Mars Conjunct Lilith: What does it mean for you?

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mars conjunct lilith

The Mars-Lilith conjunction is one of the most complex aspects in Astrology as it is created by one of the most powerful planets and one of the most fascinating asteroids – Mars and Lilith. 

Mars is the planet of anger and destruction. It represents the force and passion inside you. It tells us how you deal with any kind of frustration and how you express your anger. 

Lilith is an Asteroid, also known as the dark Moon. It not only represents feminine power, independence, sexual energy, and female intuition, but also manipulation, destructive tendencies, and insecurities. 

Mars conjunct Lilith in the Natal Chart

mars conjunct lilith natal chart

If you have the Mars-LIlith conjunction in your Natal Chart you are a person who is not afraid to act on their true desires.

You are a daredevil – you enjoy doing things other people may fear. You are confident in your sexuality and you attract others with your magnetic charm. You may use your sexuality as a form of power against others.

You are a strategic and calculated person ready to do anything to get what you want in life.

The Mars-Lilith Conjunction in your Career

In your professional life, you are highly competitive.

Although you may experience self-doubt, you will never show it to your competitors or enemies. You want others to see the best, most confident side of you at all times. People may fear you due to your strong presence and admirable ambition. 

You value strategy and you always know what step to take next.

The Mars-Lilith conjunction is great for anyone in a position of power – a politician or a CEO are good examples.

The aspect is also great for those in business or finance. If you have an artistic nature, you may find success in the modeling industry. 

The Mars-Lilith Conjunction in your Relationships

In your personal life and relationships, you easily attract the attention of others but you are likely to have very challenging relationships throughout your life. 

People may bring out the worst side of you during arguments and you can easily turn into a different person while angered. You are vengeful and you have a difficult time moving from hurtful situations. You might be highly competitive with the women in your life. 

Your sexual energy may attract people who are vain and value only the physical part of the relationship. You may learn to be more protective of yourself and wary of other people’s true intentions.

In your romantic relationships, you are passionate and loving. You are ready to give your all to the person that will bring out your affectionate and vulnerable side.

Despite that, you may experience great insecurities – past experiences could make you very doubtful of others and you may require constant reassurance.

In bad relationships, you could be very jealous, possessive, and even controlling of your partner.

You may have a hard time trusting them truly. Don’t waste your energy on people who do not bring the best side of you.

Mars conjunct Lilith in the Synastry Chart

mars conjunct lilith in the synastry chart

The Mars-Lilith conjunction is one of the most passionate yet difficult aspects you can have with another person.

This points to a complex relationship dynamic in both platonic and romantic relationships. 

The Mars-Lilith Conjunction in Friendships

In friendships, the Mars-Lilith conjunction can make you compete with the other person.

The two of you could connect on a very primal level due to your ruthless and ambitious nature, but you may also view the other person as a threat and be highly protective of yourself around them.

There might be something that truly irritates you about the other person.

Regardless of that, you are not afraid to show your difficult side to them knowing that they will embrace it fully.

You are authentic and honest around them without the fear of judgment or ridicule.

Neither of you feels obligated to put on a facade or play a part while being in each other’s presence. You are accepting of each other’s darkest side.

The Mars-Lilith Conjunction in Romantic Relationships

The Mars-Lilith conjunction could often be a big sign of a toxic relationship dynamic.

You may feel like you are in a constant battle with the other person and you may view them as a threat rather than a partner.

In the early stages of the relationship, jealousy and lack of trust could be big problems. You may feel insecure and unsure of each other’s intentions.

Allowing the other person close to you will be hard and expressing your true feelings in front of them will require a level of vulnerability you may not be ready to show.

In spite of that, you may not be able to resist them and stay away from them.

With time this aspect could evolve into a great partnership in which both people will feel determined to bring out their best selves.

Despite the challenges you face you are not ready to give up on the connection.

Your relationship may evolve into a very strong bond in which you will be happy to share everything with the other person.

You can be a team that is determined to success.

You will have high expectations from each other and you are ready to fulfill all of the desires of the other person. 


The Mars-Lilith conjunction is an intense aspect that can manifest in a very difficult manner in both the Natal and Synastry chart.

In the Natal Chart, the Mars-Lilith conjunction makes you competitive but also insecure. You may be angered by injustice and people who doubt you. You are calculated and strategic. 

In the Synastry chart the aspect shows that there is strong chemistry and physical attraction between the two of you.

You are ready to fight the world for the other person.

The relationship could bring out your hidden insecurities and self-doubt, but you may also be drawn to the complex dynamic. You are ready to face the challenges the relationship could bring to the two of you.

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