Manifestation Journaling 101: Step-by-Step Guide to Materialize Your Dreams

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manifestation journaling

A manifestation journal can act as a catalyst to make the LOA work for you. The process makes you visualize your ideal future, draw actionable steps to success, and welcome challenges with an open mind.

What's Inside?
What Is a Manifestation Journal?Understanding ManifestationThe Role of Journaling in ManifestationHelps you synchronize with the universeBeats Self-doubt Pulls You Out of a Mental SlumberImproves Your Visualization Power How to Start a Manifestation JournalStep 1: Choose a mediumStep 2: Set a time Step 3: Set your mood and ambiance just rightStep 4: Write down your manifestations Step 5: End with a Gratitude13 Powerful Manifestation Journaling TechniquesScripting: as if it has already happenedGratitude Journaling: Harnessing the power of thankfulnessVisualization: visualize with pictures and imagesAffirmations: Writing positive statements that affirm your desiresThe 5×55 Method: Writing your desire 55 times for 5 daysFuture Self Journaling: Change your habits to change your futureMind Mapping: Visually organizing your goals and how to achieve themGoal Setting: Writing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goalsEmotional Release: Writing about any negative emotions or limiting beliefs and consciously releasing themMorning Pages: Writing freely first thing in the morning to clear your mind and focus on your goalsPivot Method: Pivot to positive to get rid of negativeTips for Effective Manifestation JournalingNote the date and time of your manifestationKnow your core valuesMirror Work: Complementing journaling with affirmations said in front of a mirrorSome Useful Manifestation Journal PromptsCommon Mistakes in Manifestation Journaling and How to Avoid ThemFlowing with a limiting self-belief system Focusing on negative outcomes Being too vague in your desires Advanced Manifestation Journaling TechniquesMoon Cycle Journaling: Aligning your manifestation with lunar phasesManifestation through Dream JournalingCombining journaling with other manifestation practices (meditation, vision boards)End ThoughtsFAQsHow often should I practice manifestation journaling?How Long Does It Take To Manifest Using A Manifestation Journal?What Should You Avoid When Manifesting?

However, it is easier said than done. You may come across a lot of challenges through your negative self-beliefs and initial failures.

In this article, we have discussed useful information to help you bypass those challenges to practice Manifestation Journaling on the right foot.

As you progress, you will learn about the correct way of journaling your goals, techniques that actually work, and things to avoid to go in the right direction.

But before we dive deeper, let’s have some essential knowledge supplements. 

What Is a Manifestation Journal?

As the name suggests, manifestation journaling is the process of writing down your goals and desires to help you stay motivated on your manifestation journey. You can write them down in any medium, either a notebook or a digital app. 

Journaling can help you with many things. First, it helps nurture your belief system and makes you see life positively.

Second, it eliminates the pessimist inside you while empowering you to stay on the right track during your manifestation practice. Third, you get the clarity of your deepest desires during the process. 

Understanding Manifestation

Manifestation is a practice that involves bringing your thoughts into reality through positive thoughts and desired actions.

It is based on one of the 12 universal laws, which governs by the rule “like attracts like” which is famously known as the “Law of attraction”.

It means you will attract what you want. If you put positive energy, determination, and hard work toward achieving your dreams and goals, the universe will provide it.

The Role of Journaling in Manifestation

Journaling helps you put your naked thoughts out on paper, giving you the clarity of your wants. But that’s not all.

Here are my observations and personal experience on how journaling elevates the manifestation power of a human.

the role of journaling in manifestation

Helps you synchronize with the universe

Journaling your goals not only reinforces your manifestation practice but also increases your positive vibrations, bringing you in sync with the higher frequency of the universe.

Even a few minutes of synchronicity speed up your manifestation process to bring positive changes to different areas of your life.

Beats Self-doubt 

Manifestation is not a quick game. Even if you’re giving your best, it may take a while to align stars in your favor.

It’s no surprise that most people feel frustrated mid-journey. Journaling has been shown to be the biggest stress-buster among all alternatives, as verified by researchers at the University of Michigan during Covid-19.

Putting your thoughts into words through journaling helps you acknowledge and lose your negative beliefs and pessimism along the way.

Pulls You Out of a Mental Slumber

According to bestseller author Gabrielle Bernstein, manifestation is all about co-creating with the universe.

Knowing what you want is just half of the battle. You cannot expect any results without any action.

While writing your manifestations, your brain will be propelled to think of the next steps to achieve your goals.

For example, while journaling for a career change, your brain may ignite ideas to accelerate results.

You may think of leveraging LinkedIn or tapping into existing connections for swift success. 

Improves Your Visualization Power 

Above everything, manifestation journaling is a strong factor in increasing your visualization power, which is a crucial part of the manifestation process.

When you visualize your goals as it has already happened, it fills your body with a sense of accomplishment, giving you more power to achieve them.

How to Start a Manifestation Journal

Manifestation Journaling is simple and easy. Let me break it into four simple steps.

how to start a manifestation journal

Step 1: Choose a medium

You can use a notebook or a digital app. I personally recommend a notebook for two things. 

First, it gives me a sense of nostalgia for my school days.

Nostalgia is often a good feeling and a great catalyst for positive vibrations.

Second, it is a great way for a digital detox. Those constant notifications from the smartphone are a real distraction.

But if you can leverage any digital medium without getting caught in distractions, you will be just fine.

Step 2: Set a time 

You can write for hours if you want. There is no specific time limit. However, setting a fixed amount of time helps you stay focused and remain persistent in your goal. 

Make sure you don’t overcommit yourself. If you’re a busy bee, there could be days when you may not get a 30-min break to savor your favorite dish.

That’s why I suggest starting with 15 mins a day. If you have more time to spare, count it as a bonus. After all, the aim is to strike consistency without skipping a day. 

Step 3: Set your mood and ambiance just right

A clear mind and a peaceful ambiance can add more power to your writing. It doesn’t have to be a large space.

All you need is enough area to sit comfortably, visualize and write.

Once you select your meditation place, don’t let anything or anyone near you while journaling. You can play soothing music and use warm lighting if that helps you keep calm.

Step 4: Write down your manifestations 

Now it’s time to journal your desired future on a positive note. 

If you initially struggle with writer’s block, you can pick up on any of the following questions to get your creative juices flowing.

  • What does your future look like after all your dreams come true?
  • What traits do you see in yourself after being successful?
  • What did you do to manifest your desires into reality?
  • What would you feel after all your dreams come true?

Note: You can always customize these questions to trigger the right emotions out of you. 

Now, the writing part is very important. You must journal your thoughts in the present tense like it’s already happening to you.

For instance, instead of writing, “I am expecting a promotion,” write down, “I am celebrating after getting a promotion today.”

Step 5: End with a Gratitude

Write down at least one thing you are grateful to the universe. When you show respect to the universe, you can attract more abundance, prosperity, and happiness. 

13 Powerful Manifestation Journaling Techniques

Journaling goals with powerful techniques helps you score big for the same efforts.

Here, I have listed 13 more powerful journaling methods to help you get started on the right foot.  

Scripting: as if it has already happened

It’s about describing a happy moment from the future in the present tense as if you’re already living your dreams with your manifestation of success.

As you do so, your subconscious mind sheds limiting self-beliefs and realigns your thoughts with positive vibrations, propelling you to take the right actions faster.

Gratitude Journaling: Harnessing the power of thankfulness

When you add gratitude to your manifestation journal, you feel more positive emotions and better about life.

That sets you up on a high vibration, aiding your success in the manifestation journey.

How should you do it?

Send gratitude to the universe for things you’re about to receive in the future.

For instance, if you are going for a job interview, write, “Today I got selected for my dream job. I am thankful to the universe for fulfilling my dream”.

Visualization: visualize with pictures and images

Pictures can have more impact on our brains than words. If you desire to own a car, draw a car in your journal.

Use your visualization power to be specific about the details, like you’re touching every part as you’re drawing. Simultaneously, tap on those happy feelings too.

Affirmations: Writing positive statements that affirm your desires

Create some positive affirmation sentences based on what you wish to manifest. Include them in your journal.

It will help you bypass your negative self-belief system when you feel low.

For instance, to beat your negative beliefs around success, you can write, “I see myself surrounded with success,” or “Every day, I am becoming more successful.

555 manifestation method

The 5×55 Method: Writing your desire 55 times for 5 days

This method involves writing down your desires and goals 55 times for 5 days. This method is linked with the 555 angel number that signifies enlightenment, opportunity, and growth.

That’s why it is regarded as the best technique to attract balance to career, finance, and relationships.

While writing your manifestations, keep them short and clear, similar to writing affirmations.

Future Self Journaling: Change your habits to change your future

In future self-journaling, you write to your future self to correct those behavioral patterns holding you back from achieving your goals. You start by picking one of your habits at a time.

Write how it is holding you back, what you will do to change it, and what you can achieve once you get rid of it. Focus on one habit at a time. Once you feel you have overcome that, focus on your next habit.

Mind Mapping: Visually organizing your goals and how to achieve them

Mind mapping is a visual task that represents your thoughts and ideas. It involves words and images to form a strong association that help you achieve your manifestation goals. 

Just like a vision board, you start with a picture of your goal, but instead of visualizing it, you create a flowchart comprising steps you plan to take to achieve that goal.

Then you manifest on each step and act to achieve that before moving to the next step.

Goal Setting: Writing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals

This technique is all about breaking down your goal into small time-bound achievements. Set a clear timeline, work on it, and track your progress.

Here is what a SMART goal journal prompt should look like: 

“My goal is to [set a specific objective] by [measuring the timeframe]. [You or your teammate] will achieve the goal by [steps you will take to achieve it]. Succeeding in my goal will [mention the benefits].”

Emotional Release: Writing about any negative emotions or limiting beliefs and consciously releasing them

Sometimes bad feelings can stop you from journaling what you might want to focus on. So, in this technique, you work on dissolving your negative feelings by giving them attention through writing.

You must have felt that sudden discharge of heavy emotional burdens after crying your heart out. It feels terrible, but you end up light-hearted and unchained.

Meanwhile, sometimes you end up harboring these emotions, and that becomes a major roadblock in your manifestation.

Pour down your pain and sadness in your journal, and you will be surprised to see how positively it can impact your personality and overall life.

Morning Pages: Writing freely first thing in the morning to clear your mind and focus on your goals

Starting your day by clearing off negative thoughts that block your positive vibrations and divert you from your goals.

So what you do is take all your worries and dump them in your journal. Besides, some of the best ideas come to your mind when you wake up with a fresh mind.

You may find a solution to your problem as your creative juices start flowing as you put pen to paper.

manifestation pivot method

Pivot Method: Pivot to positive to get rid of negative

In the pivot method, you shift from negative to positive thoughts by focusing on your internal dialogues.

If you say, “I don’t want to be poor,” you are attracting things in your life that make you poor.

Instead, you can write, “I want financial success in life.” Practicing the pivot method will change your vibrational regularity to attract nothing but positive results in life.

Tips for Effective Manifestation Journaling

If you want to level up your manifestation journaling ritual, these additional tips might help.

Note the date and time of your manifestation

Before you start writing your goals, jot down the date and time on your medium. It’s a good psychological strategy. It helps you know how long it takes for your desire to manifest.

Consider this a reference to assume the ideal manifestation time for your other goals. The best part of this process is that you avoid getting discouraged during your manifestation journey.

Know your core values

Uncovering your core values and using them in your manifestation journal can accelerate your manifestation process.

So, what are core values?

Well, every person has their own values. It makes you who you are.

When you live by your values, your vibration is believed to align perfectly with the universe. 

One of the easiest ways to do that is by revisiting your proud moments and appreciating your core values for those best works. You will find this small exercise helpful while journaling about your success through the lens of your hard work. 

Mirror Work: Complementing journaling with affirmations said in front of a mirror

Looking at the mirror and chanting positive affirmations shows great results in manifestation.

It’s about planting a seed or a positive reinforcement in your subconscious mind to think or behave in a certain way.

You can do this just before journaling to see great improvement in your writing. 

Some Useful Manifestation Journal Prompts

A manifestation prompt is a question or statement that works as a powerful tool to decide what you want to manifest in your life.

Some examples of manifestation journaling prompts to get started:

  • I have a resilient belief system, and I can achieve [insert your goal].
  • I clearly see myself [e.g., securing the job promotion, buying a new car] because I am working towards [what you are doing to achieve your goals].
  • I am assured I will succeed in doing [your goal] because I plan to [insert your action plan].
  • The qualities I have for self-confidence are [list positive qualities about yourself].
  • I will earn [money/business profit] by [time in month or year] by [actionable steps].
  • My opportunities to earn money include [potential sources of healthy income].
  • I accept becoming financially independent will not be easy, and that is why [write down what you will do to overcome financial constraints].
  • [Write down your qualities or upcoming opportunities] are the reasons I will become a money magnet in the future.

These are just some manifestation journal examples. You can set your own prompts to help you create the right thoughts and feelings for high vibrations. 

Common Mistakes in Manifestation Journaling and How to Avoid Them

Avoid these mistakes while practicing manifestation journaling.

common mistakes in manifestation journaling

Flowing with a limiting self-belief system 

Your mind is your greatest gift and enemy. It can push you forward with positive thoughts and draw you back with limiting self-beliefs.

At certain times, It tells you that you are not worthy of your dream life.

Such negative ideas are often deep-seated in your subconscious mind. Identifying the underlying cause of these beliefs can finally help you unlock your true potential and achieve your goals. 

Focusing on negative outcomes 

Stressing over negative outcomes is the biggest hurdle of the manifestation process.

Instead of obsessing over the possibility of failure, you must work on ordering your actions to ensure a positive outcome.

Reverse engineer your success during journaling, and you will get the exact blueprint of potential actions to override your probability of failure. 

Being too vague in your desires 

The key to success in manifestation journaling is to focus on goals that you are logical to achieve.

Lots of people confuse a wish with a meaningful goal.

For example, wishing to be a millionaire is somewhat unreal, but earning a million dollars through running a successful business or a high-paying job is possible.

Advanced Manifestation Journaling Techniques

Moon Cycle Journaling: Aligning your manifestation with lunar phases

The moon cycle can certainly influence our behavior and emotions, even within a matter of hours.

With moon journaling, you can uncover the triggers and influences impacting your mood.

Write down how you feel, including the date and time, and you can notice a pattern of how you feel on certain days.

You can harness those moon phases in your favor to journal your desires for an extended period on a high vibration.

Manifestation through Dream Journaling

Dream journaling is a practice of penning down your dreams every morning.

Your dreams can give insight into your core values, which helps you with your manifestation process.

For example, you can ask your dream to show you something related to your career. You may likely see something relatable in your dream.

The next step is to journal them the moment you wake up. If you are lucky, you will definitely find some answers.

Combining journaling with other manifestation practices (meditation, vision boards)

Both vision board and meditation help you set on a high vibration.

Although you can do it in any order, start with meditating on your goals to attain clarity of thoughts, journaling them next in the present tense, and affirming those beliefs with a vision board throughout the day.

End Thoughts

That’s it. You’ve all the information to start a manifestation journal today.

But, I would encourage you to keep learning more about the process or individual manifestation techniques discussed in this article for clarity.

Besides, If you discover some techniques not mentioned here that really work for you, let us know in the comments below. Our readers will thank you 3000 times. 


How often should I practice manifestation journaling?

There is no time limit to journal about your dreams. Set a minimum daily time that works for you- even 15 minutes/day with the right mindset will work.

But you should journal everyday. Also, instead of stretching your practice time, try adding more sessions in a day.

For instance, instead of working for 45 mins on the process, you can journal for 15 mins thrice a day. It can help you resonate at a higher frequency throughout the day.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Using A Manifestation Journal?

It is not possible to put a deadline on your manifestation. It depends on the vibrational frequency of your thoughts.

The higher you vibrate with positive thoughts and optimistic outlooks, the faster you move towards your goal.

If you act in desperation with a fixed deadline in mind, it will only count as a negative vibration.

As a result, you will unconsciously attract negative outcomes out of the universe.   

What Should You Avoid When Manifesting?

Avoid any kind of distraction that may tamper with your manifestation process. The distraction could be a flickering light, a humming noise, a foul odor, or anything else.

Most important, do not set any unrealistic goals that you may find difficult to imagine. Have patience in the process, and let the universe do the rest for you.

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