Light Language: What It Is & How to Use It for Healing

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light language

Everything we see around us is energy, and energy is light.

When energy (light) from the higher galactic realm of consciousness is focused on the point of our awareness, we gain wisdom.

It may require the use of sounds, symbols, and gestures beyond human experience to communicate and connect with the higher realm of consciousness.

And here’s the most important part – you’re not alone in this process.

We refer to this unique form of communication as light language, which is often expressed in angelic or celestial forms.

It flows within and around all things.

Anything that makes your heart feel warm-a beautiful flower, soothing music, warm sunlight-is light language. Even complex algebras and deep science are types of light language.  

But you may ask, how does this light language come into being? Or, what are light language symbols?

Well, light language often represents a fusion of earthly and higher consciousness, including energies from star systems like Arcturian and Pleiades.

Just as you would learn any new language, light language also takes time to learn.

In this blog, we will learn how to use this light language for spiritual healing and transformation.

It’s important to understand how to communicate in light language for it provides healing on all levels.

Understanding light language 

understanding light language

Though the language of light is primarily understood at the soul level, you can physically manifest in three forms of light language. 

You may wonder about the benefits of light language, well, they are vast and transcend the physical realm, engaging with a part of the brain that deals with abstract and spiritual concepts.

These forms include:

  • Verbal
  • Written
  • Sign language 

When you condense the light language into light codes, they appear as packets of information during a deep meditative state.

These packets may take the form of words, visuals, sounds, feelings, or thought patterns

This access to information is called downloading. Unlike earthly languages, the symbols and sounds of light language often resemble sacred geometry.

When you tune in to those multidimensional senses through your voice, it’s called channeling.

This process can help us connect with the subtle realms of our existence, providing an effective means to release negative thoughts or emotions.

You see, it is a natural form of communication that hails from the quantum field of potentiality and gets manifested through us.

And yes, it’s called light language because it illuminates our understanding and connection with the universe.

Uses and Applications of Light Language

Healing and Balancing energies 

With the help of the right light codes, you can release emotional blockages, reduce stress and vibrate at high frequency.

The energetic frequencies can be a powerful healing tool to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Avid light language activators know how to translate this language to renew their sense of calmness and clarity when anxious or overwhelmed. 

Enhanced intuition and spiritual connection 

If you need clarity on any critical decision, listening to a light language transmission can fill your brain with a surge of intuitive wisdom.

Being a bride between our conscious and subconscious minds, it can open channels to help us connect with our higher self and receive guidance from the divine source.

The process undoubtedly deepens our spiritual connection with the supreme god. 

Activation and DNA upgrades 

When we feel stagnant and disconnected from our true-self, it can activate dormant energies and assist in the process of DNA upgrades.

The dormant spark feels like a surge of energy coursing through the body, filling it with renewed passion, creativity, and a deep sense of purpose.

You can easily bypass those low feelings that stop you from performing at your peak level. 

Light Language Vs. Light Code  

light language vs light code

When we condense the light language, we get the light code.

Light codes are easy to work with as they focus on a single symbol or image yet encode vast information.

They serve as a medium to communicate with the conscious, subconscious, super, subconscious, and superconscious minds. 

As light codes are the collective consciousness of all souls, you can use them as a form of communication to connect with the spirit from another realm. 

Some other useful advantages of light codes:

  • Activate your energy body
  • Energize dormant DNA and RNA
  • Helpful for healing and ascension
  • Open and connect meridians and chakras 

Light Language Activation 

The activation can mean two different activities: 

  1. Channeling and downloading light languages into light codes 
  2. Using light codes for healing  

You can use light codes to heal certain areas of your life. The emotional healing experienced at the soul level goes beyond the logical mind. 

Some people with gifts go through an experience of remembering the healing modalities post a Reiki session. 

How to Use the Light Language for Spiritual Transformation?

spiritual transformation

Before you practice with light codes, you must be in a receptive energetic state of being. For that, grounding is necessary.  

Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground. Feel your feet as suction pumps. Imagine drawing energy from the earth with each inhale.

Relax when you exhale.

Let the energy reach the top of your head and flow out like a waterfall.

Such flow of energy will prepare you for an ideal level of awareness required to tune at a high vibrational frequency.  

This is a simple grounding exercise. It’s a baseline practice to work with light codes as consciously as possible. 

With this state, you can learn the language and use the teachings for your spiritual transformation. 

How to learn the light language? 

Hold the topic in your mind and feel your expanded consciousness tapping into the infinite stream of information.

Raise your vibration to a high level and assemble and actualize that information into a single point of consciousness.

Feel your heart, third eye, and crown chakra as the receiving antenna.

Suddenly, you will feel an instantaneous connection to write or sign the infinite stream of information through symbols or squiggles. 

Take a few moments to reflect on your experience.

You can also take the help of journaling and meditation to better reflect on the energies and messages you’ve received. Use the learnings to shift in your spiritual journey. 

Light Language and Healing Modality

Understanding the Soular Wound

understanding the soular wound

The dynamic frequencies of light language can penetrate and interact with our energy field and DNA for healing and balancing. 

But we all can heal our fractured souls and find our way back to the truth. 

The supreme source of energy (Divine God) is the source of pure love and light.

The love and curiosity of that great energy source have been consciously manifested into a myriad of souls.

Thus, all souls can experience divine love whenever they want. 

But God has also given each soul the free will to experience individual consciousness.

That, in the process of various traumatic events, leads the souls to detach from the divine love in life.

In the light code, it is called fracture in energy fields, also known as the “Soular Wound.” It could root from our childhood, soul family, and even from our karma. 

Effective healing thus requires us to forgive ourselves and the source of the wound. 

How to activate light language for healing?

  • Step 1: Witness your light wound 

First, you must engage with your Soular wound and reciprocate with its energy before working with the light code.  

  • Step 2: Forgive your soul wound 

Forgive yourself and the source of the wound. Forgiveness can soften your energy and help the soul release any emotional charge you carry from the past.  

  • Step 3: Heal the wound

Give yourself the ultimate gift of self-love.  

This is a basic working mechanism of the Soular healing method on the surface level.

However, the actual practice will use symbolisms and original metaphoric drawings to identify the underlying codes and connect with divine love. 


How can I learn Light Language?

Learning Light Language is more about remembering than conventional learning. It’s an intuitive process and takes time.

Some people may spontaneously start speaking, writing, or signing it, often after a significant spiritual experience.

Others might awaken their ability to communicate in Light Language through practices such as meditation, channeling, and energy healing.

Can anyone speak Light Language?

Yes, theoretically, anyone can speak Light Language as it is believed to be an innate ability within all of us.

However, it might require certain spiritual awakenings or practices to activate this capability.

How can Light Language aid in healing?

Light Language communicates directly with our soul or higher self, bypassing the conscious mind.

This allows it to address and heal issues at a deep, energetic level.

It can help release emotional blockages, heal past traumas, activate dormant abilities, and align us more closely with our spiritual nature.

What are Light Codes?

Light codes are a form of Light Language. They are high vibrational patterns, symbols, or sequences that carry specific cosmic information.

They may be visually seen, heard, or sensed and are believed to assist in our spiritual evolution and healing processes.

How is Light Language different from other languages?

Unlike regular languages that are learned and interpreted by the brain, Light Language is intuitively felt and understood by the heart or soul.

It doesn’t follow grammatical rules and isn’t about conveying concrete ideas.

Instead, it’s a vibrational, energetic language meant to trigger spiritual experiences, insights, and transformations.

Are there different types of Light Language?

Yes, Light Language can come through in various forms, including verbal expression (sounds, tones, or unknown languages), written symbols or codes, automatic writing, gestural or sign language, and even through creative expressions like art and dance.

Some people may draw parallels between Light Language and speaking in tongues (glossolalia) due to their similarities, such as the use of unknown or unintelligible speech.

However, while speaking in tongues is typically associated with Christian religious practices, Light Language is more universal and not tied to a specific religion.

End Thoughts 

Working with the light language is your key to diving deep into the sovereign truth of your eternal being.

You transmit beyond your limitations and connect with your spirit guides to open a healing power and experience an unexplainable spiritual experience.

If you find it hard to work on your own, try taking the help of an expert who can guide you through inner transformations and activations necessary to unlock the divine gift within you.

But remember to trust your intuition and only engage in practices that feel authentic and aligned with your personal beliefs. 

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