Midheaven in Aquarius: What Does it Mean for You?

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midheaven in aquarius

Astrology can bring you valuable answers and interesting perspectives based on the interpretation of your birth chart.

Not all astrological aspects include celestial bodies. Some important placements such as your Midheaven can speak volumes about important aspects of your life, without the influence of a planet. 

If you have a Midheaven in Aquarius in your natal chart, your professional life and career path will be interesting, to say the least. This placement makes you unique and influences your achievements strongly. 

What Your Midheaven Tells You

what does your midheaven tell you

The Midheaven also known as the Medium Coeli (MC) is the highest point in the sky at the time of your birth. Opposite to the MC is the Imum Coeli (IC), which speaks of your childhood and the traits that you bring into your adult years.

The other two major points in your chart are the Ascendant (AC) and the Descendant (DC).

To find all these points and interpret them correctly you need to know your accurate birth time, date, and place. 

If you read your natal chart in the Placidus house system, you will find your Midheaven on the tenth house cusp.

The 10th house is also sharing similar values with your Midheaven. Both of them speak of your career path and professional life, public image and reputation, and life goals and achievements.

The 10th house shows you your career potential while the Midheaven helps you achieve success by using your cosmic gifts.

This house is also the house of authority and gives you a glance at how you relate to this concept throughout your life. 

Both your Midheaven and the planets in your tenth house can paint a generous image regarding your public life, career goals, and highest expectations. 

If your MC is in Aquarius, your IC is in Leo. This placement shows that you were a very creative child and youngster and brought a lot of dramatic energy into your mature years. 

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

aquarius the water bearer

The sign of Aquarius is also known as the Water Bearer of the Zodiac, but contrary to its nickname, this is an air sign just like Libra and Gemini.

With a fixed modality, Aquarius people tend to be very stubborn and determined. They are also stable people who know what they want in life and stay persistent on their path. 

This air sign is ruled by the unconventional planet Uranus, which makes them innovative and original.

Aquarius natives are inventive and impress everyone with their unique mindset. They can also be rebellious even if they are very devoted to their causes and the important people in their lives. 

We have to note that in traditional astrology, Aquarius was a sign ruled by Saturn, before Uranus was discovered.

Saturn brings these natives some type of structure and discipline, even breaking the rules is also very tempting to these individuals. 

Main traits of Midheaven in Aquarius

main traits of midheaven in aquarius

Your Midheaven in Aquarius helps you leave your mark on the world if you harness its gifts with maturity.

The energy of this fixed sign can empower you as you go through your professional path. Here are the main traits that your Aquarius MC might give you and how you can use them:

Innovative and idealistic 

Your Aquarius MC brings you highly innovative and idealistic energy. You might be tempted to take impulsive decisions but not reckless ones.

Thanks to your idealistic way of thinking you may come across many opportunities that allow you to develop your professional life and reach the outcome you desire. 


Aquarius people are humanitarians and they care very much for the well-being of others. They want to impact the world positively and need a career that allows them to do that. And we will find this trait in those with an Aquarius MC. 


The independence that derives from this Midheaven sign will be one of your most precious treasures. Your unique energy needs to be set free and find the best way to manifest in the world. Due to this aspect, you will most likely choose your career according to your needs for freedom. 


Aquarius is a very confident sign and one of the zodiac signs that own their value. If your Midheaven is in this air sign you might be confident and act in an individualist manner. You know what you bring to the table and are very much aware of what you deserve. 

Great social skills 

Your developed social skills help you create solid professional connections that will help your career. If your MC is in Aquarius, you will find work through your professional relationships and you will always be able to consider what others want to make the best decision. 

Intellectual skills 

Your Aquarius MC gives you intellectual skills helpful in connecting the dots in the most complex situations.

Natives with these placements approach life and their career path from a rational perspective rather than an emotional one.

Their problem-solving skills will help them achieve their professional goals and maintain healthy relationships throughout their life. 

How Midheaven in Aquarius Impacts Your Career Path

midheaven in aquarius careers

Your MC in Aquarius opens you to a lot of career opportunities thanks to your original mindset and self-confidence.

People with this placement need careers that allow them to make things their way as they can be stubborn individuals as well.

A profession in science and technology, for instance, will allow you to manifest your visionary ideas and intelligent skills. 

This placement also helps you have a successful career if you choose to work for humanitarian causes as you have a high level of empathy.

You have a unique way to relate to others and can use your social skills to help everyone around you. Working in education can also help you express your oratory talent and lead others to reach a better version of themselves.

Your humanitarian spirit makes you a great candidate for careers in psychology or sociology as you have a great understanding of people and are genuinely interested in their needs. 

You might also be drawn to careers in creative industries such as painting, music, writing, or any other domains that allow you to use your idealistic and creative skills.

This Midheaven placement supports you if you want to develop an entrepreneur career. You can start your own business and invest your best skills to become successful. 

Challenges to Overcome with MC in Aquarius

Like any astrological placement, Midheaven in Aquarius comes with its shortcomings as well.

However, being aware of the potential challenges of this aspect will help you overcome them and create a successful professional path.

Here are the things you might need to work on if you have your MC in Aquarius:

Unwilling to comply 

The Aquarius energy and the energy of Uranus make it difficult for you to comply. You want to work with others in harmony but you don’t like to be told what to do.

While you are open-minded when it comes to new ways of doing things, you still want to be the one who decides how these things are done. 


Your MC in Aquarius can make you appear aloof, especially when it comes to personal relationships.

This is also a trait we find in Capricorn or Taurus placements.

If you show this aloofness, you risk pushing people away from you, which will not help your relationship in the long term. 

Lack of patience 

You don’t have the patience to reach your final work results at a slow and steady pace, which can delay you even more.

If you rush things, you will end up complicating your work process and you might make mistakes that are difficult to repair. 

Struggling with teamwork

An Aquarius Midheaven makes you individualist and hard-working but also difficult to work as part of a team.

Even if you have exquisite social skills, you might want to be in charge of your work which can lead you to become an entrepreneur or have a leadership position. 

Lack of stability 

Your desire for independence and thirst for change that Uranus gives you, might make you struggle with stability.

An Aquarius Midheaven is making you devoted to your cause but you might change the trajectory often, which makes you appear unstable in your career.

Keep your eyes on the life goals you want to achieve and direct all your actions toward them. 

Unrealistic expectations

Having unrealistic expectations can disrupt the balance in your career and create a sense of false failures that affect your idea of progress.

You need to maintain a realistic view of your career and establish objectives that you can achieve without exaggerating the hassle. 

Famous Personalities with Midheaven in Aquarius

christina hendricks

You will find inspiration in various famous people who have an Aquarius MC.

Here are some of the notable people that you might already admire: 

  • Mackenzie Foy- November 10, 2000
  • Amy Adams- August 20, 1974
  • Ronda Rousey- February 1, 1987
  • Christina Hendricks- May 3, 1975
  • Jared Leto- December 26, 1971
  • Will Smith- September 25, 1968

Harness the Blessings of Your Aquarius Midheaven

Your MC in Aquarius is asking you to grow and become a better version of yourself through the traits it brings to your life. Here are some things that you can do to improve yourself. 

  • Use your uniqueness wisely because your innovative nature is one of your biggest strengths. Learn to express yourself in a way that highlights your potential and helps you achieve your success. 
  • Wanting to see results from your work fast is not always possible, which is why you want to invest in your patience. Learn that good things take time and you can achieve a steadier success if you invest this time. 
  • Learn to be both independent and part of a team as collaboration is the key to many achievements you will have in life. Learn from others and express your ideas in an inspirational manner. 
  • Your career potential can be a lot higher if you learn to incorporate your emotional intelligence into it. Your rational approach might be your strength but you will not get far if you don’t develop your emotional side. 


Midheaven in Aquarius is one of the most animated placements that can help you achieve success in the career path of your choice.

Any astrologer will tell you to learn how to incorporate the placements in your natal chart with your personality and particular life circumstances.

Astrology is an intuitive language that can send you important messages through your horoscope and birth chart or synastry, as long as you know how to read them.

Midheaven Placement in Other Zodiac Signs


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