5 Libra Tarot Cards and What They Mean

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Libra, the seventh zodiac sign, is assigned to people with their birthdays between September 23rd and October 22nd.

This air sign, next to Gemini and Aquarius, is seen as a harmonious and peaceful one and brings a great sense of balance to the natives. The symbol of Libra is the scales, which also represent justice.

Libra is an air sign that speaks of growth in all aspects of life and also indicates a high sense of divination. 

With Venus as their ruling planet, Libra people are very charming, cheerful, and easygoing.

They prefer to avoid conflict by playing the diplomatic role which can make them people-pleasing individuals. These natives might fear making important decisions as they don’t want to disrupt their equilibrium. 

The Tarot deck is strongly associated with the zodiac signs and the intuitive language of astrology.

Each zodiac sign has its very own cards that the natives can work with to better their lives and evolve on their path of self-awareness.

In this journey, we will discover the five Libra tarot cards that can work with the cosmic energy of this balanced sign!

5 Cards That Capture the Essence of Libra

The entire tarot cards deck can bring you important messages but five of them can work directly with your Libra energy.

Knowing the cards of your zodiac sign will help you understand your life and make decisions that help you fulfill your destined path.

Here are the five tarot cards to use if you are born under this air sign.

1. Queen of Swords

queen of swords

The Queen of Swords represents your communication skills and the power that comes from your intellect.

Libra natives seem to find the best words in all situations and can be extremely flexible and diplomatic.

This is a card that speaks mostly of your career and professional path and it shows you are always striving to be the best in this area of your life.

You use your logical thinking and have a great capacity to understand people and situations. 

As a Libra native, you can work well as a part of a team thanks to your adaptability. But you also like your independence and might not like it when you become too dependent on others rather than counting on your strengths.

The Queen of Swords tells you to not be so critical of others and try to work with your optimism rather than focus on the pessimistic energy. 

Own your wisdom and learn to express it in a constructive way that brings progress to your team.

Your honesty and diplomatic authority help you achieve your life goals.  You can look at this card as a spark of fire sign energy that reaches your professional path, ready to be multiplied by your air element!

2. King of Cups

king of cups

Another powerful card that will resonate perfectly with your Libra energy is King of Cups.

This card speaks of your calm nature which your friends and family appreciate greatly. The King of Cups represents your family life and your role in your family. 

You might be the mediator of your circle, always finding diplomatic ways to resolve even the most difficult situations.

But surprisingly, this tarot card speaks of some level of immaturity too. You might get moody and childish when peace can’t be reached through diplomatic means. 

The King of Cups represents also the ability of Libra to manipulate situations and even people to obtain the outcome they desire.

While at times you might achieve peace and balance through these manipulative tactics, they shouldn’t become your modus operandi.

This tarot card asks you to stay true to your own values and be patient in everything you do because this approach will lead you to the best results over time. 

3. Three of Swords

three of swords

The Three of Swords is a tarot card that speaks of love and strong emotions. The image of this card is a floating heart, stabbed with three swords but still, the heart is not bleeding.

The message of the Three of Swords is that your Libra energy can forgive others and move past heartache without trading your innocence. 

Your logical mind helps you rationalize negative emotions that you might experience such as rejection or betrayal.

You cope with pain in a surprisingly strong manner and always use the power of love that Venus invests in you to rise above the darkness.

Libras as well as the other air signs, are not good at holding a grudge, so they will try to move past their hurtful experiences rather fast.

You might retreat to your safe space to heal your wounds but you will come out of it stronger than ever. 

This card also speaks of infidelity. If you don’t feel appreciated in your relationship, you might be tempted to look elsewhere and find the happiness you deserve.

However, it is best to take this route once you end the connection that caused you pain. 

4. The Justice card

the justice card

The Justice card is the tarot card that represents your personality. This is the card of balance and it has in its imagery the justice scale specific to your air sign.

Your strong sense of clarity shines through everything you do in life and truth is one of the most important values for you. 

Libra natives thrive in balanced and stable situations. If this comfort zone they create around them is disrupted, they could become deceitful and lack accountability for their actions.

This card reminds you to always follow your heart and mind without compromising the truth. Honesty and fairness are the key elements in your life. 

It is also important to avoid becoming biased and rely on assumptions. Even if these might be superficial traits of Libra, in your core you know that you need to stay faithful to your values. 

5. Two of Swords 

two of swords

This card shows a blindfolded person holding two swords with their arms crossed. The Two of Swords speaks of your friendships and social relationships.

You are fair and supportive of your friends and tend to be the problem-solver in your group. Your friends might come to you for advice or when they find themselves in conflictual situations. 

Two of Swords also shows that you might find yourself trapped in a situation that is less than pleasant and has you indecisive.

Whether you get stuck between the arguments that happen around you or in your inner conflicts, the Two of Swords speaks of your power of judgment and how you can use it to find your balance again. 

When this card appears in a reading, you need to keep aiming for an objective outlook and avoid taking sides whenever a conflict arises in your life. 

What is the representative card for Libra?

It might come as no surprise to find out that the most representative card for Libra is the Justice card.

We find the justice scale in the imagery of the card and we naturally connect it to the symbol of the Libra zodiac sign.

But the bond between this sign and the Justice card is a lot deeper. 

The Justice card empowers your sense of balance and truth and highlights your life purpose in all tarot readings.

This card is the 11th card in the tarot deck Major Arcana, and in numerology, it represents the number 11 which speaks of spiritual balance and a state of alignment with your higher self.

Your mission is not always an easy one and it is not shallow. But you have all it takes to succeed, Libra!

Justice takes patience and the Libra energy you hold gives you this virtue. You also require the same patience from your friends and loved ones as reciprocity is a key in all your relationships.

Even if it takes you longer than others to reach a decision, it is all worth it as you tend to make the best choices in life. Know that as long as you walk the path of justice and truth, karma will always work in your favor. 

How to use your Libra tarot cards?

Knowing your Libra tarot cards is only part of your self-awareness journey.

You will want to use them and their symbolism in your life and know what message they send you in a reading. These cards can reveal secrets that help you choose the right path to manifest your cosmic gifts. 

Get familiar with the tarot cards specific to your zodiac sign. You want to understand them at a symbolic level so you can incorporate them into your life efficiently and interpret them correctly in a reading.

You could also wear accessories that are inspired by the main symbolism in your tarot cards such as a justice scale necklace or a two swords “x” sign as a charm attached to your purse or backpack. 

Directing your intentions and aspirations is crucial when you work with your sign’s tarot cards.

These 5 Libra tarot cards can help you multiply the energy you need to manifest the desires of your heart.

Clear your mind and focus on the question or the topic of your reading and pay attention when one of the 5 cards appears in your spread. 

Use your Libra tarot cards during your meditation sessions.

Develop your intuition in such a way that you focus on the symbolism and the energy of each card to better your life and learn more about your true nature.

Working with tarot cards can be a great tool to use when you need guidance in your life but also a way to get to know yourself at a deeper level. 


Libras are profound, charming, clever, honest, gracious, and friendly people. They seem to manage to keep a balance in their lives and treat all the major aspects with the same importance.

They are great friends and family members and can be part of healthy and harmonious relationships as long as they don’t compromise their sense of truth. 

Mixing the cosmic energy of Libra with the wisdom and profound messages of the 5 Libra tarot cards can only enrich your life and help you achieve your greatest potential. Unlock your divine charm and aim for the stars! 

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