaction of being there. When you feel the happiness and relief from this visualization, that’s when you release the energy into your dormant dreams to bring them to life. 

The universe will take it from here. 


Visualize that you are in an open place in a calm state of mind. Now imagine two people you admire talking about you and your achievements.

Imagine the excitement in their tones and the positivity in their body language as they talk about your surprise achievements. Make it sound exciting, like “I have never imagined in my wildest dreams that he could make it so far! I’m so happy for him!” 

Tapping into that moment of pride will push you into a positive state and signal the universe to do the needful.

Enter the Dream 

Close your eyes and go into a deep state of imagination, vividly experiencing your desires through words, thoughts, and actions.

For instance, while manifesting a new car, go beyond mere observation and visualize touching, driving, and being inside it.

Even better, if you can engage your senses, smell the gas or leather covers inside. 

enter the dream law of assumption

Do it in a sleeping or meditative position. Visualize with such a calmness that you would appear in a dream state to an outsider. Try to be in that state daily for at least a few minutes. Soon, you start to notice positive changes in the air.

Feel as if you fall asleep 

Don’t confuse this technique with the previous one, they are different. 

In this method, you gently ease yourself into the mood of what you want to be and relax without making any effort or working yourself up. Try this technique when you feel drowsy or in the laying-in-bed phase just before sleep. 

Start with engaging in a detailed powerful visualization of what you want to achieve and feel yourself in the state of your realized wish before dropping off to sleep. 

Night after night, feel and assume the state you wish to be in, and your dreams will take form as you assume the feeling of their reality. 

Go Within 

Usually, in our imagination of a dream future, our logical brain constantly seeks external validation. As a result, we constantly remain in the cycle of unfulfilled manifestations and face disappointments. 

For your dreams to work, you must tap into your feelings of success and accept that as your future without seeking any external validation. 

Accept that you are whatever you are because of you and external factors are not responsible for or have any say in determining your life. Imagine yourself as the God of your mind and act like it. 

When you take responsibility for your present without involving any external factor, you take control of your mind. That’s when you become the master of your mind. 

By letting go of external intrusions, you clear roadblocks, leading to unexpected success in your manifestations. 

Fast Forward 

The Fast-Forward technique involves visualizing a future, fast-forwarded to a scene where your wish has already been fulfilled. 

Let’s imagine you are worried about a meeting the next day. Now, applying this technique, visualize the next day. Fast forward your visualization till you reach the end of the day when it’s over and has gone smoothly.

Doing so will relieve your mind of any negative future possibilities. Plus, it will boost your sense of accomplishment, leading to better performance. 

You can fast forward your visions to months or even years to work on your big dreams, such as buying new furniture, marrying your crush, or having a baby. 

I Remember When 

This is Neville Goddard’s one of the most popular techniques. Here, you need to assume your aim has become a present fact, followed by dwelling on your days of struggle with pride. 

Let’s say you want to build your house in a particular prestigious housing society someday. 

Imagine standing there and saying, “I remember when this was rubble, and I built my house over it,” or “I remember when this house was my dream. I am glad my hard work paid off.” 

This manifestation method works with both positive and negative affirmations.

Ex: “I had no hope left for this dream, but God helped me in mysterious ways to see it in reality.” 

End Thoughts 

I hope you are all set to work on your dreams through the Laws of Assumption. Remember, these techniques are designed to help you stay focused amidst distractions.

Feel free to try other techniques that keep you on track. After all, it’s all about manifesting your dreams in whatever way works best for you.


Is the Law of Assumption Real?

Yes, the Law of Assumption is real and can be more potent than the Law of Attraction. Its impact on the individual’s subconscious mind makes it a compelling tool for manifesting desires. However, the output totally depends on how focused you are on training your mind to vibrate at the desired frequency of your goals.

Does it actually work?

Yes, the Law of Assumption works in every aspect of life, including relationships, love life, health, and career. However, success requires a full commitment to the assumption process. 

Once you fully commit yourself to the process and embrace the mindset shift, you shall start to see positive results. It’s that simple. 

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