Mars conjunct Ascendant

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mars conjunct ascendant

Mars is the planet of anger and destruction. It represents the force and passion inside a person.

It tells us how a person deals with any kind of frustration and how they express their anger. Mars is the planet that motivates a person and brings out their ambition. 

The Ascendant or the Rising sign in Astrology represents the self, the identity of a person.

It shows us how you present yourself to others, and what is the first impression you give to others.

The Ascendant determines how a person makes decisions in life and what their true priorities are.

Mars conjunct Ascendant in the Natal Chart

natal chart

The Mars-Ascendant conjunction is a strong force of energy. In the natal Chart, it shows that you have a strong will and an ambitious nature.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to. It represents force and power, the desire to take action and pursue. 

You have a strong personality and a stubborn nature – giving up on anything you start is impossible.

Different circumstances could bring out a very different side of you, but your courage allows you to handle situations that other people may easily give up on.

You lack fear and you are ready to face your biggest problems without any doubts. In certain moments you are an unstoppable force and you may inspire everyone in your life with your strength and power.

You are a go-getter and could be a great leader due to your ability to feel confident in yourself and the decisions you make. People have immense respect for you. 

The Mars-Ascendant Conjunction in Your Career

In your professional life you always want to have goals and boredom is your biggest fear.

At times your impulsivity might be your biggest enemy as you are likely to take risks that you may regret later.

It is important to be wary of the possible outcomes before pursuing a plan or making an important decision. Learn to take advice from the people around you and be more thoughtful and rational.

Although it could be difficult, taking your time and having patience will be valuable for you in many situations.

The Mars-Ascendant conjunction makes great leaders, athletes, and businessmen. 

The Mars-Ascendant Conjunction in Your Relationships

In your relationships, making compromises with others could be hard to achieve.

You want to be the one to lead and make decisions and you tend to hold onto your values and priorities.

You have strong sexual charisma and you draw people in with ease. Others may find you magnetic and irresistible.

You are not afraid to be direct with your intentions and pursuing the person you are interested in feels easy and natural. You enjoy taking the lead in relationships. 

In love, you could be quite primal. Jealousy might be a big problem in your relationships as you tend to be possessive of those you love.

You want to protect the people you value and help them make the best decisions for themselves.

This could make you quite domineering over others and could create tension in your relationships.

Not everyone will be happy with your possessive nature and desire to be in control.

Learning to be more considerate of other people, their feelings and their needs will help you manage happy relationships in the future.

Mars conjunct Ascendant in Synastry


In Synastry, the Mars-Ascendant conjunction manifests as undeniable chemistry that is difficult to ignore.

You may be drawn to each other like magnets but you may also push each other’s buttons like nothing else. 

The Mars-Ascendant Conjunction in Friendships

In friendships and platonic connections, the Mars-Ascendant conjunction points to a powerful team that brings out the most motivated and ambitious side of two people.

The two of you could be highly competitive with each other. The aspect comes with tension, irritability, and a high chance of conflict.

You may lack patience with the other person and the relationship could be very fast-paced.

Together you may not be very thoughtful of the decisions you make and the actions you pursue.

Although this aspect could be incredible for two business partners in terms of courage and power, it can also create a very difficult dynamic as you are likely to take great risks and attract trouble.

The Mars-Ascendant Conjunction in Romantic Relationships

In romantic relationships, the Mars-Ascendant conjunction shows us that you are attracted to each other from the moment you meet.

You may click on a primal level – you may be drawn to the other person without proper reason.

A couple with this aspect is likely to be very physical and may have a hard time keeping their hands off each other.

The two of you are likely to spend a lot of time together from early on in the relationship and your connection may progress very quickly.

At times your connection could feel a bit vain as physical intimacy might be the priority in your relationship.

With time this could evolve into a powerful partnership. Moreover, you will bring out each other’s most confident and courageous side.

You are likely to motivate each other and help each other go after the things you want in life.

A big problem in the relationship could be jealousy and possessive behavior.

You could be quite protective of each other and you may have doubts about the other person’s feelings unless they demonstrate them and reassure you constantly.

You may compete with each other and the Mars person could view the Ascendant person as a threat.

Arguments are also likely to occur often due to your lack of patience and energy clash. 

Learning to make compromises in the relationship will be important and it will allow you to create better balance long-term.

Regardless of the challenges, the two of you are likely to try your best to fight for the relationship and your stubbornness will not allow you to give up.


The Mars-Ascendant conjunction is an intriguing and exciting aspect in Astrology.

In the natal chart, it gives you incredible courage and desire to pursue anything you set your mind to. You are a fighter at heart and you are ready to face any challenge that comes your way. 

In Synastry, the Mars-Ascendant conjunction can point to strong physical chemistry in which the two of you may be drawn to each other like magnets. While you can be each other’s greatest motivators, you may also irritate each other and bring out a very difficult side of the other person.

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