Ancient Runes for Love: Their Meaning, and How to Use Them

Jovana Petrovic
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runes for love

What Are Love Runes?

If you think that love runes are magic rocks or carved wooden tiles that will make someone instantly fall in love with you, you would be mistaken. 

If you are unfamiliar with their history, these runic symbols were originally part of an alphabet called “Futhark”, used in Germanic languages centuries ago, or 1873 years ago, to be exact.

Runes for love have been used since the Viking ages, found carved in jewelry, talismans, and amulets to attract love in all its forms. Each love rune has its own separate name and meaning. 

These symbols are spiritually significant for Norse and Germanic people, and many new 

practitioners and people on their spiritual journey are just now learning how to tap into their secret power. 

Love Runes and Their Meaning

If you know anything about runes or tarot cards or other spiritual systems, you will know that each rune has its own interpretation when the rune appears, whether upright or inverted (reversed). 

I present to you the six main runes of love:

   1. Fehu

fehu rune
  • Symbol: ᚠ

Meaning and Interpretation:
Although Fehu originally symbolizes cattle, in the modern day it translates to abundance in love. Partners can be generous not just with money, but with their attention, dedication, and compassion.

Inverted Meaning: 

When inverted, this rune suggests emotional instability or immaturity and urges you to ask yourself what you truly want in love.

  2. Berkano

berkana rune
  • Symbol: ᛒ

Meaning and Interpretation:
Berkano (or Berkana) is a love rune connected to fertility, nurturing energies, and new beginnings. It’s a great omen for fresh romantic couples or newlyweds.

Inverted Meaning:

You need to fully heal before you fully commit to someone. Be patient, as delays in the growth of your relationship are possible. Family feuds may also surface.

 3.  Gebo

Gebo Rune
  • Symbol: ᚷ

Meaning and Interpretation:
Gebo is the perfect rune to receive in a love reading, symbolizing harmony and balance in all of your relationships. It stresses the importance of mutual trust and the exchange of feelings and energies.

Inverted Meaning: 

There is a disbalance in your relationship that needs to be addressed before things can sail smoothly.

4. Wunjo

Wunjo Rune
  • Symbol: ᚹ

Meaning and Interpretation: 

Wunjo glows with the happiness and comfort that comes with a healthy relationship. Maybe you have realized that love is all you need right now, so bask in all its glory, especially the little moments.

Inverted Meaning:

Inverted Wunjo tells you to love yourself before you love someone else. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

5.  Othala

Othala rune
  • Symbol: ᛟ

Meaning and Interpretation:

Connected to familial and platonic love, Othala is a rune that signifies stability in love, someone you can count on, whether they are a romantic partner or a close friend or family member. It’s a sign that roots are starting to grow and setting a healthy foundation.

Inverted Meaning:

You might be too focused on romantic love, did you forget about your family or friends that have always been there for you?

 6.  Raidho

Raidho Rune
  • Symbol: ᚱ

Meaning and Interpretation: 

Raidho represents the transformative journey of love that everyone goes through. A much-needed change will bring growth and evolution. Embrace both the ups and the downs.

Inverted Meaning:

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Isn’t it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved?

How to Use Love Runes

how to use love runes

1. For Divination

Similarly to tarot cards, crystal balls, and other scrying and divination practices, runes have been used to clarify the past and present, as well as predict the future to a certain point. 

If you have questions about your love life, if you are stuck at a crossroads and don’t know what to do with a certain person, or if you don’t know what went wrong in a past relationship, you can do what Germanic people used to since the 1st century. 

Clear your mind, cleanse your space, and place your runes in a little bag or pouch in front of you.

Focus on whatever is bothering you or needs more clarification, shuffle your runes, and choose 2-3 runes to give you some insight.

You can use only love runes for this, but if you have the full rune set (or rune deck, if you have them in the form of a deck of cards), you can use all 24 symbols for more nuance in meaning.

This can help you see where issues may arise, especially if you acknowledge the reversed meaning of the runes.

Pay attention to the runes that you have drawn and how they correlate to each other.

They are all fragments of the message you are supposed to receive from the universe, and it is up to you to follow your intuition, tap into your subconscious, and put the pieces together.

2. In Spellwork

Many love spells benefit from runes – they are a way to strengthen the focus of the caster and amplify their intent.

It doesn’t need to be a complicated ritual, but these runes of love go well with candles, crystals, ritual knives or offerings.

You can carve the rune into a white, red, or pink candle or draw it onto any item that is valuable to your spell, including yourself.

You are the perfect energy vessel to activate a rune’s powers, so, before you go on a date, subtly scribble a love rune somewhere on your body.

You can place the runes whose powers you want to activate together in a pouch with love crystals – rose quartz, jade, garnet, ruby in zoisite, pink opal.

You can add into this pouch any other item associated with the love that you want to attract – incense, drops of essential oil, rose petals, rings, or any gift from your loved one that holds deep emotional significance for you.

However, I would advise you not to include items from a person who isn’t truly in love with you.

If you already have an established relationship and are trying to enhance your existing love or bring new blessings, go ahead, but trying to alter someone’s free will will do more harm than good in the end.

I won’t preach to the choir, but be careful what you wish for.

3. In Daily Life

You don’t have to go above and beyond to channel these runes every day. It can be as simple as wearing them on a piece of jewelry or hiding them in your phone case.

You may find love runes as charms or trinkets, engraved on various rings, necklaces, or bracelets, but even if you don’t, a DIY talisman will do the trick.

You can manifest their inherent power by scratching them into a (hopefully not that expensive) accessory or writing it down with a permanent marker on the inside of your shirt, socks, or whatever it is that you will keep close to you throughout the day.

Since you are on your phone most of the time, draw it on the inside of your phone case, or even set it as your wallpaper or screensaver.

The more you are reminded of it, the more energy you bring to it, and the more energy is attracted back to you.


Now, I can’t guarantee that someone will instantly fall in love with you if you use these runes, but I hope you learned something new about what runes of love can actually do for you.

As long as you follow your gut instinct and are prepared to appreciate and use these runic symbols in your craft, nothing can stand in the way between you and true love, be it self-love, platonic, or romantic.


How many love runes are there? 

There are six main runes that are connected to matters of the heart: Fehu, Berkano, Gebo, Wunjo, Raidho, Othala.

Are love runes only for romantic relationships?

No, love runes aren’t just used for romance. Love is all around us, we can experience it and enjoy it through our pets, friends, or family. Any of those relationships can use a little boost every once in a while.

What does it mean when a love rune is inverted?

When a love rune is inverted, there is an energy shift. The effect of the rune may not manifest itself in the near future, or we need to look at the situation from another point of view.

Can love runes be used for spellwork?

Runes are often used in various love spells, as they help you channel your intent better. Be careful, though.

If you use love runes to alter someone’s free will, nothing good will come out of it. Even if you can make someone fall in love or lust with you, be prepared for all the red flags that will come along with it.

How do I cleanse and charge my love runes before use?

Everyone has a different way of cleansing and charging their runes before using them, the most common being smudging with sacred herbs or incense.

Additionally, some people like to play or sing love songs and infuse the rune through the melody, while others visualize red or pink light surrounding them and activating their powers. 

You could also dunk them in bodies of water, expose them to the stars, the moon, and the sun, or even bury them overnight if your intentions are to grow love roots.

There isn’t one way to do it properly, so do what feels right for you.

Can I heal my past trauma with love runes?

The truth is, most people get hurt by love. What’s important is to stand up and be ready to love again, even if you know it might not end well for you.

Emotional scars are inevitable, but you can use Berkano and Othala to heal them and address them, especially if they come from ancestral or unhealthy patterns. They aren’t set in stone, you know.

Can I use love runes to find a new romantic partner?

Hell yeah. Love runes are a popular tool when it comes to manifesting new potential partners. Keep an eye out for Berkano!

Can anyone use love runes?

Absolutely anyone can channel and experience the power of love runes in their personal journey. As long as you are respectful of their history, and usage and don’t try to influence someone’s free will, you can go right ahead and use them however you want.

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