Leo Flowers: Meaning, Traits, Symbolism, And Spiritual Significance

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leo flowers

I and my brother often fight over petty issues. Yesterday we had a major tiff (again) over the TV remote.

Initially, I always wondered why he is always so fierce, but now I know that he is a Leo!

And being fierce, dominant, bold, crisp, sharp, passionate, and full of fire is what a Leo truly stands for. 

I was however wondering about resolving this fight early this time. It’s his birthday month after all.

I mean I can let him win sometimes, especially when his special day is soon to arrive. But what flowers should I gift him?

This question stayed with me for quite a long time as I had never seen him being fond of flowers before.

This is when I started studying Leo flowers. And oh, what a rewarding experience it was!

In this blog, I will share with you all the insights I have acquired about Leo flowers and what flowers you should gift to that special someone who is a Leo in your life.

But before we get to that, let’s first get a glimpse of what the Leo Zodiac Sign is all about!

Leo Zodiac Sign

leo zodiac sign

The fifth sign in the zodiac, Leo is represented by the Lion!

Associated with fire and fire signs, Leos are the kings and queens of the starry maze.

They are very fierce and temperamental in nature. So don’t be mad at yourself if you see yourself getting wild most of the time!

They also are known to be extraordinarily loyal, passionate, and loving. Leos naturally possess leadership skills and artistic abilities.

And guess what I found to be the most related quality of Leos? Their love for drama and chaos.

Well, now I know why my brother is so difficult to deal with at times. However, it’s time to celebrate him and his desire to always bask in the spotlight with some energizing and refreshing flowers.

I will first take you through the birth flowers for Leo and then the other auspicious flowers for Leos.

How are they any different? Well, I’ll address that too. So there we go! 

Leo Birth Flowers

leo birth flowers

Flowers are mostly considered special for their beautiful, dazzling, and delicate form and appearance.

But let me tell you, they are a lot more than that. Every flower carries its unique energy.

Your zodiac sign can help decode and understand many secrets and mysteries about your life and your personality.

And the flowers that are associated with your zodiac are the most special ones! For a Leo, they are Sunflower and Marigold. 

1. Sunflower


Being symbolized by a Lion, the mane-like petals of a sunflower make them the perfect fit as a Leo birth flower.

The innate warmth, and the fresh yellow color reeking of brightness and growth, beautifully compliments the lively, fun-loving nature of Leos.

Being ruled by the Sun, sunflowers are a symbol of bliss, loyalty, optimism, good luck, and vitality.

These delicate yet powerful flowers face the sun and totally stand out in flower fields! 

2. Marigold


Often known as the “herb of the sun” marigold is yet another elegant birth flower for Leos.

Marigolds bloom in different colors that bring a diverse yet vibrant persona to the personality of Leos.

These gorgeous flowers magnify happiness and positive energy.

They symbolize the lion’s spirit and fire by reflecting these traits in the passionate Leos. The vibrations of marigolds are heavily influential. 

Other Flowers for a Leo

other flowers for a leo

It’s not just the birth flowers that shape our destiny.

Flowers that are not related to our zodiac but have a strong association with us astrologically, also influence our thoughts, emotions, decisions, life events, personalities, and much more.

These flowers and their mesmerizing properties are all the therapy you will ever need.

They bring with them change and a positive spirit of joy and peace. Let’s now get introduced to them. 

3. Dahlias 


The majestic and lion-headed dahlias are a symbol of bravery, beauty, and elegance.

They bloom at the onset of mid-July. Dahlias are large and show the bold side of a Leo.

These blooming beauties have intense colors just like the intense and passionate personality of a Leo.

And above all, they are just soo beautiful! I can’t take my eyes off a garden full of Dahlias. Make the best of them Leos!!

4. Safflowers


As the Leos are associated with the Sun, so are safflowers. They blossom into soft, pretty, and attractive flowers.

However, when it comes to Leos and their personality traits, safflowers to them aren’t just about those divine blooms but their pokey and prickly look as well the solid spine holding the stem.

These flowers give Leos their confident and fearless energy. It brings the fighter in them back to life!

5. Clivias 


Also known as the “bush-lily”, clivia is yet another delicate and pretty flower with a bunch of soft lilies.

Clivias brings a strong spiritual significance to the lives of Leos. Their large growth and hard leaves strongly resonate with the lion nature of a Leo.

Just like their appearance, these flowers make Leos strong and brave on the outside but soft and tender on the inside.

So don’t be upset with that tough shell all over your personality. It’s meant to protect your soft heart. 

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What Plants are Associated with Leos?

what plants are associated with leo

Okay so as a Leo, did you think it is just the flowers that bring all the magic into your lives?

Life manifested in every form impacts, influences, and brings a change in our lives.

Just like flowers, plants too hold an immensely great importance when it comes to astrological significance in the lives of Leos.

What are these plants that help Leos shape their destiny? Let’s see. 

1. Borage


Known as a starflower, this old-fashioned and not-so-common herb is an appealing, tiny plant that has attractive blue blooming buds.

Being a symbol of bravery and courage, borage is a self-seed plant that would do wonders for your garden.

Struggling to overcome your pain and suffering? Or battling the worst situations of your life?

Bring this divine plant to your house today and I assure you that it will be your life-saver! 

2. Hawthorn


Have you been dealing with a heartbreak or a real heart disease? If so, then hawthorn has got you covered.

This beautiful and sacred plant is a medicine for your heart! Be it restlessness, anxiety, or uneasiness, the healing power and relaxing energy of hawthorn is a therapy for anyone in need, especially Leos.

Plant a hawthorn in your garden today and see your heart opening, expressing, receiving, and giving love. 

3. Motherwort


A representative of a mother’s lion-hearted love, motherwort brings with it the energy of graceful motherhood, a calm and soothing mind, selflessness, and relaxation for the mind, body, and spirit.

The famous herbalist Nicholas Culpepper was the first one to recognize the benefits of this elegant plant.

They were, Healing the heart, the nervous system, and the reproductive cycle. If you are a Leo woman, this plant is a must in your garden.

4. Rosemary


A delicate and vibrational plant, Rosemary is known since ancient times for its cleansing and purifying properties.

This plant was once kept under the pillows to keep away nightmares, and evil spirits, and welcome peace and sanity during sleep.

Just like a Leo, rosemary has a fierce spirit with a strong affinity towards fire. It warms the body, and brings enthusiasm as well as inner strength! 

Other than the ones mentioned above, celandine, mint, parsley, dill, fennel, chamomile, St. John’s wort, angelica, eyebright, anise, ginger, lavender, and saffron are also some of the most spiritually healing, and astrologically auspicious plants for a Leo.

So if you want your garden to be green and at the same time serene, these plants are your best friends that complement your personality and give you the daily dose of positive energy!

Final Thought On Leo Flowers

thought on leo flowers

If you are a Leo, I believe you must be completely aware of your lion nature and rock-solid personality.

You are full of bravery, confidence, leadership, and passion. Your zodiac is ruled by the Sun and therefore the flowers that are your official birth flowers are the sun-facing, dazzling, and rejuvenating Sunflowers and Marigolds!

Other than your birth flower, astrologically auspicious flowers also have a very strong influence on your life as per your zodiac. 

These flowers are Dahlia, Safflowers, and Clivias. Flower arrangements say a lot about the events of our life, our future, and our personality.

They help us decode the messages and signs from the divine and keep the cosmic balance of nature within our bodies intact.

And not just the flowers, but plants too leave a powerful imprint of their strong healing and spiritual energies in our life.

Well, now I know what I should be gifting my brother. How about you?

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