Libra Flowers: Best Flowers for Libra Zodiac Sign People

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libra flowers

The other day I met Alex, my school time buddy. He has been trying to woo his lady love for a long time now.

But it seems there hasn’t been any luck so far. And as always, his last resort is me or I would rather say my obsession with spirituality.

I knew the girl he was madly in love with was a Libra woman and therefore I suggested he give her Libra flowers. 

As expected, he was clueless about what Libra flowers are. In fact, he had never heard of zodiac flowers before.

I had this deep realization every day of how important it is to talk about zodiac birth flowers and make people aware of the immense power they hold.

In this blog, I’ll talk about Libra flowers and how they bring a significant change in the lives of Libra women. 

Who are Libra Women?

who are libra women

If you are a Libra woman or have a special Libra woman in your life, you must already be aware of the magnetic charm, elegance, grace, and balance Libras hold within.

As a Libra woman, if you see yourself enjoying your outspoken nature, social butterfly behavior, and strong pursuit for justice in every situation, you are a true Libra at heart. And that’s what I love about Libras!

Libra women are dead honest and can spend hours on art, craft, and creativity. Harmony, peace, and beauty are of utmost priority to them.

Being ruled by the passionate and serene Venus, they even symbolize beauty in many ways.

Grace and elegance walk side by side with a Libra woman and therefore the delicate, gorgeous, and poised beauty of flowers is the best gift to raise the vibrations of a Libra lady.

What are these flowers that you can gift to Libra women? Let’s see.

Libra Birth Flower

libra birth flower

Birth flowers are the flowers that represent your zodiac sign and its characteristics. These flowers have a very deep connection to your horoscope and therefore they play a vital role in the world of astrology.

Don’t believe me?

Well, get yourself the flowers I will discuss in the coming sections, and see how your life changes. (And tell me about it in the comments below!)


rose flower

The universal symbol of love, and romance, the Rose is my favorite flower!

Though I am not a Libra myself, I can’t put enough emphasis on how beneficial it is for Libra women to surround themselves with Roses.

As a Libra woman, you know you have the traits of romance in your personality.

And no other flower except for a Rose will make it a perfect match for your personality.

The thorns of roses represent the sharp wit that you possess. This alluring and charming beauty that you have is sheltered and protected by your strong sense of wisdom, intelligence, and cleverness.

And just as a wild rose doesn’t bother looking around before blooming randomly at any place, you too take no time to gel with people around you, make friends, and share deep connections.

Other Flowers Associated with Libra

other flower associated with libra

It’s not just the roses that beautify the lives of Libra women but also Morning Glory, Hydrangea, Cosmos, and Daisy.

These flowers are not always referred to as the birth flowers for Libra women, but they have a strong astrological and spiritual connection with the zodiac sign Libra! I know what you are thinking.

What are the meanings, symbolizations, and benefits of these flowers?

Right? Let’s address that as well.

Morning Glory

morning glory flower

What is the most important time of the day for you? For me, it is the morning. Early mornings are medicine to the soul.

And the flower that reminds you of how special, spiritual, calm, and soothing mornings are, is the Morning Glory.

As a Libra, you surely are a hopeless romantic. And the best time to manifest your strongest desires is the period of dawn.

Get yourself a morning glory today, wake up during the dawns, and ask all you want. You will see how abundance manifests itself! 



Being ruled by Venus, Libras love the feel of elegance and tenderness. And the soft colors of hydrangea amplify the feelings of love, empathy, and sensitivity.

The colors of these flowers are decided by the acidity in the soil just like how a Libra remains sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of all the people around.

Also, hydrangea is always full of flowers with barely any seeds. This is exactly why libras have a nature of giving it all to others leaving nothing behind for themselves.

Plant a hydrangea shrub in your garden today and see your life change! 


cosmos flower

The name itself symbolizes this wholesome flower, Cosmos.

A representative of the entirety of the whole universe, Cosmos is a flower that represents the traits of balance, and justice in Libras.

These flowers bloom in October and therefore they are also known as the October libra birth flower.

Planting these will not just purify your consciousness, but will also help you understand the language of the universe.

Still trying to figure out you, I am definitely getting them!


daisy flower

A symbol of joy, happiness, and bliss, daisies will be your best friends if you are a chirpy, outgoing, and social person. Someone like me!

And for Libras, who are known for their extroverted nature and socialization, daisies are all you need to keep that happy-go-lucky, fun-filled, and free-spirited vibe of yours.

With those innocent white petals and the joyful bright yellow center, daisies will bring out the best in you always!

Final Thoughts On Libra Flowers

flower of libra

Libra is the symbol of love, passion, and desire. And therefore as a Libra woman, you must surround yourself with the vibrations of Libra Flowers that best suit your personality.

Rose is one such flower that rejuvenates this passion within you. You also carry within you, the traits of justice, and balance.

Therefore, as a Libra woman, your flower arrangements should be highly symmetrical and balanced. Know that the colors you choose make a lot of difference too.

Now you know what flowers to choose for your bouquets, centerpieces, and wreaths! Go ahead and start your journey of growth in the world of blooms.

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