15 Manifestation Methods to Transform Your Life & Realize Your Goals

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Manifestation became a popular word after Rhonda Bryne spilled the beans about the Law of Attraction in her 2005 best-seller book “The Secret.”

Ever since then, there have been numerous debates regarding the validity and usefulness of this concept.

Fast forward eighteen years, and the internet has been flooded with different manifestation techniques to bring your dreams into reality. Sadly, some of the techniques are just made up for the hype. 

But don’t sweat it! I got your back. To save you from the research, I have rounded up 15 popular manifestation techniques that actually work for me. Let’s dive in and make some magic happen. 

What is Manifestation?

what is manifestation

Manifestation or the laws of attraction is all about turning your dreams into reality.

You take proactive steps to reach your goals with unwavering faith in the universal power to make you lucky throughout the way.

It doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to bring magic into your life, you have to be persistent with your efforts with a positive attitude.

There have been numerous techniques to make the universe work for your wishes.

We are going to cover fifteen popular manifestation techniques with a brief idea of their working mechanism.  

1. Vision Board 

a lady working on a vision board

Vision boards are one of the best tools to get your brain all pumped up about your dreams and goals. It works on value-tagging psychology

Create a sweet visual board with pictures and words that remind you of your life after the manifestation of your goals. 

Whenever you see the board, your brain gets excited and periodically tags those dreams as super important against any negative self-talk. 

You can add anything to your vision board that fires you up, such as pictures, favorite quotes, memories/memorabilia, postcards, or cards. 

It’s best to visualize your goals with the board for a few minutes before bedtime.  

As you doze off, your brain enters Tetris Effect mode and programs your inner self for success. 

If you have creative genes, you will have fun creating a vision board. If not, don’t worry. You can try the rest of the methods discussed below.

2. Journaling 

There is a famous quote from Tony Robbins, “energy flows where attention goes.” You need a clear goal with a purpose to keep the spark alive till the end of your manifestation.

In this regard, journaling helps you gain clarity and ignite that spark if done correctly.

It involves writing down your intentions on paper to remind your brain of their importance- describing your vision board in words.  

As per the research, journaling stimulates cortical areas of your brain and boosts your cognitive capacity. 

As per the philosophy of journaling, when you continuously and consciously write about your dreams and desires, you sync your thinking patterns, attitudes, and emotions with positivity. You become optimistic. 

Again as per science, optimistic people are happy, focused, and have a better chance of crushing their goals successfully.

To level up your manifestation, you can add dream journaling to your regular journaling routine.

It’s about writing your dreams first thing in the morning to connect with your subconscious mind on a deeper level. That helps as you progress on your manifestation journey.  

3. Scripting 

Scripting is a form of wakeful meditation to help your brain encode your visualizations. It is a form of taking control of your life instead of otherwise. 

Here is how you can practice scripting manifestation in three simple steps. 

Step 1 

Write your life post-manifestation success in the present tense.

Step 2 

Believe your words to be true, and try visualizing them in great detail. It helps you resonate at a higher frequency.

Step 3

Express gratitude for what you already have in your life. You can also express gratitude for the good things you will receive as per your manifestation.  


  1. You can choose a full-moon or new-moon scripting time for enhanced results.
  2. Make sure you clear up all bottled-up or pent-up feelings of misgiving or anger before starting the scripting.

4. Pillow Manifestation Method 

pillow manifestation method

The Pillow Manifestation method is one of the most effective ways of invoking your subconscious mind by writing down your affirmations and placing them under the pillow for a set number of days.

According to Neuroscience, your subconscious mind works for your manifestation even when you’re snoozing.

When you think about your affirmations before falling asleep, your brain soaks them like a sponge deep into the subconscious mind.

It even works like a charm when you dwell on affirmations in the present tense as if they have already happened to you.

For instance, if you’re manifesting financial success, count your blessings as a rich person in the future, write them down on a piece of paper, and place them under your pillow. It will program your mind for massive actions. 

Be flexible about the timeframe. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the process, and let the manifestation unfold naturally.

You can even incorporate scripting into the pillow method to deepen your positive emotions.

5. Two-Cup Method 

Water can help you get what you want while communicating with the subconscious mind.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author, scientist, and water researcher, has suggested that the molecular structure of water transforms when exposed to human intentions and is impacted by positive and negative feelings.

You can use water as an affirmation medium to manifest your dreams using the two-cup method.

In this powerful manifestation technique, you will need two glasses. 

  • one glass full of water, representing your present life
  • one empty glass, representing your dream life

Write your current situation on a piece of paper and paste it onto the glass of water. Describe your dream life on another piece of paper and paste it onto the empty glass. 

Reflect on your current situation and pour the water into the empty glass. Now reflect on the desired situation and drink it.

Discard the label with the current situation and keep the other label filled with positive wordings. 

You can practice the two-cup method twice weekly for the best results. 

6. 55×5 method 

The 55×5 method is about writing your goals 55 times daily for five days and letting the universe do the needful. This method aims at harnessing the power of five to help in your manifestation.  

In numerology, five means realignment, transformation, and change, and 55 signifies creativity and power that allows you to transform your life. 

Step 1 

Define your objective of manifestation and break it down into clear and achievable goals. Now pick up any one goal. 

Step 2 

Create a positive affirmation around that goal in the present tense as if you’re already living it.  

Step 3

Write down what you want 55 times, five days in a row, preferably at the same time (just after waking up or before going to bed).

Step 4

After the fifth day, let go of that thought. Let the universe do the needful.

7. Meditation Manifestation 

meditation manifestation

Calming your mind with meditation before manifestation can give you a stable mental platform to visualize your goals more clearly.  

How to do manifestation meditation 

Step 1: Visualise your goals with meditation  

Choose a quiet area where you can meditate without any disturbance. Relax your posture and breathe in-breathe out to set the tone for a meditation hour. Visualize your manifestations slowly. 

Step 2: Chant affirmations 

Follow the visualization with positive affirmations. Repeat affirmations in line with your goals inside your head or listen to your recordings or say it loud.

Focus on phrases like “I am strong” or “I am getting better than before” to enhance the aura of positivity around you.

Step 3: Send gratitude to the universe 

After completing the visualization and affirmation procedures, follow up with gratitude for the good things you’ve already received. 

Step 4: Let go

Finish the meditation with a visualization of letting go of your concerns regarding the manifestation. Think of your worries moving up into the sky as a balloon or a paper lantern, making you feel light and happy.

8. Visualization

Visualization is the basic ingredient. Visualization is the process of invoking your creative imagination to control the subrational levels of the psyche.

When it comes to manifesting-dreams, visualization works as a tool that pushes you nearer to your goals by activating your subconscious mind optimally. 

Psychologists define Visualisation as a tool to allows you the experience of already fulfilling your desires while you are in the present moment and create a visual image to enhance your performance or learn new skills. 

Here, I will talk about two different ways to sync your energy with your goals.

  • Outcome Visualization

Here you visualize the outcome of your manifestation and feel all sorts of positive emotions associated with it. For instance, you visualize your mental peace and your life after a hike in your salary you have always been dreaming of for a long time. 

  • Process Visualization 

Here, you visualize the process (mini wins) that helped you move a step closer to your goal during the process.

You can visualize the self-improvement and progress you made, the steps you planned and executed, the strong mental power you harnessed to overcome limiting self-beliefs, etc.

Note: You can customize these visualization techniques to trigger helpful emotions. You can further use vision boards to obtain clarity of thoughts.

9. 369 method

The 369 method, or Tesla Manifestation, combines Tesla’s theory with the ideas of Abraham Hicks to create a unique manifestation method.

According to Tesla, numbers 3,6 and 9 hold great significance. The number 3 connects with the Universe, the number 6 represents our strength, and the number 9 adds positivity, enlightenment, and transformation. 

As per Abraham Hicks, our brain takes 17 seconds to create the energy of the thought we focus on. 

You can leverage both theories with the 369 method in the following steps. 

Step 1 

Manifest a thought that lasts for 17 seconds while taking care to start with gratitude and put emotions in your thought process. 

Step 2 

Journal your affirmations three times in the morning. Make sure to vividly visualize your affirmations during the journaling process. 

Step 3 

Repeat the process six times in the afternoon and continue the visualization to add power to the manifesting process.

Step 4

Rewrite your manifestations nine times at night before going to bed. 

The initial three scripts signify your intention to the Universe, the following six scripts amplify the vibrations, and the final 9 sets them in stone. Repeat the Journaling for 33 days (3×3 = 9, 3+3=6).

10. Neuro Linguistic programming 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the method of reprogramming the mind to master the manifestation method and acquire your goals.

It uses perceptual, behavioral, and communication techniques to make it easier for people to change their thoughts and actions. 

Instead of following basic manifestation patterns, NLP addresses the core beliefs of the human brain that come in the way of achieving their goals. For instance, your brain may be subjected to reconditioning with questions such as;

  • What self-beliefs are holding me back?
  • What is the fear that is making me believe so?
  • Do I really believe that?
  • What can I alternatively choose as a positive thought?

It helps you control what goes on inside your head using various techniques. 

Here are some popular NLP techniques. 

  • Moving images 

Imagine the image of someone or something that annoys you and visualize it getting smaller and moving away from yourself.

Replace the image with something you love, magnify its size, and visualize it coming toward you.

By doing so, you are replacing negative feelings of self-doubt and self-worth with positive ones to retain your vibration.

  • Undermining the Critical Voice 

You silence the inner critic without concerning yourself with its content. As a result, you barely vibrate at low frequencies of a mindset that holds you back. 

  • Running the Movie Backwards 

Here, you imagine a bad experience in reverse that you’re struggling to get over, shrink it, and envision a happy ending to alter your feelings about it.  

  • Brilliance Squared 

It’s all about associating a positive emotion with a big colored square and training your mind to embody it, followed by observing your happy feelings. 

11. “Wouldn’t it be nice, if” manifestation 

wouldn't it be nice if manifestation

Adam Hicks designed this manifestation method. Here you focus on soft goals that you want to manifest, not out of desperation.

You’re working towards building faith to attract what you want rather than focusing on the end results. 

How to apply the technique?

Step 1

Before getting started, make yourself comfortable and be in a place where you will not be disturbed. 

Step 2 

Close your eyes and make a list of small things that you want while phrasing them with ‘wouldn’t it be nice if- statement. Attach good feelings with your thoughts, say them like you know they are true, and be grateful while manifesting them.

E.g., Wouldn’t it be nice if I could work out every day?

Step 3 

After you say those words out loud, let go. Move on with your day without dwelling on those manifestations again. 

Step 4 

Remember to fill your heart with gratitude and thank the Universe when you start to see results.

This is a great manifestation technique for beginners as you work on soft goals with excitement and faith instead of desperation.

12. Worry box 

Worry Boxes were initially designed for kids as a tool to get rid of their worries and make them feel safe. In due course, it began to find its application in cognitive therapy exercises to help people dealing with anxiety and stress. 

As a manifestation technique, the role of the worry box is to help you deal with your worries cum manifestation-blockers using various coping strategies. 

Here is how you can manifest with a worry box. 

Step 1

Take a big cardboard box (or anything similar) and some paper.

Step 2 

Write down the things that trouble you, like bills, an upcoming presentation, a body ailment, or relationship issues, followed by how you want to see it gone.

Step 3

Put them inside the box.

Step 4

Get back to them at a scheduled time in a day and mark. 

Step 5

Whenever you solve the worry, mark those papers as done. 

Besides working as a manifesting method, the worry box works as a coping mechanism and helps you eliminate intrusive thoughts. People suffering from anxiety symptoms and losing sleep can immensely benefit from a worry box.

13. Focus wheel 

A focus wheel is a manifestation process that involves writing down your affirmations on a piece of paper and surrounding it with positive statements to strengthen your manifesting powers.

As your vibrations play a vital role in manifestation, working with the focus wheel can give you sufficient good reasons to vibe at higher happy emotions.

It purifies your vibrations of any negative emotions like fear, anger, despair, or sadness and strengthens the thought process. 

Create your Focus Wheel with the following steps. 

Step 1 

Take a piece of paper and draw a circle on it. Ensure that it is big enough to write your affirmations in its center. 

Step 2 

Draw an even bigger circle around the smaller circle and divide the area into 12 equal parts. 

Step 3 

Fill them with supporting statements, including any general comment, positive emotion, or past success. 

If you are facing mental blocks in the form of self-doubts, this focus wheel can help you manifest back again with clarity of thoughts.

14. 33×3 manifestation 

The number 3 is often regarded as a powerful number for creativity, optimism, and inspiration.

The 33X3 manifestation method is the process of using that power to amplify your manifestation process. 

How to manifest with the 33×3 method?

Step 1 

Have a clear goal. 

Step 2 

Create a positive affirmation around your goal.

Step 3

Write it down thirty-three times. 

Step 4

Repeat the process for three days. 

Step 5

Express gratitude to the Universe for listening to your prayers. 

15. Mirror method 

mirror method manifestation

Harnessing self-love is the greatest key to attaining unwavering inner peace and radiating positive vibrations to the universe.

In this regard, mirror manifestation is all about gazing into your hidden stash of self-love in the mirror and directing that energy deep into your subconscious mind to aid your manifestation. 

Here you make it a habit to look into the mirror and recharge your will with powerful affirmations.

You transform every single negative thought crossing your mind into positive outcomes.

This method improves body image and benefits if you’re dealing with eating disorders or high body dissatisfaction.

How to practice the mirror method 

Step 1 

Select a quiet, calm place with a mirror, preferably a full-length one.

Step 2 

Stand like a boss, you got this! 

Step 3 

Take a few deep breaths to shake off any bad vibes.

Step 4

Look into your eyes, and embody the feeling of a successful manifester with all your might. 

Step 5 

After you get comfortable saying them in your mind, say them aloud to affirm the feelings further. 

Step 6 

Follow it up with gratitude and a prayer of thanks to the Universe. 

End Thoughts 

Manifestation is a great way of working on your future self with positive energy in a powerful way.

But, a successful manifestation comes with its own set of challenges. With the help of the best manifestation methods and the power of positive thinking, you can always align yourself with the right course of action that leads to your success.

You have to work on your subconscious mind more than on your goals.

Do yoga, practice meditation, read self-help books, or do anything that helps you overcome your negative beliefs with optimistic, positive energy. 

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