Manifestation Magic Review: Does It Really Work?

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Manifestation Magic Review

Manifestation Magic 2.0 is an audio program created by Alexander Wilson that claims to help you harness the power of manifestation.

Its basic principle is to visualize the things or situations you want to attain. You use all your energy, emotions, and thoughts into believing something that you want.

Eventually, your law of attraction will create favorable situations to manifest your wish in due time.

After this concept became popular with The Secret from Rhonda Bryne, many success stories of people achieving something they never had before are hard to ignore.

But if you can easily learn the concepts from The Secret, why give a damn about this product?

Why is this program still a hot sale?

Let’s find out through our honest Manifestation Magic review.

What is Manifestation Magic 2.0?

What is Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic 2.0 is an audio program created by Alexander Wilson. After suffering many hardships in life, he realized that he could manifest his well-being and make them into reality through a change in his thinking perception.

He is not just any random spiritual enthusiast but holds a degree in Psychology (Masters) and has developed deep knowledge in the subject. His experience comes from years of studies with many well-known spiritual leaders. 

He created this program by conducting several research experiments based on scientific knowledge. Alexander then made the audiotapes with an expert sound engineer and, after several successful testing on volunteers, released them for sale.

The program works by activating your subconscious mind so you can manifest or attract whatever you desire

Basically, it works on the principle of the Law of Attraction.

It will help you keep your thoughts away from pessimistic and cynical thoughts that might make you feel unworthy of anything. You can only attract good things if your state of mind is in good condition.

The program makes use of “energy orbiting” technology to help you manifest better. It lets the energy of your subconscious mind elevate enough to banish any negative thoughts

Depending on the package you buy, there are several bonuses like ebooks, extra audio tracks, and a coronavirus rescue pack.

What is energy orbiting?

energy orbiting

You can listen to manifestation magic anywhere you want as the audiotapes are based on energy orbiting. Studies show that audio frequencies can heighten our hidden vibrational DNA.

Our brain waves are mostly in the beta state, where we are constantly distracted. But people with one-directional stable minds have themselves at theta state.

The monks and spiritual gurus attain that state of mind with years of mindful practices and meditations. This creates an aura of energy around them that keeps them level-headed at all times. 

These audiotapes have the design to help your brain waves shift from beta to theta state in a matter of minutes (8 minutes, to be precise). These tapes use subliminal mind commands.

They will eradicate any old negative patterns of your thought process and replace them with positive thoughts of your liking. Your vibrational frequencies will increase to only think about things that will make you feel better.

The energy raises the frequencies of your vibrations (mental and spiritual) to let you be in an optimistic mode. Hence, you can manifest anything you want- money, health, relationships, etc., without any self-doubt.

However, this program is specifically marketed to manifest wealth.

Who Can Use This program?

If you believe you can bring tangible things into your life by manifesting them, then this program is for you. The prerequisite of this program is a strong belief.

It would help if you had an open mind and firm belief that you will get anything that you can manifest. If you don’t believe in the power of manifestation, then this program won’t be fruitful. You can use this program if you-

  • Want to attract money and power into your life
  • Want a real purpose and mission in life
  • Want to get rid of negative subconscious thoughts
  • Want better relationships and perspectives in life

What are its modules?

The entire package comes in two modules-

1. The QuickStart Manifestation Guide

This helps to set your intentions right. It will showcase your priorities in life and how you must only focus on them and nothing else.

It will explain the mechanism of the whole system provided with materials and all the expected outcomes. You will know exactly how and what you need to manifest right now.

2. Energy Orbiting Autopilot Audio System

This consists of several audio tracks that you can listen to at specific times of the day. the following are the specific audio tapes-

i. Twilight Transformation

The technology used in these audiotapes will relax your mind into a “theta” state as you slumber. It is a 20-minute audiotape that works even when you are unconscious. It will help you increase your vibrations to have a better hold on your manifestation abilities.

ii. The Daytime Wealth Activator

This is specifically developed to work when your brain is active. You can listen to it anytime in the day and anywhere you want. You don’t have to find a lonely space or concentrate too seriously on it. Just plug it in while you are working or reading and let it do the job.

3. The Meditator Audio Tracks

If you have difficulty concentrating on anything for too long, then this audio track is for you. You will find this helpful during meditation. It is a 2-minute long track to help you focus on your intentions and improve your mindfulness.

Other powerful tracks available depending on the value of your package are-

i. The Chakra Power System


This system has seven audio tracks of 10 minutes each. In order to clear all the thoughts that block your abundance, you need to hear them only once a week. By the end of the course, you will feel your vibrations at their peak. You will be able to gravitate any desire towards you in reality.

ii. The 36 Transformation System

This has seven special “Energy Orbiting” audio tracks. It includes tracks like the “Wealth Awakening” that help you attract financial abundance. Also, “The Whispering Waves” audio track helps you imagine yourself as a wealthy and successful person to boost your self-confidence.

iii. Corona Package

The pandemic is a difficult situation in our time. This system includes 20 practical strategies and tips to help you cope in these stressful times. In this uncertain economic environment, it helps to think about new strategies to generate income. 

4. Lifetime Access to the “Push Play” App

You can access this app through your tablet or smartphone and listen to the tracks anytime you want. This is the easiest way you can keep your progress in your manifestation agenda without fail.

What is the principle of this program?

What is the principle of this program

Manifestation Magic is one of the simplest manifestation systems available in the market currently. You don’t have to go through long texts and guides to understand how to manifest.

Generally, other courses will make you wait for weeks, if not months before you have the proper mindset to manifest anything. With these audiotapes, you simply have to tune in at your convenience. 

The audiotapes help to shift the state of mind in a matter of minutes. The audio frequency of these digital tapes will raise the frequencies of your subconscious mind.

This, in turn, will remove all the old negative thoughts so that only positive and empowering thoughts can enter your mind palace. 

Some of the audiotapes are specifically designed for the daytime. However, many people attest that the main module of this program bears better results when used at night time.

These audio tapes help to induce self-hypnosis as you are about to go to sleep. Your brain is in a relaxed state and offers no counterarguments.

This helps the hypnotic suggestions in the tapes easily be absorbed by the brain. The messages will implant better, and you will feel a positive and more energetic difference in the morning. 

What Are The Pros and Cons Of This Program?

There are several pros and cons of this program, depending on how you want to use the program.


1. Makes you more proactive

Most believers advise always maintaining a positive mindset for easy manifestation. We all know that’s not possible at all times.

Rather, the key to successful manifestation is always to have an optimistic outlook. Sometimes, it’s hard for us to channel that sense of optimism from within, which is crucial. In this regard, this audiotape does that work for you.

It awakens your consciousness and the mind’s ability to produce positive and beneficial thoughts most of the time.

2. Helps you become consistent

Listening to an audiotape is a very practical and valid approach to instilling good vibes within you. Taming your brain to produce positive thoughts is not an easy task. You must make it a daily habit to let your subconscious mind believe you’re optimistic by nature. These audio tapes help you build that habit with minimal effort from you.

3. Easy and convenient to use

Other methods make you create those positive thoughts by yourself. When you are going through dark times, it may not be possible sometimes at all. So the creator came up with audiotapes, which are better than reading or visual materials. The scientifically prepared sounds help the mind to calm down and bring about change.

4. Encourages and motivates you

If you continue with your old patterns and thinking, then you can’t progress. These audiotapes are prepared to encourage and motivate you with each session. You will learn to block your old negative thinking patterns so that you can manifest whatever your desire in a fresh and positive state.

5. Scientific and practical

We discovered that during our Manifestation Magic review, it is scientifically proven that the brain can accept, interpret, and remember things faster when it hears or sees them rather than reading.

The concept of using sound waves to enhance your vibrational energy is backed by science and proven theories.

These audio files can make you realize the faults in your thinking process and rectify them for good.

6. Easy accessibility

These audiotapes are digital products that will be emailed immediately after the payment is made. You won’t have to wait for shipping and delivery with these files. You can immediately start your manifestation journey as soon as you order it.

7. Comprehensive program

Apart from featuring a beginner’s guide, it comes with several bonus files as well. Together they help you tackle several segments of your life with a positive mindset. Although marketed to attract wealth and abundance, this system can also help you affect other parts of your life like relationships, jobs, education, etc.

8. 6-day Money-back Guarantee

Although the creators claim that you can see results within a day, you still need to wait for a couple of days to see whether your thoughts are being manifested in the right way or not.

Sometimes your manifestation can take time as several life events have to be aligned to get you what you desire. That is why this system comes with a 6-day money return policy. If you are not satisfied with the results within six days, you will get your money back.

9. 100% Positive Reviews

This audiotape helps you get the life you want if you could just believe in it. And, their hundreds of satisfied customers and their Manifestation Magic review assure you about the usefulness of this program in their lives. You can read their success stories on the website to realize how a simple thought can change your life.


1. Not be for everyone

It is a digital audio tape that requires certain devices and internet access. It may not be possible for some people at all times and places. Also, some people might prefer texts and videos to audiotapes.

2. Monologues Program

The course is a one-way conversation. So if you need to live mentoring, you might get bored. There is no contribution on your behalf, and the tape is supposed to do all the work for you, so it can be quite monotonous.

3. Vague Promise 

This program guarantees noticeable results within 24 hours. Clearly, it’s a very short timeline, and many people’s desires cannot come alive within a day. This can make people think that it’s just a scam.

But it claims to let you read the spiritual signs that confirm your manifestation has already started and is under process. 

What is the cost of Manifestation Magic 2.0?

Cost of Manifestation Magic

The Manifestation magic has a new edition i.e, manifestation magic 2.0 that can be downloaded from several sites; however, we recommend downloading from the original site.

This way, you won’t be cheated or miss out on any discount or bonus deals. This system is available in different packages – $27, $37, and $97. You can also get the New Coronavirus Rescue Package, lifetime access to the Push Play App, the 36 Transformation System, the Chakra Power System, and a quick-start guide as freebies.

Is manifestation Magic legit?

Yes, it is legit. It is based on the Law of attraction which works for many people who testified in support of it. Their success stories are inspiring yet come with a tinge of magic. You can create that magic in your life with the help of Manifestation Magic to attract good luck, wealth, and success.

It is better than going through most law of attraction books and courses out there. Apart from testimonials and social proof, the techniques used are backed with scientific knowledge. These techniques guarantee a successful manifestation only when you are truly sure of what you want.

Over To You

Does manifestation magic really work? Well, If you are someone who gives up easily on things, then this system is not for you. You have first to change that aspect of your life. Have faith that something will change your life, and your belief will enhance the effectiveness of anything you venture into.

The Magic Manifestation is one such thing that may not give you a blank cheque overnight or make you a millionaire within a week. It can make it happen eventually, though, if you truly believe in it. 

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